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'''''Paranormal Activity''''' is a supernatural [[FoundFootageFilms found-footage]] horror film series that began in 2007 and has grown substantially since then, being one of the series at the forefront of the "found footage" subgenre and managing to garner mass commercial success [[CriticProof despite each film often getting negative reception from critics]]. (Each film sans the first and last has had a $3-5 million budget, and each has almost always raised a minimum of around $100 million worldwide.)

The series had humble beginnings: the first film was shot in a week on a budget of $15,000 and premiered at festivals in 2007. With the blessing of Creator/StevenSpielberg himself, it saw limited release in theaters in September 2009; after an effective marketing campaign that asked people to demand that the film be released nationwide (to the number of a million requests--a number which was reached in less than a week), the film saw a nationwide release on October 16th, 2009.

* The first film is about a woman, Katie, who's had to deal with the unfathomable and terrifying caprices of a supernatural entity--a shadow at the foot of her bed, lights flickering, banging on walls--for most of her life. Her boyfriend, [[{{Jerkass}} Micah]], decides to buy a high-end video camera to film the house at night in order to find an explanation for these phenomena [[WhatAnIdiot and make some money out of the tape]]. But then [[FromBadToWorse crap gets real]].
* A sequel was released on October 22nd, 2010, rivaling with ''Film/Saw3D'', which is interesting given that the director of that ''Franchise/{{Saw}}'' installment wanted to direct ''Paranormal Activity 2''.
* A third film, taking place in the late 80s during Katie's and Kristi's childhood, was released on October 21st, 2011. Trailers can be viewed [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90r3CnPI0AM here]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCJWNM1a3F8 here]].
* A fourth film, held after the events of ''2'' which follows a possessed Katie and Hunter (now age 6), who have just moved into a house as the invalid mother of [[CreepyChild Robbie]], and their neighbours, Alex, her parents, and her adopted brother Wyatt, who begin to experience the same hauntings which followed Katie and Kristi's family. The trailer can be seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4yp2t7Doac here]] and the second trailer can be viewed [[http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/paramount/paranormalactivity4/ here.]]
* ''Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones'' is a spin-off film from the main series, set in Oxnard and focusing on an entirely different set of characters, linked to elements from the previous entries. It was released in January 2014.
* The sixth and [[GrandFinale final installment]] in the series, ''Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension'', was October 23, 2015 and follows another new family who becomes entangled in the plot of the Coven which involves their daughter.

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'''This page contains spoilers and tropes for all five films!'''

!!As a series, these films provide examples of:


[[folder:Series wide]]

