A 1975 film set in London in the 1920s. Lord Southmere steals the "Lotus X" formula from China on microfilm, then hides it in a dinosaur skeleton in the Natural History Museum. He then loses his memory, and can't remember exactly where he hid it, so a group of nannies try to find it before the Chinese can reclaim it.

This is one of the horde of live action adventure/comedy films that Disney was apt to make in the sixties and seventies (Others include RaceToWitchMountain, Condorman, Film/FollowMeBoys, and a whole slew of films starring a young Creator/KurtRussell.)

!!This film contains examples of:

* EasyAmnesia: Lord Southmere keeps getting clonked on the head by bricks, causing him to lose/regain his memory.
* MistakenForSpies: Lord Southmere keeps insisting that he's not a spy, just an ordinary businessman. However, nobody else believes him; as his (former) nanny points out, he would say that if he was a spy.
* NotMyDriver: Lord Southmere is kidnapped by the Chinese.
* ParasolOfPain: Lord Southmere's umbrella is apparently a gun in disguise, although we only see him threaten someone, and not actually fire it.
** Also, normal umbrellas and handbags are the general weapons of choice for the nannies.