A 2009 Lifetime movie [[BasedOnATrueStory based on the true story]] of Bobby Griffith.

Bobby is 18 years old, lives with his loving family, goes to church, and... is gay. When his mother (Creator/SigourneyWeaver) finds out, she attempts to cure Bobby with prayers and psychiatric help.

None of it works, of course, and Bobby sinks deeper into depression and self-loathing. [[spoiler: He finally kills himself... which causes his mother to reevaluate her beliefs about homosexuality.]]
!!Tropes Used:
* AbusiveParents: Mary, arguably. She forces her religion down her children's throats, in particular Bobby, who she calls "sick" and "perverted" for being gay, trying to 'convert' him. Her actions [[spoiler: drive her son to suicide]]. However, Mary genuinely cares for her children and begins seriously questioning her church's interpretation of Scripture after [[spoiler: Bobby's death]]. In the end, she accepts that her earlier beliefs were wrong and tries to [[TheAtoner make amends]].
* AnAesop: Parents, telling your child that he/she is inherently sinful because he/she is gay is bad, [[spoiler:and may drive your child to suicide]].
* BasedOnATrueStory
* CureYourGays: Mary Griffith's strategy, [[spoiler:which drives her son to suicide.]]
* DrivenToSuicide: Bobby attempts suicide early one. [[spoiler: Eventually he throws himself from a bridge into the path of truck and is instantly killed, with the aftermath of his suicide forming the main plot in the second half of the film]].
* TheEighties: Where most of the story, including Bobby's suicide takes place, there is even talk about AIDs.
* {{Gayngst}}: Bobby, on account of the fact his mother is a conservative evangelical Christian who believes being gay is a sin and won't accept her son. [[spoiler: He eventually commits suicide]].
* GayngstInducedSuicide: Teenage Bobby comes out and is faced with his mother's attempts to convert him, he fights against this until the church gets involved and then kills himself. The rest of the film is his mom coming to terms with his suicide and then campaigning against homophobia in the church to stop other kids killing themselves.
* HeelRealization: Mary Griffith has one [[spoiler: after Bobby kills himself]]..
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Bobby.
* RedemptionQuest: Mary Griffith, who became a gay rights activist after [[spoiler:Bobby's death.]]
* TheSeventies: When the story starts, actually at the very end where men have shaggy hair and there was a move from bell bottoms to straight leg.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Basically, all the important points in the movie were in the trailer.
* WhereEverybodyKnowsYourFlame: Bobby pays a visit to a local gay bar in his town.