* AdultFear: In the first film, we learn that the entity has pursued Katie since her childhood, and in the third film we see this play out. The second movie's haunting centers on a newborn.
** With an added dash of DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything, the third film has the parents growing increasingly concerned over Kristi's growing relationship with an imaginary older friend who makes her keep secrets and threatens to hurt her if she tells them. Given that the film is set in the 80s, before the internet made this a common fear, it's not really played up too much, but the parallels are there for modern audiences.
** In ''2'', Kristi and Dan go out for the evening, leaving Ali in charge of looking after Hunter. The demon tricks Ali into leaving the house and locks her outside, leaving Hunter alone with it.
** A similar situation occurs in ''4'': Alex is left to look after Wyatt. Unbeknownst to her, [[spoiler:possessed-Katie]] is in the house with them. As the latter goes upstairs to further manipulate Wyatt, the demon tricks Alex into entering the garage, where it locks her in and turns on the car engine in an attempt to suffocate her.
** Even earlier in ''4'', Wyatt is having a bath when his mother goes downstairs for a few minutes. The demon takes this opportunity to drag Wyatt under the water.
** And finally, in ''The Ghost Dimension'', in which the little daughter of the family, Leila, slowly becomes possessed ever since they moved to a house that, unknown to them, [[spoiler: is built in the land where Katie and Kristi's childhood home formerly stood.]]
* AgentMulder: Katie in the first film and Ali in the second. In the third film, it's actually Dennis and his friend Randy. In the fourth film, it's Alex and her friend Ben.
* AgentScully: Micah in ''1'', Dan in ''2'', Julie in ''3'', [[AdultsAreUseless Alex's parents]] in ''4''.
* AnachronicOrder: To watch everything in chronological order, you have to watch 3, 2, 1, 4, ''The Marked Ones'', then ''The Ghost Dimension''. But since the movies use bits and pieces from earlier-made films, a '''completely''' accurate viewing would require watching parts of one movie, then watching most of another movie, then going back to the original movie, etc.
* ApocalypticLog: Every movie.
* ArcWords: "[Character]'s whereabouts remain unknown".
* AssholeVictim: [[spoiler: Micah and Dan, to some degree (if you hold him accountable for the passing of the demon to Katie)]].
* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Early on, Micah is eager to try and encourage the supernatural occurrences so he can get some interesting footage. Boy, did he get that footage.
** In ''2'', Ali is quite excited at the prospect of a "ghost" in the house and even hopes that it may be her deceased mother. She changes her mind ''very'' quickly.
** In ''3'', the kids, and Randy, play Bloody Mary. They didn't get to see it, but it did give them a ''really'' good scare...
* TheBadGuyWins: Every film ends with the demon getting its way.
* BehindTheBlack: Many scares, especially in ''2'', ''3'' and ''4'' (which each use multiple or moving cameras) are set up ''just'' outside the frame, or are obscured by the characters in front of it, so that the audience is freaked out by their sudden appearance when the camera focuses on them, even though the characters should be able to see them from their own perspective.
* BerserkButton: The demon does ''not'' like to be touched.
%%* BigBad: The demon.
* CameraAbuse: A trademark of the films.
* CatapultNightmare: Katie, in the first film, does this one time when waking up. Ali does this in the second film as well. Both are due to the demon's influence (Katie is being fed gruesome nightmares by it; Ali wakes up after it looms over her).
* CreatorProvincialism: Except for ''4'', the series never once ventured outside of UsefulNotes/{{California}} (or the West Coast for that matter), the home state of the series' main producer, Jason Blum. ''1'' takes place entirely in San Diego, while ''2'' is similarly set entirely in Carlsbad. Most of ''3'' is set in Santa Rosa, except for the prologue (set in Carlsbad) and the third act (in Moorpark), ''The Marked Ones'' is set in Oxnard and Moorpark, while ''The Ghost Dimension'' doesn't specify its location until halfway through, in which it is revealed that [[spoiler: the house is built on the site of Katie's childhood home, and thus Santa Rosa all over again.]] The only exception, ''4'', is set in Henderson, Nevada, which is ''still'' located in the Southwest, anyhow. The series seems to have an allergy towards everywhere but the Southwestern US.
* CuttingOffTheBranches: ''Paranormal Activity 2'' naturally confirms the wide-release theatrical cut's ending as canon.
* DealWithTheDevil: Never completely confirmed, but heavily implied that this is the ultimate source of the haunting.
* DemonicPossession: It's suggested (and outright confirmed in the DVD commentary) that in the first half of ''1'', Katie is possessed by the demon when she can not remember anything happening. The final day ramps this UpToEleven...
** In ''Paranormal Activity 2'', [[spoiler: Kristi is dragged down the staircase and into the basement, after which she gets possessed, then exorcised. Three weeks later, possessed-Katie (from the end of the first movie) returns to Kristi's house on the final night, kills both Dan and Kristi, and walks off with Hunter.]]
** By the end of the third movie, [[spoiler:Dennis and Julie are the only ones who don't get possessed at some point; instead, they're both killed.]]
** In the fourth movie, it's never made clear whether [[CreepyChild Robbie]] is possessed or not, though he is definitely lifeless and uncanny.
** In ''The Ghost Dimension'', [[spoiler: Leila slowly succumbs to Toby's influence. She doesn't get better.]]
* DevelopingDoomedCharacters: Almost all the films qualify for this.
* DownerEnding: [[spoiler:Regardless of what ending you get for the first film, someone ends up dying. In two of them, both of the people you've just spent an hour and a half trying to relate to die. In the last one, you just get horror.]]
** [[spoiler:On the final night of ''Paranormal Activity 2'', Possessed-Katie enters the house. And leaves nothing living inside. All except for Hunter, who she kidnaps and Ali who was out on a school trip.]]
** [[spoiler:On the last night in ''Paranormal Activity 3'', the demon strangles Julie, snaps Dennis' spine in half, and the grandmother and her cult friends essentially hand Katie and Kristi over to the demon.]]
** [[spoiler:All the main characters in ''Paranormal Activity 4'' are killed and Possessed!Katie takes Wyatt/Hunter with what appears to be the cult, far larger in number.]]
** [[spoiler:Every main character in ''Ghost Dimension'' except Leila is brutally killed and Toby gains a corporeal form]].
* EldritchAbomination: Guess.
* FateWorseThanDeath: Possession, and whatever it is the demon plans to do if it gets the baby. [[spoiler: ''4'' implies the demon desires to utilize Hunter/Wyatt as a new host, but ''Ghost Dimension'' shows that it needs his blood to make itself a corporeal human body of its own.]]
* FluffyTheTerrible / TomTheDarkLord: A partial example. The demon's real name (assuming it has one) hasn't been revealed, but Kristi, as a child, refers to it as "Toby". Robbie also refers to it by that name.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: In the first film, the footsteps of the demon 'walking' down the hall during the preliminary hauntings turn out to mirror the shuffling noises we hear just before the 'pop out and scare you' moment in the last scene.
** During one night in the first film, the demon "tests" its possession of Katie - the familiar [[HellIsThatNoise rumbling noise]] when Micah is talking to Katie on the swing is a further hint that she is [[NotHimself not herself]]. The final day takes this UpToEleven. See also FreezeFrameBonus below.
** The damage to the photo of Katie and Micah in the first film - [[spoiler:Micah's face is scratched, Katie's isn't. On the final night, Micah is killed by the demon.]]
** In the third film, when Dennis tries to explain to Julie about the cult and how it relates to the markings he found in their house, you can tell that that's going to come up later on in the movie.
** Also in the third film, when Katie is messing with a painted photo and is warned not to mess with it. No points for guessing that there will be a reveal when that painting comes off the wall.
** Near the start of the first film, [[spoiler: Micah does a "slash the throat" motion towards the camera when talking about how to "respond appropriately" to what's going on.]] In the one of the alternate endings, [[spoiler: Katie slashes her own throat.]]
** In ''2'', Dan is messing around with the camera's night vision in Ali's room. Later, he utilises the night vision to find his way around when [[spoiler:the demon blows the electricity in the house.]]
** Early on in ''2'', Abby is seen scratching at the basement door on several occasions. Said basement becomes an important location later on.
** In ''4'', Alex notices a lot of cars pulled up outside Robbie's house. [[spoiler: At the end, she comes face-to-face with a ''lot'' of coven members at the same house.]]
** Also in ''4'', Alex and Ben read up about a virgin sacrifice as part of a ritual. [[spoiler: Alex ends up as said sacrifice.]]
* ForTheEvulz: The demon, especially in the first film. Honestly, it slams the door shut then ''bangs on the '''other''' side of it'' just to fuck with them.
** Indeed, Katie even acknowledges this trope when she asks "Do you think that thing would have left footprints if it didn't want to? No. It did it because it wanted to. It ''wanted'' you to find my photo."
* FoundFootageFilms: One of the more successful franchises of this type of film. The framing device of the movies is the footage was recorded by the people in the videos, either by handheld cameras or security cameras, and edited together by someone else to figure out what happened.
* FranchiseZombie: Fans are already considering the series to be the next ''Franchise/{{Saw}}'' or ''Film/FinalDestination'' now that a sixth movie has already been released.
* FriendsRentControl: At first glance, it appears that this is the case, but a passing reference is made in the first three movies to the "sudden" acquisition of wealth by Katie and Kristie's great-grandmother, in conjunction with descriptions about how deals can be brokered with demons for just that, usually in exchange for a first-born son. The upshot is that the family is filthy rich with ill-gotten demon-money, and Toby has haunted them for five generations, waiting to collect his collateral.
* GreaterScopeVillain: [[spoiler: Grandma Lois]], being the person who started the contract with the demon in the first place.
* HeWhoMustNotBeHeard: Aside from a few animalistic growls, roars and snorts, the demon is never heard to speak. When other characters (such as Kristi and Wyatt) communicate with it, the audience only hears their end of the conversation, hinting that Toby can communicate telepathically.
* HeWhoMustNotBeSeen: The demon. It demonstrates VisibleInvisibility at times, but otherwise remains unseen... until ''The Ghost Dimension''.
* HomePornMovie: Subverted in the first and third movies. Dennis and Julie try this in the third movie, but they're interrupted by some tremors from an earthquake.
* HumanoidAbomination: [[spoiler: In ''The Ghost Dimension'', when it grows powerful enough, Toby eventually forms into a lanky human-ish monster [[LivingShadow shrouded by shadows]] with an utterly inhuman face and GlowingEyesOfDoom. It finally becomes this fully when it gains a corporeal body of its own.]]
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: As it turns out, the events of the first movie are a result of Dan doing this.
* IdiotBall: Almost everything Micah does in the second half of the first film is obviously counterproductive. In his defense, however, he is a skeptic and this stuff really stresses him out and frays his good sense.
** It seems to be a trait of the men in these movies, as Dan refuses to believe or accept the idea that there is anything wrong in his house,
*** Surprisingly, in the third movie, ''Dennis'' is the one who realizes that something very fucked up is going on and Julie denies it. She holds the ball for most of the movie until the demon decides to fuck her up.
* InescapableHorror: Once the demon latches on to you, it will ''not'' stop until it gets what it wants.
* IntangibleMan: The demon's intangibility is apparently selective at its discretion.
** It slashes up Micah in a photo of the couple without removing the glass (although it has five nice, neat cracks on it over his face).
** It leaves footprints in the powder, just because it wants to.
** Kristi runs across the bedroom unimpeded but Katie--who is right behind her--slams into something with an audible ''thump''. Shortly afterwards, it lifts Katie off the ground by her hair.
** In the third movie, an earthquake causes bits of dust and plaster to fall on the demon, revealing its outline. A second later it all falls to the ground as if nothing was there.
** Then in the fourth movie, there's the mother who backs-up into Toby. Toby is [[OhCrap not pleased.]]
* InUniverseCamera: Played to its fullest effect to turn a HauntedHouse story into one of the most terrifying horror films in recent memory.
* {{Invisibility}}: The demon. The fact that it is never properly shown on-screen [[spoiler: (until the sixth movie, at least)]] [[NothingIsScarier doesn't make it any less terrifying]].
* JerkAss: The demon itself. Honestly. The shit it does is what a schoolyard bully or an older brother would do... except for the killing, maybe.
