[[caption-width-right:291:She is a schoolgirl with an incredible telepathic link to insects. He is a fly with the amazing ability to pick up the scent of dead bodies over a great distance. Together, TheyFightCrime!]]
Jennifer Corvino, the daughter of a famous actor, arrives in an elite academy in Switzerland. Unfortunately, there are several factors that make the transfer to a new school hard on her:
# Jennifer has the ability to attract and communicate with insects, which may guarantee her billions of friends among arthropods, but alienates her human peers.
# She is a chronic sleepwalker, which serves to make her look even more suspicious in the eyes of the faculty and students.
# There's been a series of grisly murders in the area, and new bodies are still turning up.

During one of her nightly trips, Jennifer meets and befriends Professor John [=McGregor=], a kindly old entomologist who has been helping the local police with the murder investigation. [=McGregor=] is fascinated by Jennifer's strange gift, and soon she gets to put her abilities to good use by doing a little amateur sleuthing of her own.

''Phenomena'' is a 1985 film directed and written by Creator/DarioArgento, starring a young Creator/JenniferConnelly (in her first leading role), huge swarms of flies and [[KillerGorilla a chimpanzee wielding a razor]]. The initial U.S. release of the film was edited down and re-titled ''Creepers'', though it has since then received an uncut DVD release in the States.

Was the main inspiration for the original ''VideoGame/ClockTower'' game for SuperFamicom.

Not to be confused with another film titled {{Phenomenon}}, which is an entirely different creature.
!!This film provides examples of:

%%* AloneWithThePsycho
* AxCrazy:[[spoiler: Frau Bruckner loses it completely in the end and starts cackling like mad.]]
* TheBeastMaster: Jennifer can telepathically communicate with insects and summon swarms of insects to attack people.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:Inga, Professor [=McGregor=]'s chimpanzee, kills Frau Brückner when she tries to decapitate Jennifer]].
* BoardingSchoolOfHorrors: Though most of the horror happens outside the school perimeter.
* ChildByRape: [[spoiler:Frau Brückner's child is a result of her getting raped by the inmates of the local insane asylum.]]
* CreepyChild: Frau Brückner's son
** Jennifer herself.
* EverythingsBetterWithMonkeys: Inga, Professor [=McGregor's=] chimpanzee assistant.
* ExecutiveMeddling: Was edited down and released in the United States as ''Creepers'', which wasn't well-received. The Director's Cut was released on DVD to better acclaim.
%%* FinalGirl
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Jennifer is a friend to all things six-legged, which unfortunately [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer isn't endearing to most people around her]].
* GeniusCripple: Professor John [=McGregor=].
%%* HouseOfBrokenMirrors
* IdiotBall: Some of the victims seem to go out of their way - like walking into dark forests or abandoned houses - to get killed.
* IntergenerationalFriendship: Jennifer and Professor John [=McGregor=].
* JerkAss: The girls in the school who mercilessly taunt Jennifer on discovering her powers.
** Even Sophie qualifies considering she calls Jennifer weird behind her back.
* KidHero: Jennifer.
* MadwomanInTheAttic [[spoiler:Frau Brückner's deformed son.]]
* MamaBear: [[spoiler:Frau Brückner is a sinister version.]]
* MeaningfulName: Jennifer's last name is ''Corvino'' which in Italian, translates to ''raven'', a bird that was historically shunned because of its presumed association with death. Jennifer is likewise ostracized by most of the students and faculty at her school because of her weird tendencies and this worsens when many characters initially think she is behind the recent killings.
* [[spoiler:MentorOccupationalHazard: Poor Professor [=McGregor=].]]
* MissedTheBus: Vera Brandt, the teenage tourist at the start of the film.
* [[NiceGuy Nice Girl]]: Jennifer.
%%* OffWithHisHead
* OneWomanWail: The beginning of the film's main theme.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Jennifer.
* RealitySubtext: Argento's own mother abandoned the family after a phone call from her paramour, just like Jennifer's.
%%* RearWindowInvestigation
* SacrificialLion: [[spoiler:Dr. [=McGregor=].]]
* SurprisinglySuddenDeath: [[spoiler: Morris Shapiro.]]
* SoundtrackDissonance: A weird example that probably isn't deliberate. Some of the very intense horror sequences in the film are backed by Music/IronMaiden, of all things. It comes across as [[{{Narm}} narmy]] NightmareRetardant to most viewers.
* TheDanza: Jennifer Connelly as Jennifer Corvino
* WomanInWhite: Jennifer in the most iconic scenes.