->''Horror has a new home.''
-->-- '''Tagline'''

'''Prison'' is a special effects extragavanza horror film by Creator/RennyHarlin, released in the year 1988.

The film opens with the title {{prison}}, Wyoming State Penitentiary, being opened again after 20 years. When rebuilding starts, a wrathful spirit is released which starts to cause mayhem around the premises, seeking those who had wronged him in the past.
!!This film features the examples of:

* AgonyOfTheFeet: Cresus shoots his foot to get in the infirmary.
* AntiHero: Prisoner Burke. It helps that he's more of a thief than hardened criminal. The plot makes a huge deal about how he looks so much like the dead prisoner Charlie [[spoiler:but in fact Burke never gets possessed or has a part in Charlie's revenge. He's more of a distraction towards Sharpe who focuses his anger towards Burke rather than make the not-too-crazy conclusion that Charlie's ghost is back ''and pissed''.]]
%%* BlindWithoutEm: Cresus.
* BurnBabyBurn: Warden Sharpe burns all the inmates mattresses at one point to weed out Rabbitt's supposed killer.
* CaptivityHarmonica: And with it a whole band of other instruments.
* CatapultNightmare: Sharpe waking up from the opening dream.
%%* ClosedCircle
* TheDogBitesBack: Rhino's cellmate.
%%* DramaticThunder
* ExplosiveInstrumentation: After Charlie relays the message "The prison dies tonight" to Katherine's computer, it explodes.
%%* GhostlyGoals
* GreatEscape: Attempted by Rabbitt couple times. All the inmates try it towards the ending.
* GroinAttack: After Rhino tells Burke to join his in-prison dealings or else, Burke grabs his balls to kindly suggest that they both would mind their own businesses.
* HeartBeatSoundtrack: Heard in the opening.
* HellholePrison: Wyoming State Penitentiary turn into one by the end.
* IdenticalGrandson: According to WordOfGod, Burke is Charlie Forsythe's son.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: [[spoiler:Rhino]] is impaled by a [[PowerfulPick pickaxe]].
* InstitutionalApparel: Inmates wear jeans and light-blue shirts.
* IronicNickname: Riddle, whose nickname is Tiny.
* ItWontTurnOff: Katherine notices this when Charlie's spirit enters her room to giver her his first message.
* LargeHam: Lane Smith as Warden Sharpe.
* LightningCanDoAnything: It can possess barbed wire, pipes, machine guns...
* LockDown: Ordered by Sharpe when things are getting out of control.
* KarmicDeath: Several [[spoiler:but especially the Warden.]]
* KillItWithFire: [[spoiler:Hershey's death.]]
* NightmareDreams: Warden Sharpe is plagued by his past crimes.
* TheOldConvict: Cresus.
* OneWordTitle
* PeekABooCorpse: Rabbitt's mutilated corpse drops through the roof of cafeteria.
* PrisonRiot: As the ghost wreaks havoc, the prisoners grow more frustrated, culminating in a full-blown riot.
* PsychoElectro: Charlie Forsythe.
* RailingKill: Kramer flies over the railing when he gets electrocuted.
* RainOfBlood: How Katherine notices one of the dead guards.
%%* ShirtlessScene
%%* ShootOutTheLock
* TokenGirl: Katherine.
* VertigoEffect: Shown when Sharpe is handling the bullets for his revolver.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: We don't find out if the other prisoners survived Charlie's rampage.
* YouLookFamiliar: It's quickly noted by both Warden Sharpe and one of the older prisoners [[spoiler:who knows what Sharpe did to Charlie]] how much Burke looks a lot like long-dead Charlie Forsythe...