** Micah, out of a combination of selfish curiosity and being TooDumbToLive.
** Dan in ''Paranormal Activity 2'', particularly when you find out his ultimate solution to the haunting.
* JumpScare: Many and varied, although the trope is [[SubvertedTrope subverted]] on a few occasions - the attic scene in ''1'', for example, is set up so that the audience is expecting ''something'' to jump out at Micah, but [[NothingIsScarier it never does]].
* KillEmAll: Except for [[spoiler: Katie, who became the demon's host, Ali (and maybe Abby) who was not in the house when all goes to hell, Hunter, who was abducted by possessed-Katie, Randy, who got the hell out of dodge, the babysitter, who also got out while she still could, and the sisters' grandma Lois, who was the mastermind of the whole thing.]]
* LateArrivalSpoiler: By the time of the fourth film, it's pretty much common knowledge (and even included in the synopsis) that [[spoiler:Katie becomes the demon's host and abducts Hunter five years prior.]]
* LeaveTheCameraRunning: Arguably the whole movie is this trope taken to extremes; entire nights are shown on fast-forward for the sake of a minute or two of action.
** Justified in the second film, as it's filmed through security cameras. However, the film purposefully repeats the same angles (front door, pool, kitchen, living room, front door, Hunter's room) for the first batch of nights, both to imitate security TV footage and to screw with the viewer.
** Used too much in the third film. At times, Dennis is recording himself reviewing video footage. Then, toward the end, [[spoiler: when they're at the grandmother's house, he sets up the camera in the bedroom when he has no reason to believe a ghost has followed them. Then, when the shit hits the fan, he carries the camera around with him, even picking it up when he drops it when he's in danger.]] Given the nature of people and their camera phones now a days, he was really just before his time. And to be fair, the house is dark and he's essentially using the camera as a flashlight.
** For the fourth film, they introduce the camera phone ''and'' laptop.
* MeaningfulBackgroundEvent: During the ending of ''2'', [[spoiler:possessed-Katie]] can be seen standing behind Dan without his knowledge. During the ending of ''3'', [[spoiler:Lois]] is standing in the darkness, just watching Dennis, as he retrieves the camera in the bedroom.
* MonochromeCasting: A notorious example, the MinimalistCast notwithstanding. As mentioned above, most of the series is set in California, one of the most cosmopolitan regions ''on earth'', and yet four of the six films in the series have casts as white as snow. Plus, the remaining two feature exactly one kind of minority, namely Latinos, but it's still quite refreshing following an all-Latino main characters in ''The Marked Ones'' after seeing four consecutive films set in pearly-white neighborhoods (there are whites in ''TMO'', but they're supporting characters).
* MusicalSpoiler: Well, sort of. When the demon is present and active, a [[HellIsThatNoise low, ominous, ambient rumbling can be heard]], which can get pretty loud when its getting serious.
* NeckSnap: [[spoiler:Possessed-Katie snaps Dan's neck in ''2''. In ''3'', the demon snaps Dennis' neck ''and'' back, commando-style.]] Happens again in ''4'' when [[spoiler: Possessed-Katie kills Ben at the computer]].
* NeverTrustATrailer: In the final frame of one trailer for ''2'', you can see the family dog in Hunter's room barking at something unseen in the doorway. The crib is empty, however creepily enough in the mirror's reflection you can see baby Hunter standing in it. This never happens in the film.
** The DVD cover shows the opposite — Hunter is in the crib, but he cannot be seen in the mirror. This also doesn't happen in the film.
** Also in ''2'''s trailer, there is a part where the chair in Hunter's room begins to rock on its own, and a scene where Katie's silhouette suddenly appears in the doorway. Neither of these things happen in the film.
** Trailers for the third movie feature a number of clips that never happen in the movie: Julie being pulled into her bedroom and the doors slamming shut behind her, Katie and Kristi huddling in a corner in the kitchen, their house on fire, et cetera.
** The teaser for the third film featured the girls invoking Bloody Mary in their bathroom. The scene does happen, but with completely different characters.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Where do we ''start''?
** In the first film, the psychic who stops by near the beginning says that, when dealing with a demon, there are three things you should never do, as they give the demon more power: don't try to talk to it, don't antagonize it, and avoid a buildup of negative energy. Over the course of the film, Micah repeatedly attempts to communicate with and taunts the demon, against Katie's wishes; as a result, their relationship begins to deteriorate, which of course leads to negative emotions all around. By the time the psychic returns, it's gotten so bad, he [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere bailed out]], suggesting the couple do the same. Of course, they ''had'' to stay one more day...
** In a more subtle example from the first film, Katie, practically catatonic and in the very last stages of her humanity, is found by Micah clutching a crucifix. Micah later burns it along with the photo discovered in the attic. In the commentary, Oren Peli states that the crucifix, although having little effect on the demon, was the last thing to just barely keep her safe from it.
** In the second film, Dan fires Martine, whose smoking candle ritual actually did seem to be able to keep the demon at bay (listen to the familiar ambient noise).
** Dennis (in ''3'') is one of the only characters who seems GenreSavvy and tries to figure out what the hell's going on without causing problems. Randy, on the other hand, just gets out while he still can. The same can probably be said about the babysitter. Julie was the one who took up the IdiotBall. They also practically delivered the kids to the masterminds of the whole thing, but that's excusable, since they had no way of knowing [[spoiler: Julie's mom]] was behind the whole thing, and it also seems that the demon deliberately encouraged them to leave the house in the first place.
* NightmareFace: Those possessed by the demon occasionally take on demonic facial features. Taken UpToEleven during the ending of the fourth film.
* NothingIsScarier: The majority of each film's content. The "nothing" was so strong on test screenings for the first film that people left the cinema out of fear – making it appear more marketable to the execs.
** From the first film: were you expecting [[TheStinger a Stinger]]?...or credits at all, for that matter?
** The fact that the demon is never shown or heard (aside from a few examples of VisibleInvisibility and the odd growl/roar/snort).
* OffscreenTeleportation: Those possessed by the demon appear to be capable of this.
* PlayingWithFire: Implied for the demon; it most likely burned down Katie's childhood home, and then sets fire to an Ouija board for no reason [[RuleOfScary other than to be terrifying]].
** The extended version of the second film includes a scene where the stove is turned on and soon engulfs a pan in flames.
* {{Prequel}}: ''Paranormal Activity 2'' is actually this instead of a sequel, as many believed; Katie even drops a RedHerring early on when she says that "Micah wasn't up for hanging out today". Every night-time event takes place before the first movie, except for the last five minutes of the film.
** The third movie takes place eighteen years before the first two.
* RedHerring: There are several references in the first film to a demonologist named Dr. Johan Averies who never actually appears in the movie, mostly thanks to [[IdiotBall Micah]].
** With the greater understanding of what the demon wants following the second film, the entire what-happened-to-Diane subplot of the first film is implied to be more-or-less a fakeout by the demon.
* {{Retcon}} / {{Rewrite}}: In the first movie, Micah makes an off-hand joke that Katie's mother shouldn't visit them any more, despite that we later learn she's been dead for years.
** ''2'' implies that the [[spoiler: break-in]] early in the movie was done to steal a gift Katie made/bought for Hunter. ''3'''s scenes-from-''2'' make it clear that that whoever ransacked the house was [[spoiler:looking for the tapes of the girls as children]].
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Dr. Fredrichs in his last scene in ''1''. He enters the house, reads the metaphysical writing on the wall, stays long enough to dash their remaining hopes, then gets the fuck out.
** Both Randy and the babysitter in ''3'' promptly leave after being terrified by the demon. Randy urges Dennis to watch the tape and [[GenreSavvy realizes that he's out of his damn league on this one.]]
* SlasherSmile: [[spoiler:Just before Possessed-Katie lunges at the camera in ''1'''s theatrical ending, she sports an ear-to-ear smile. Her smile when she's laying on the bed after her VoiceOfTheLegion kicks in may also qualify as she is smiling for all the wrong reasons.]]
** [[spoiler: After Possessed-Katie kills Dan and Kristi in ''2'', she sports the same smile while holding Hunter.]]
** [[spoiler: The [[HumanoidAbomination fully-formed]] demon in ''The Ghost Dimension'' flashes an evil grin at least once at the camera.]]
* SpeakOfTheDevil[=/=]ElephantInTheLivingRoom: Apparently Katie and Kristi have always known of the demon, but just refused to acknowledge it.
** The third film implies that a demonic cult has been tampering with their memories for hell knows how long throughout their childhoods.
* StoryBreadcrumbs: The over-arcing story is told in this fashion. Each movie reveals a little bit more and the only way you get any idea of what's going on is the watch them all. The first movie introduces Katie and the demon, the two central figures of the haunting. The second film reveals why the demon went after Katie, expands upon Katie's family, and gives the first few hints about the source of the haunting. The third movie more-or-less confirms the source of the hauntings, reveals what happened to Katie and Kristi's parents, and shows where this whole thing started. The fourth film then explores on the fates of Katie and Hunter, while the fifth film reveals the Coven and Tobey's endgame. The spin-off film ''The Marked Ones'' shows how widespread the [[spoiler: Witches Covenant is and how others besides Katie are marked for possession by the demon.]]
* SuperStrength: Those possessed by the demon gain greatly increased strength. [[spoiler:Katie]], for example, is able to [[spoiler:throw Micah's body across the bedroom (after heaving it all the way upstairs)]], snap [[spoiler:Dan and Ben's]] necks with ease, and send [[spoiler: Kristi]] flying with a single shove (an act which also kills the latter). In ''The Marked Ones'', [[spoiler: Jesse]] [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength unwittingly]] sends some would-be muggers flying after hitting out at them, and later stops a shopkeeper's baseball bat mid-swing with his hand.
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Lots of the scariest nighttime segments are in trailers, not to mention the CameraAbuse ending.
** Completely averted with the third film, in that a majority of the scenes in trailers and commercials aren't in the actual movie. It rivals ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'''s box[[note]] No, this isn't some dirty phrase. Half-Life 2's original box was filled with screenshots, but not a ''single one'' of them was in-game.[[/note]], in this respect.
*** Unfortunately, a commercial advertising a showing of the third film on the FXX network played it completely straight, spoiling [[spoiler: Lois killing Dennis]].
** One of the screenshots on back of the DVD of ''Paranormal Activity 2'' is [[spoiler: a possessed Katie]] lurking ominously behind Dan, spoiling part of the ending, as well as the general fact that the film shifts from being a prequel to a semi-sequel. Despite their face being semi-obscured in darkness, anyone who's seen the first movie would easily figure out who this is and when this scene happens in the chronology, both due to the clothing worn by the character in question.
** The trailer for ''The Ghost Dimension'' shows clips of [[spoiler:Toby's visible, HumanoidAbomination form.]]
* UnnaturallyBlueLighting: Just look at those posters.
* VisibleInvisibility: [[InvokedTrope Invoked]] by Micah in ''1'', who spreads talcum powder all over the upstairs floor to catch the demon's footprints. Sometimes the demon casts a shadow.
** In the third film, dust from an earthquake briefly settles on the demon's body.
** In 4, the [[{{Xbox360}} Kinect's tracking dots]] show the demon.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: Each time [[VisibleInvisibility the demon's appearance is teased to the audience]], it seems to take a different form each time. In ''1'', it leaves bird-like footprints. In ''3'', it appears to have an adult, humanoid form. In ''4'', it resembles a human child. In ''Ghost Dimension'' its finally shown that [[spoiler:the demon's true shape starts out as a swirly mass of dark energy tendrils that can configure itself into whatever shape it wants, but tends to prefer a HumanoidAbomination shape taller than a human being]].
* WhiteShirtOfDeath: [[spoiler:After Katie becomes possessed and kills Micah, his blood is splattered over her light-coloured pyjamas. She is still wearing them when she returns to Dan and Kristi's house the following night.]]

