[[TheNineties 1990]] CourtroomDrama/Thriller starring Creator/HarrisonFord with RaulJulia, Brian Dennehy and Bonnie Bedelia in supporting roles and scored by Music/JohnWilliams.

After prosecuting attorney Carolyn Polehmus (Greta Scacchi) is found murdered, deputy prosecutor Rozat 'Rusty' Sabich is assigned to investigate. However Sabich had been having an affair prior to her murder and is deeply conflicted. After he digs too deep and uncovers corruption at the highest levels of the judicial system, Sabich finds himself accused of the murder and must fight to clear his name.

TheFilmOfTheBook with the same name by Scott Turow. Some twenty years later Turow wrote a sequel, ''Innocent''.

Incidentally, if you're a John Williams fan ''please'' see the movie before getting the soundtrack album (even by his standards for giving away major plot points, the track listing gives away a '''major''' plot point).

!!Tropes Include

* AbusiveParents: One of the cases prosecuted by Sabich.
* AmbitionIsEvil: Carolyn is an [[TheUnfettered unfettered]] careerist. Raymond gradually betrayed his principles to remain in office.
* AmoralAttorney: The rule rather than the exception.
* AssholeVictim: Carolyn Polehmus
* BookEnds: Shots of an empty courtroom as Rusty muses on justice and his role as a prosecutor.
* BrokenPedestal: Sabich is [[EtTuBrute betrayed by Horgan, his mentor]].
* CaptainObvious: Sabich tells his lawyer that he is innocent and quickly regrets it, because the assumption is an implicit rule of the profession.
* ClearMyName: Sabich demands this.
* TheCoronerDothProtestTooMuch: Twisted, the coroner is tainted by the prosecution to present Sabich in a bad light.
* CrusadingLawyer: The young Sabich.
* ADateWithRosiePalms: Alluded by Sabich's frustrated wife
* DestroyTheEvidence: The glass and Lipranzer, eager to enforce a LetOffByTheDetective.
* TheDogWasTheMastermind
* FemmeFatale: Carolyn
* FiveFiveFive: On the bribery file; the subject of the bribery file later gives out such a number.
* FriendOnTheForce: Detective Lipranzer, a crucial ally to Sabich.
* GoneHorriblyRight: [[spoiler: Sabich's wife killed Carolyn as revenge for the affair with Rosat, only to have him arrested and tried for murder, which she tearfully insists she didn't intend to happen]]
* HelloAttorney: Carolyn Polhemus, played by a 30 years old Greta Scacchi. Sabich, played by Harrison Ford.
* LadyMacbeth: Carolyn goads Rusty to force Raymond into retirement. She loses all interest in him the very moment Sabich outright refuses her plans to betray his mentor.
* LawProcedural
* MakeItLookLikeAnAccident: A variation is the main plot, a cold murder is camouflaged as a date that got violent.
* MayDecemberRomance: Carolyn and Raymond, Carolyn and Judge Larren Lyttle.
* MistakenConfession: When Sabich sarcastically snarls, "Yeah, you're right" in response to another lawyer's outright accusing him of Carolyn's murder--and the nitwit promptly declares his intent to testify at the trial. The judge reads him the riot act for either being so stupid as to believe Sabich was actually confessing, or so unethical as to know he was being sarcastic but intending to use it as evidence anyway.
* MotiveMisidentification: See Red Herring below.
* MyGodYouAreSerious: Sabich says this verbatim as he's hauled into an office and accused of Carolyn's murder. He scoffs at first, but as one of the prosecutors continues to list the evidence against him and another warns him not to say anything without an attorney present, he realizes he's in trouble.
* NoCommunitiesWereHarmed; Set in the fictional 'Kindle County' most likely a stand in for UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}}
* PosthumousCharacter: Carolyn Polehmus
* ReallyGetsAround: Carolyn Polehmus
* RedHerring: [[spoiler: All the political intrigue surrounding Carolyn Polehmus. It really comes down to a classic and simple scenario: a married man has an affair. The mistress is murdered. The man is innocent. So who is guilty...?]]
** [[spoiler: as well as Sabich's harrassment of Carolyn, indicative of his obsession with her. Not until the end of the film do we learn for certain that he's not her killer.]]
* TheReveal
* RightForTheWrongReasons: Sabich's attorney implies to the judge that information about his corruption would be revealed if the trial goes on.
* SarcasticConfession: Inverted by Sabich. His prosecutor thinks it gets played straights but the judge rebukes him.
* SexForServices: Manipulative Carolyn uses sex as a tool to advance in her career.
* SpousalPrivilege: A plot point. Played with and invoked.
* WomanScorned: Leads to [[spoiler: MurderTheHypotenuse]]
* YourCheatingHeart: In the backstory, Sabich cheated on his wife with Carolyn (and this is shown in flashback).