[[folder:''Paranormal Activity'']]
!!Tropes applying to the first ''Paranormal Activity'':

* AnArmAndALeg: [[FreezeFrameBonus If one pauses the movie to read the article about the Diane Mercer case]], it states that the possessed Diane gnawed her own arm off while restrained. Additionally, a quick shot of the grisly damage is visible for a second or two when Katie and Micah watch the video footage of her exorcism.
* AssholeVictim: Let's be honest, does anyone like Micah?
* BullyingADragon: Micah goes out of his way to antagonize an invisible demon. This proves...foolish.
* CameraAbuse: [[spoiler:The ending has Micah's body being thrown at the camera, knocking it off its tripod.]]
* ChekhovsGun: Subverted. The audience sees Micah wielding a butcher knife near the beginning of the film, and in the original cut this became important later, but the edited ending excises it.
* DaylightHorror: When the demon damages Katie and Micah's photo during the day, you know things have gotten out of hand.
* ExactWords: Deconstructed. Micah promises not to buy a Ouija board. [[spoiler: So, he borrows one instead.]] Great lengths are taken to show how much of a violation of trust it would be to pull this trope on someone.
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: [[spoiler:Just before the now possessed Katie [[CameraAbuse lunges at the camera]], she stares directly into it while sporting a truly unsettling PsychoticSmirk.]]
* FreakOut: Towards the end, Katie has a tearful breakdown after Micah yells at her for bringing the demon into the house.
* FreezeFrameBonus: The first time Katie gets out of bed and stands motionless in one spot, look carefully at the shadow she's casting. It starts to move towards the hallway about a second before she does.
* FromBadToWorse: This film can be summarized with, "Boyfriend and girlfriend hear noises. Boyfriend buys camera. Things go downhill."
* GenreBlind: Micah.
* HijackedByJesus: Micah is seen flipping through a book on demons, which features an article on [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baphomet Baphomet]] - in actuality this was a medieval European swipe at Muslims (Baphomet - Mahomet), and supposedly the 'demon' worshipped by the Knights Templar. In real life, Baphomet is [[SadlyMythtaken often mistaken to be a demon]], so it's likely the fault of the book's author, not necessarily the film makers.
* {{Improv}}: Much of the dialogue was unscripted, with Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat improvising most of it. Also, in some scenes, they weren't told when anything scary was about to happen [[EnforcedMethodActing in order to get a genuine reaction out of them]].
* ItsAllAboutMe: Micah is more concerned about the demon haunting what he considers his than for Katie's safety. In the end when the hauntings have begun to truly take their toll on Katie's emotional well being he grows our of it. [[spoiler: at this point however it's too late because Katie had started the beginning phase of being possessed.]]
* [[ItIsPronouncedTropay It Is Pronounced Tro-PAY]]: Interestingly, it's pronounced "MEE-kuh" instead of the more common (at least in the U.S.) "MY-kuh".
* JerkAss: Micah
* JumpScare: The ending, in which [[spoiler:Micah's body is thrown at the camera, especially with his body suddenly appearing out of the darkness.]]
** At one point, Katie and Micah wake up during the night, thinking they can hear strange noises. They sit upright, listening intently... [[spoiler:and then there's suddenly a loud, demonic roar followed by a huge banging sound.]]
* MrExposition: The psychic is only onscreen for a couple of minutes, but in that time he clearly explains what has been happening, what's happening now and what's going to happen until the movie is over. Needless to say, [[TooDumbToLive Micah and Katie (but mainly Micah) ignore his advice]].
* NervousWreck: As the paranormal encounters get worse throughout the movie Katie becomes more and more emotionally unstable.
* NightmareFace: At the very end of the film, [[spoiler:Katie]]'s face becomes noticeably more demonic as [[spoiler:she]] lunges at the camera.
* NowYouTellMe: Katie didn't bother telling Micah that she's had a demon spirit bugging her for most of her life until she moved in with him. She retorts that it'd make her seem absolutely insane if she gave out such info on the first date, which ''he'' then counters with the fact she could've told him just before living together.
* RevisedEnding: The movie has three endings. [[spoiler:The theatrical version]] is the canon one.
* ShoutOut: In the original European mythology, demons were depicted as having as the feet of birds, and bird footprints show up in the talcum powder Micah sprinkles on the floor. They were given cloven hooves when the Church attempted to demonize pagan gods like Pan.
** '''Micah''': [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail "What is your quest? What is your favourite color?"]]
* SlashedThroat: [[spoiler:Possessed-Katie slits her own throat]] in one of the alternate endings.
* TooDumbToLive: The psychic and Katie repeatedly warn Micah against communicating with/antagonising whatever is in the house. Micah decides to spread talcum powder around, buy a Ouija board, and yells at the demon to do its worst. And to top it all off, he takes Katie's crucifix, the one thing remaining that could've given her any protection from the demon, and ''throws it in the fireplace''. By the time he realises that antagonising the demon is a bad idea, it's already too late.
** Also, when the psychic returns a second time and tells them to leave ''right now'', they stayed put for one more day.
* TookALevelInKindness: Micah, but only at the very, very, VERY end.
* VoiceOfTheLegion: "I think we'll be [[BlatantLies okay now.]]" Somewhat easy to miss, since it's only at around the "okay now" part.
* VoluntaryShapeshifting: According to WordOfGod, the bird-like footprints shown are not necessarily indicative of the demon's true form. It just simply chooses the footprints to appear that way.

[[folder:''Paranormal Activity 2'']]
!!Tropes applying to ''Paranormal Activity 2'':

* AdultsAreUseless: Dan [[spoiler: until the very end where he saves the day.]]
* BadassNormal: Kristi's been the only character so far who has been able to fight off the demon's dragging ability even it was only for a little bit.
** Dan managed to [[spoiler: fight off his demonic wife and he won.]]
* BigDamnHero: [[spoiler: Dan rescuing Hunter from a demonic Kristi.]]
* BilingualBonus: Most of Martine's dialogue is in unsubtitled Spanish.
** Also, a creepy example lies in the marks that [[spoiler:possessed-Kristi]] scratches into the basement door. Particularly the marks that form a single word: "MEUS", which is Latin for "mine".
* BreakTheCutie: Despite the demon not particularly interested in her specifically since the worst she ever is to it is an impediment in getting what it wants, there is no possible way that Ali makes it through the events of ''2'' unbroken.
* DaylightHorror: The famous JumpScare in the kitchen, as well as a few other little scares, happen during the daytime.
* DecoyProtagonist: With Kristi being Katie's younger sister the audience was lead to believe that she would be the protagonist, but Kristi spends much of the movie trying to ignore the hauntings in the hope it will go away. It's Ali who notices all the paranormal activity and is the one doing the investigating, and then when [[spoiler: Kristi gets possessed Dan has to save her and Hunter.]]
* {{Determinator}}: Kristi's resistance to the demon's dragging ability was valiant, [[spoiler: but pointless]].
* EvilDetectingDog: Abby.
** [[ParanoiaFuel This gives you reason to be worried when your pets stare at corners...]]
* EvilIsPetty: In the extended version, the demon cranks the pool's temperature to boiling hot before Dan jumps in. Cue Dan leaping out of the pool in pain and asking for a pack of frozen peas to apply to his groin.
* FirstNameBasis: Ali calls Katie "Katie," even though Kristi always refers to her as "Aunt Katie" in front of her.
* FreezeFrameBonus: During one night, the mirrored cupboard in Hunter's room suddenly and slightly distorts. It isn't immediately obvious at first glance, given that the viewer could be focusing on either Hunter or Abby at this moment.
* InfantImmortality: You ''think'' the sequel would be an aversion, but in the end the only ones left alive and unpossessed are Hunter and Ali, though the ending doesn't exactly leave one with much hope for Hunter.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: It's clear that Dan does not believe in the demonic haunting whatsoever so when strange things start happening the only thing he can do is blame the people around him. He fires Martine, blames Ali and Brad for various abnormal occurrences, and gets short with his family for even bringing up anything supernatural. However, when the proof of what's happening is presented right in front of him he drops this behavior and immediately searches for a way to save his family. [[spoiler: The way he achieves saving the souls of his family rubbed a good chunk of the audience the wrong way.]]
* MamaBear: Kristi manages to escape the demon's dragging ability, for a little bit at least, to rush back into Hunter's room to make sure he's alright.
* MissingMom: Ali's birth mother, having died prior to the film's events.
* NervesOfSteel: In contrast with Katie who always has a little freak out after every single supernatural event, Kristi is incredibly calm and mature about the hauntings. She's scared, but she doesn't let her fear affect her family. [[spoiler: Until she gets possessed.]] The difference between how these two characters act towards the demon is expanded in Paranormal Activity 3 where Katie's freak outs are even worse, while Kristi is even calmer with the demon.
* NiceGirl: Kristi and Ali. Kristi does her best to shield and protect her baby from the haunting and Ali is trying to find a resolution to it all.
* NightmareRetardant: [[InvokedTrope Dan and Ali actually treat the pool cleaner scene this way, laughing about its erratic behavior]].
* {{Prequel}}: Starts off as one to the first film and then becomes a semi-sequel by picking up after [[spoiler: Katie's possession.]]
* PapaWolf: Dan resorts to [[spoiler: cursing his sister-in-law Katie, to save his infant son.]]
* PragmaticHero: Dan saves his wife and son by [[spoiler: cursing his wife's older sister. It works, until Katie gets possessed by the same demon to take Hunter like it originally intended to do.]]
* PyrrhicVictory: [[spoiler: The exorcism of Kristi. Unfortunately, the demon simply took control of Katie and returned to finish what it started.]]
* SoleSurvivor: [[spoiler:Ali is the only member of the family that survives because she was on a field trip the night Possessed-Katie murders her father and step-mother, and abducts her baby brother.]]
* SupernaturalProofFather: Dan plays this annoyingly straight for the first 2/3 of the movie. After viewing the recording of [[spoiler:Kristi being dragged down the stairs]], however, he ''quickly'' changes his mind.
* TokenMinority: Martine the housekeeper, a Latina in a sea of whites. That's still better than not having ''any'' minority at all though, as the other films except for ''The Marked Ones'' do.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:Abby the dog was last mentioned staying the night at the vet's. Flash forward three weeks, and she's apparently absent for Katie's rampage.]]

[[folder:''Paranormal Activity 3'']]
!!Tropes applying to ''Paranormal Activity 3'':

* BedsheetGhost: [[ReconstructedTrope Played straight]], [[DeadHorseTrope surprisingly enough]], and actually pretty damn creepy.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: [[spoiler:Lois.]]
* CreepyDoll: You know how every kid that grew up in the 80s and early 90s had one of those TeddyRuxpin dolls? You know how they were the creepiest damn things ever? Yeah. The filmmakers for the third movie remembered them too.
* {{Determinator}}: Dennis, who really does give it his all to get out of that house at the end.
* DisappearedDad: Katie and Kristi's birth father is nowhere to be seen. Lois mentions that the children 'miss their father' but who he is and if that's even true is not explored.
* EvilOldFolks: [[spoiler:Lois]], as well as her fellow coven members who appear in the climax.
* FaceRevealingTurn: [[spoiler: At the end of the film, Dennis tries approaching Katie whose back is facing him. Unfortunately after turning around we learn she's possessed and she sends him flying across the room.]]
* FreezeFrameBonus: At the very end, just before the credits start rolling, a quick shot of what appears to be a bed on fire can be seen.
* ImaginaryFriend: Kristi "befriended" the demon as a child. His name is Toby. People tell Kristi that he's imaginary, but he's not. A few night time scenes show her speaking directly to him.
* LaughingMad: Randy lets out a few bursts of terrified laughter when the demon terrorises him and Katie.
* NothingisScarier: The way the film opens. There is no Paramount Pictures logo, there is no opening title or subtitles. The film just begins immediately with the first scene.
* NiceGuy: Dennis in contrast to Dan and Micah is a pretty friendly and likeable guy trying to help his girlfriend's daughters.
* ObnoxiousInLaws: Julie's mother rags on Dennis behind his back and pressures her daughter to have more kids--a son, in particular. In truth, her motives are far more sinister than the usual [[IWantGrandkids grandma-itching-for-more-grandbabies-to-spoil]].
* PapaWolf: Dennis loves Katie and Kristi unconditionally and gives it his all to protect them in the finale. [[spoiler: [[ForegoneConclusion Unsurprisingly but sadly]], he is unsuccessful.]]
* {{Prequel}}: 18 years before the first two films.
* ProductPlacement: Downplayed, and almost a StealthParody in that these are used as part of the PeriodPiece trappings. Most of the prominently shown products are obsolete at the time the film was made, but were heavily promoted via ProductPlacement in the 80's: The TeddyRuxpin, the Light Bright, and the briefly seen UsefulNotes/SegaMasterSystem are just a few examples.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: The babysitter Lisa immediately leaves when she witnesses a demonic occurrence. Also, [[TheSmartGuy Randy]] is the only main character who gets the hell out while he still can.
* SigilSpam: After you're brought to awareness that the triangle symbol is associated with the creature, you realize it's all over the place. The walls of [[spoiler:the closet]], the walls of [[spoiler:Grandma's house]], the [[spoiler:Light-Brite]] at the back of the room, the pictures of the witches...
* [[SupernaturalProofFather Supernatural Proof Mother]]: Julie, until the entire kitchen drops from the ceiling in front of her. Unfortunately for her, she is well past the point of being able to help the situation.
* TheEighties: The film is set in 1988 and really does have quite an 80's feel. Teddy Ruxpin, the Sega Master System, Light-Brite, the babysitter's clothing and hairdo...
* YouCantFightFate: In any other film genre, Dennis would've been an ActionSurvivor. Poor, poor, Dennis.

[[folder:''Paranormal Activity 4'']]
!!Tropes applying to ''Paranormal Activity 4'':
* AdultsAreUseless: The grownups are completely unhelpful (or part of the coven and outright evil). Alex and Ben do all the investigative work.
* ActionGirl: Alex is honestly the most proactive protagonist in the series, more than likely due to her and her boyfriend being a little GenreSavvy. She even attempts [[spoiler: to save her father and brother from Katie]].
* AlternateRealityGame / ViralMarketing: Sometime after the film came out a Youtube account controlled by a man named [[http://www.youtube.com/user/jacobdegloshi Jacob Degloshi]] showed clips of him and his daughter being haunted by the demon as he reviewed clips from a VHS showing parts of the second and thrid films. As things went on, his daughter Sarah (moving in with him from his exwife) was being haunted more by the demon to the point where she carved the coven symbol into her arm and killed her pet bird. [[spoiler: The campaign ends on a (now finished) livestream where Jacob reviews the sixth tape only for his house to go out and him to be killed before his possessed daughter and exwife. It's implied his exwife was a member of the coven who asked the demon to help her get her daughter back and make her join the coven.]]
* BadassNormal: [[spoiler: Alex trying to rescue her father and brother from a demonic Katie was incredibly impressive considering how frightened and vulnerable she was at the time.]]
* BerserkButton: The only time Alex shows any true anger towards Robbie was when he convinced Wyatt not to talk to her.
* BigSisterInstinct: The film opens with Alex distracting Wyatt from their parents failing marriage, throughout the film she continues to do her best at keeping him out of trouble and harm's way, she catches on pretty quick that Robbie is a bad influence on him, and in the end [[spoiler: Alex dies trying to rescue Wyatt from a witch army.]]
* TheCameo: Alex's friend Sarah, who is shown in one scene at the beginning of the film, is the deuteragonist in Jacob Degloshi's viral campaign videos in which she is the target for the demon's haunting. Her somber behavior at the beginning of the shorts implies [[spoiler: that her story takes place after her friend Alex dies.]]
** Also applies to Kristi in the opening scene.
* CassandraTruth: Alex's parents refuse to believe her, even when [[spoiler:she's almost killed and she has the footage to prove it]].
* CatScare: Lampshaded. The family cat makes frequent appearances and strolls around the house at its leisure, so the audience knows to expect it.
* ChekhovsGun: The kitchen knife.
* CoolBigSis: Alex is this for Wyatt, but after Robbie shows up he purposely puts himself in-between her and Wyatt and manipulates him into being distant with her. Alex caught onto this and quickly voiced her displeasure.
* CreepyChild: [[spoiler: Robbie, the child living with Katie from across the street]].
** Alex's brother Wyatt also counts. [[spoiler: Especially after TheReveal that he, and not Robbie, is Hunter.]]
* CuriosityKilledTheCast: [[spoiler:Ben comes into the house while there's (apparently) no one home, and stays long enough to hear noises upstairs. He decides to investigate, which causes him to stay and leave cult-related reading material on Alex's computer. Cue Katie...]]
** [[spoiler: Subverted with the rest of the cast since Alex and her parents never figure out exactly why they are being haunted. This directly contrasts with all the other PA movie protagonists.]]
* DaylightHorror: Many small scares occur during the day. Then [[spoiler:Alex's mother and Ben are killed in the early afternoon]].
* {{Determinator}}: Much like Dan in PA2 and Dennis in PA3, Alex [[spoiler: gives it her all to rescue the target of the demon's hauntings.]]
* FallingChandelierOfDoom: One falls in front of Alex while she's walking in her house investigating odd noises. When she looks up she sees Robbie looking at her.
* FlatCharacter: Alex's parents exist only to disbelieve her claims of supernatural events. [[spoiler:And to get killed by the demon.]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Robbie tells Ben that [[spoiler:his "imaginary friend" doesn't like him. When Ben asks who wouldn't like him, Robbie replies with "You'll see."]]
** The windows of the house across the street are covered up [[spoiler:with Spanish-language newspapers, hinting that the owners spent time in Mexico or near the border. Cue TheStinger, which hints at the coven having been there already...]]
* FromBadToWorse: [[spoiler: Robbie is left to live with Alex and her family for a short time when Katie goes missing. The hauntings obviously go worse from then on.]]
* HappilyAdopted: Wyatt. [[spoiler: Unfortunately, his adoption is all part of the demon's plan.]]
* HeKnowsTooMuch: [[spoiler:The reason Katie goes after Ben. Of course, other than the fact the demon disliked him already.]]
* MisappliedPhlebotinum: Ben sets up all computers in the house to record the odd happenings and goings-on while the family's not around or is asleep. [[spoiler:While they do remember to check the footage a few times, most of the ''truly'' supernatural occurrences go completely unnoticed. And the events that Alex records personally are never revisited, even when she threatens to show it to her parents.]]
* NiceGirl: Alex
* NothingIsScarier: Much like ''3'', the film opens with no logo or subtitles.
* ProductPlacement: A pretty creative use though, as the use of the [[{{Xbox 360}} Kinect]] motion sensor with the infrared camera allows for some good moments of seeing the demon move. [[spoiler:It is also the first time in the franchise we ''see'' the demon itself, or, at least, outlined in IR dots]]. ''Kinect Sports'' is also played throughout the film, and some evidence of a demonic happening shows with the blank, white face on one of the boxing minigame's characters.
** All computers and smartphones are Apple products. Ben sets up the former to record video which he then converts into Quicktime MOV files, which he mentions by name.
** "Fucking Prius!"
** Cans of Pepsi can be seen being consumed by the characters all throughout the film.
* RammingAlwaysWorks: [[spoiler:When Katie and[=/=]or Toby try to asphyxiate Alex in the garage with a running car, she breaks into it and, instead of simply shutting the engine off (which would still leave her trapped in a toxic environment,) she backs it up and smashes through the garage door in order to escape into fresh air.]]
* RedHerring: [[spoiler: We're lead to believe that Robbie is really Hunter throughout most of the movie, until it's revealed to be Wyatt.]]
* ShipTease: Alex and Ben aren't officially girlfriend and boyfriend despite what Ben might think.
* SupernaturalProofFather: As mentioned above, even when shown video, Alex's parents don't believe anything weird is going on.
* TheReveal: [[spoiler: Robbie '''isn't''' Hunter at all, it is in fact Wyatt, Alex's adopted brother.]]
* ShoutOut: Wyatt rides his Fisher Price tricycle around the house, in a manner extremely reminiscent of Danny in ''Film/TheShining''.
** During the beginning, which takes place during Halloween, Wyatt's friend is dressed as [[Franchise/StarWars Luke Skywalker]].
* {{Sequel}}: This film is the first true sequel in the series as it actually takes place five years after the events of ''2''.
* ShootTheShaggyDog: The family never [[spoiler:finds out anything about what's happening, or why it's happening. The closest they come is Ben finding out "freaky shit" about the demon's sigil and the coven, but nothing more than what we, the audience, already knew about it from previous films]] By the end of the film, [[spoiler:all that has been accomplished is that Hunter[=/=]Wyatt has been raised as a normal boy and then broken and reclaimed, the entire family has been killed, and that the coven has grown ''A LOT'']].
* StealthHiBye: [[spoiler:Katie and Robbie LOVE doing this]].
* TheStinger: [[spoiler: After the credits, there is a scene in a store of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santer%C3%ADa Santería]] artifacts, set in a SouthOfTheBorder ghetto. As the cameraman and an unseen companion discuss the store's contents as "witchcraft," the female store owner, dressed in black, comes out of nowhere and says "It is the beginning," freaking out the cameraman so much he and his friend flee. This being a tease for The Marked Ones.]]
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil
* UndyingLoyalty: [[spoiler: Alex never gives up on Wyatt, even when her life is in peril.]]
* VirginSacrifice: [[spoiler: Alex.]]
* WhamLine: [[spoiler: "He looks just like his mother."]] and [[spoiler: "My name is not Hunter!"]]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Robbie just disappears from the rest of the movie after [[spoiler:we learn that Wyatt is Hunter.]]
** We do see [[spoiler:a ghostly child outline in the Kinect dots after that. It's vaguely suggested that he was never really a child.]]
* WhatTheHellHero: Alex's mother, [[spoiler:frustrated with her staying up and making up stories, gives her sleeping pills. Alex is 15.]] [[PapaWolf Her father is]] ''[[PapaWolf none too pleased]]'' with his wife's actions.

[[folder:''Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones'']]
!!Tropes applying to ''Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones'':

* AdultsAreUseless: Despite being worried about the changes in his son's behavior, Cesar seemingly does nothing to help him and is absent most of the time.
* AndIMustScream: This film confirms that possessed people can be aware of their actions. [[spoiler: Jesse, after terrorising a shopkeeper and a customer, says that he knew what he was doing but was completely unable to stop himself.]]
* BatterUp: [[spoiler: Marisol knocks a possessed Jesse out with a baseball bat while he's trying to kill Hector.]] Earlier on, a shopkeeper tries to defend himself with a baseball bat against a highly aggressive [[spoiler:possessed Jesse]]. [[NoSell It doesn't work]].
* BilingualBonus: Jesse's grandma, Irma, only speaks in (unsubtitled) Spanish. Given that the film is set in a Hispanic neighbourhood, quite a few other characters occasionally do so as well.
* BlackEyesOfEvil: Oscar, another marked one, has these when Jesse finds him in the occult apartment. [[spoiler:Jesse himself gets these when his demon fully takes over]].
* BodyHorror: Jesse's DemonicPossession starts with a bite mark on his arm. He starts looking more and more sickly as time goes on. At one point, [[spoiler: he pulls long strands of hair out of the corners of his eyes.]]
* CallBack: Hector discovers the word "[[BilingualBonus meus]]" written in what appears to be [[CouldntFindAPen blood]] on Jesse's bedroom wall. The last time we saw this word was in ''Paranormal Activity 2'', scratched into the basement door.
* CarFu: Towards the end, [[spoiler: Hector and Marisol are driving away with a subdued Jesse in the back seat when the car is suddenly rammed into by another vehicle. By the time they've recovered from their shock, they realise that the crash was deliberate, and that Jesse has been taken by the occupants of the other vehicle.]]
* ContinuityCameo: [[spoiler:Ali Rey from the second film turns up in a scene to talk about and explain how the demons work.]]
** [[spoiler:Katie and Micah turn up at the end.]]
* CrazyJealousGuy: One of the signs that Jesse's possession is getting worse is him getting violent after he sees Marisol talking with another guy.
* DeathIsTheOnlyOption: [[spoiler: Oscar tells Jesse that the only way to save themselves from being possessed is for them to kill themselves.]]
* DecoyProtagonist: During the first half of the film, [[spoiler: the movie is centered around Jesse. After the demon fully takes control over Jesse, his best friend Hector becomes the protagonist trying to save him. [[TheBadGuyWins Of course, he fails.]]]]
* DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength: [[spoiler: Jesse first discovers his newfound SuperStrength when he tries to fight off some muggers. He hits out at them, only to be astounded when he ends up literally throwing them aside with brutal force.]]
* DrivenToSuicide: [[spoiler: Demon Oscar who has enough humanity in him to kill the witch Ana and then fling himself off a building.]]
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Arturo is a dangerous and heavily-armed career criminal who [[BigBrotherInstinct cares deeply for his younger brother]] and obsessively investigates the events that led to his [[JustForPun downfall]].
* EvilDetectingDog: Jesse's loving dog Chavo becoming aggressive and frightened of him is an early sign that something is very, very wrong.
* EyeScream: [[spoiler: As part of his physical transformation after becoming possessed, Jesse pulls long, thick strands of hair from the corners of his eyes at one point.]]
* {{Fanservice}}: Jesse and Hector lower their camera down an air duct to spy on the apartment below them. They are really pleased to find a naked young lady facing their camera.
** FanDisservice: Then a naked old lady (Ana) walks into view and starts painting a symbol on the young lady's stomach.
-->'''Hector:''' There goes my boner.
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** As Jesse is checking himself in the mirror, the lights flicker and [[spoiler:his reflection turns demonic for a split second ]]. In the end, [[spoiler:the demon completely takes over Jesse and turns him demonic]].
** While the trio is reading the journal they found, they read about doors that allows TimeTravel to unholy places. [[spoiler:While running from Demon Jesse in the witches' house, Hector goes through an ominous door and ends up in the house of Katie and Micah from the first movie. Demon Jesse follows him through it]].
* GilliganCut: There's a funny one near the beginning involving Hector, the camera, and a laundry basket.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Jesse and Hector.
* HopeSpot: [[spoiler:When the gang-bangers prepare to storm the cult's lair with heavy firepower it looks like the witches might finally get what's coming to them. Arturo takes a few down, but not enough to affect the outcome.]]
* KickTheDog: While possessed, [[spoiler:Jesse bullies the denizens of the local grocery store and tortures his own dog simply because he can.]] He also very cruelly sneers at Hector [[spoiler: that he isn't his friend.]] Later, it gets much worse when [[spoiler:he pushes his grandmother Irma down the stairs, resulting in her hospitalisation.]]
* KickTheSonOfABitch: The two would-be muggers who end up [[spoiler: getting brutally flung aside by Jesse's new demonic SuperStrength.]]
* LovecraftianSuperpower: Jesse gains psychic powers as a side effect of his demonic possession. [[CursedWithAwesome At first he thinks it's cool]], but then his possession gets worse.
* MissingMom: Jesse's mother died giving birth to him, and he has been raised by his father and grandmother. [[spoiler:It is later implied that she died due to Jesse being marked from within the womb by the cult.]]
* MonochromeCasting: Nearly every character is Hispanic/Latino as the setting is in a Hispanic neighborhood.
* MuggingTheMonster: A very literal example occurs. [[spoiler: Two thugs try to steal Jesse's backback and start beating the crap out of him, only for Jesse's demonic SuperStrength to kick in and brutally fling his attackers away.]]
* MundaneSolution: It turns out that [[spoiler:regular shotguns are a highly effective way of dealing with witches.]]
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: [[spoiler: Oscar killing the witch Ana.]]
* OminousVisualGlitch: When Hector [[spoiler: enters the mysterious door]] at the end, the picture glitches and goes black for a few seconds.
* OuijaBoard: The trio use a Simon electronic matching game as one to communicate with the demon. Green is for yes, red is for no.
* ProtagonistJourneyToVillain: [[spoiler:Jesse, as he gradually succumbs to his DemonicPossession.]]
* {{Revenge}}: [[spoiler: Oscar murders Ana because she is the witch that marked him for possession.]]
** [[spoiler: On the other hand he might've thought that the demonic possession would end if he killed the witch that marked him.]]
** [[spoiler: This is Arturo's motivation against the witches after the death of his brother.]]
* SequelEscalation: The film required a more polished look and better effects than the other entries since the story is told through high definition camcorders rather than security cameras and webcams.
* ToiletHumor: Hector craps his pants after he eats a burrito.
* TokenEvilTeammate: Arturo and Santo.
* TwoGuysAndAGirl: Jesse, Hector, and Marisol.
* UndyingLoyalty: [[spoiler: Marisol's resolve never wavered from rescuing Jesse from his possession, while Hector's faith was shaken by Irma's hospitalization]].
* WhamShot: After Hector [[spoiler: enters the mysterious door whilst trying to escape from possessed-Jesse]], as the camera regains focus, it quickly becomes clear that he's in [[spoiler:Katie and Micah's house from the first movie - and in the exact same timeframe as possessed-Katie's murder of Micah]].
** When Jesse and Hector are exploring Ana's apartment early on in the movie, they come across [[spoiler:a box of old videotapes - one of which is marked "Kristi and Katie - 1988"]].
** During another exploration of the apartment, the group come across an altar in the basement. Among other things, they find some photos on top of it - photos of Jesse. The last photo, however, is of [[spoiler:Jesse's mother, pregnant with him at the time... and posing with Katie and Kristi's grandma Lois.]]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:The dog is not seen again following the scene where Hector tries to get Jesse to stop tormenting it with his powers.]]
** [[spoiler: Irma is left hospitalized by the demon-possessed Jesse and her fate is unclear.]]
** [[spoiler: Arturo’s fate is unknown. He was last seen gunning down witches with his shotgun when Hector and Marisol run into the house.]]


[[folder:''Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension'']]
!!Tropes applying to ''Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension'':

* AncientConspiracy: The Midwives Coven is revealed to date all the way back to the TheMiddleAges.
* BadBlackBarf: During the climax of the movie [[spoiler:the briefly possessed Skyler]] vomits an black substance that [[spoiler:burns Mike to death on contact]].
* TheBadGuyWins: [[spoiler: Easily the closest Toby has ever come to a loss, and possibly the only film where his victory wasn't inevitable. But, he still pulled it off.]]
* BlackEyesOfEvil: Leila gains these while possessed by Toby.
* CallBack:
** The spirit camera shows the demon standing next to Leila's bed staring at while she sleeps in exactly the same manner as possessed Katie did in the first movie]].
** Father Todd mentions that an exorcism would be completely useless in this situation. [[spoiler: Dan]] learned than lesson at the end of [[spoiler:the second]] movie.
** During his research, Ryan mentions that police attributed the deaths in the fourth movie to Katie.
* ContinuityCameo: Young Kristi and Young Katie show up via the tapes of ''3'' and some new ones. [[spoiler:They show up in person in the last scene]].
* DemonicPossession: As usual, Toby takes control of Leila at various points during the movie. [[spoiler:He also uses this ability to survive the Extermination Ritual during the climax of the movie, by jumping ''into'' Skyler]].
* DemonSlaying: Father Todd concludes that an exorcism won't do any good, so they must attempt to ''destroy'' the demon with a ritual of Extermination. [[spoiler:Even though they come close, they fail]].
* ExtremelyShortTimespan: Unlike the previous movies, where the haunting unfolds slowly over the course of several weeks, the events of this movie play out in less than a week.
* FantasticCatholicism: Father Todd is the most helpful ally any of the protagonists in the series ever get, being the first one to ever come up with a viable plan to fight the demon through what appears to be a combination of GeometricMagic and Catholic ritual. [[spoiler:And it almost works!]]
* GeometricMagic: Part of the ritual of Extermination involves [[spoiler:drawing the Seal of Solomon on the floor of the living room and surrounding it with a circle of salt, in order to trap the demon within and then attempt to destroy it]].
* GrandFinale: Claims to be this for the franchise, answering the major questions the previous films had left and [[spoiler:ending with Toby in a corporeal human body, making it impossible for him to continue the kind of hauntings featured in the franchise]].
* HopeSpot: For a few seconds it seems like [[spoiler:the Extermination Ritual has worked and Toby has been destroyed]]... then the camera turns to Skyler.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: The spirit camera that the cult leaves for the family to find allows them to put up a better fight against Toby than any of the protagonists of the previous films.
* MsFanservice: Skyler, the family friend/house-guest spends most of the movie in flimsy blouses that show off her [[BuxomIsBetter impressive assets]].
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: The fact that Toby forgoes his usual MO of escalating harassment and psychological torture in favor of a more direct approach against this family is a sign for the audience that something ominous is going on.
* PornStache: Uncle Mike sports an impressively bushy mustache that is ridiculed by most of his family.
* TheReveal: The movie provides answers to most of the key questions created by the previous films:
** What is Toby’s endgame? [[spoiler:To acquire a corporeal human body of his own]].
** What did he need Hunter for? [[spoiler: Hunter’blood and Leila’s blood are the key ingredients in the ritual to give Toby the corporeal body he wants]].
** What does Toby look like? [[spoiler: Toby’s true form evolves as he gains strength. At first he manifests as diffused tendrils of dark energy floating around, which later coalesce into a very large cloud capable of interacting with the environment and assuming a vaguely human-shaped form. The cloud becomes more and more dense until it becomes a dark HumanoidAbomination with a terrifying face about 2 meters tall]].
** Who was watching the tapes from Kristi and Katie’s childhood seen in the third movie? [[spoiler: It was Ryan Fleege, the father from this movie. The cult left them in his house along with the spirit camera for him to find]].
* SeeThruSpecs: The family finds an old camera in the basement that can allow them to see spirits.
* TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat: Kristi says bless you when Leila sneezes while watching a tape of Kristi's training.
* TimeyWimeyBall: The cult's plan to [[spoiler:get their hands on Leila and complete their ritual involves bringing Hunter and Leila back to 1992 when Kristi and Katie were children, as well as seeing into the future thorough Toby's eyes. This is most notorious when dealing with the tapes]]. and then there's the fact that [[spoiler:Toby is running around in his incorporeal demonic form in 2013 even though the successful ritual to give him a human body takes place in 1992]].
* TwentyMinutesIntoThePast: The movie came out in 2015 but the action takes place in December of 2013.
* TheUnReveal: Even though the film provides answers to most of the key questions created by the franchise, it leaves unanswered many of the small ones:
** Why was TimeTravel necessary to achieve the Coven's endgame?
** What's the purpose of the many possessed people implied by ''The Marked Ones''? [[spoiler:And why were the boys possessed with their souls apparently erased while the girls like Katie and Christie simply brainwashed?]]
** Why did the Coven [[spoiler:give Hunter up for adoption between the events of ''2'' and ''4'']]?
* UnspokenPlanGuarantee: [[spoiler:The plan to capture and exorcise Toby is screwed from the start as soon as Father Todd explains it in detail in front of the camera.]]
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: [[spoiler:Though young Katie makes a cameo, adult Katie never appears in the movie making this the first film of the series not to feature actress Katie Featherston. As such, her final fate is left unknown.]]
** [[spoiler:The movie does imply, however, that Katie posed as a real estate agent and led the Fleege family to the house.]]
* WrongGenreSavvy: Father Todd brings up the often mentioned advice from the previous movies that moving out won’t do any good since demons don’t haunt places; they haunt people so Toby would just follow them. [[spoiler: In this case he happens to be wrong, since this particular house is a key part of the Coven’s plan, being the place where the TimeTravel portal can be opened. Getting Leila as far away from that house as possible would’ve foiled the bad guys plan]].


[[folder:''Paranormal Activity Dai-Ni-Sho: Tokyo Night'']]
''Paranormal Activity Dai-Ni-Sho: Tokyo Night'' is a Japanese spin-off of the American series. It revolves around siblings Haruka and Koichi. During a trip in America, Haruka had a car accident [[spoiler:where she hit Katie]] and suffered multiple fractures in her legs returning to Japan in a wheelchair. After their father goes to a business trip to Singapore, Haruka and her brother Koichi are haunted by the demon.

!!Tropes applying to ''Tokyo Night'':

* CanonDiscontinuity: [[spoiler:''Tokyo Night'' ignores ''2'' and kills off Katie.]]
* ForeignRemake: ''Tokyo Night'' is accused of being this instead of a spin-off.