[[caption-width-right:300:She '''will''' make you obey.]]

->''"When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go."''
-->-- '''Nanny [=McPhee=]'''

Cedric Brown (Creator/ColinFirth) is a hard-working widower who can't spend much time with his seven children, so he leaves them in the care of nannies. However, the children are very naughty and have managed, with pride, to scare the past seventeen nannies away. Running out of options, Mr. Brown listens to a mysterious voice's advice to call for a "Nanny [=McPhee=]". Nanny [=McPhee=] (Creator/EmmaThompson) turns out to be a hag-like woman with a crooked cane and a habit of [[StealthHiBye appearing out of nowhere]] (though she does mention she did knock). But there's a secret to her care-taking -- she has [[MagicalNanny magic powers]], which she uses to teach the children some important lessons.

Naughty children aren't the only problems Mr. Brown has to face. The truth is his late wife's aunt, Lady Adelaide Stitch, is supporting the family through a regular allowance, and she decides that unless Mr. Brown remarries by the end of the month, she will cut off those funds, meaning he will lose his house and his children. It's up to Nanny [=McPhee=] to help save a family on the brink of ruin.

The 2005 movie did well in theaters, and a sequel, ''Nanny [=McPhee=] and the Big Bang'' (called ''Nanny [=McPhee=] Returns'' in the United States for undisclosed reasons), premiered in 2010. MaggieGyllenhaal plays a beleaguered housewife juggling a farm and three children, while awaiting her husband's return from the war. With the added pressure of her brother-in-law wanting her to sell off the farm (to pay off his own gambling debts), and two upper-class cousins staying over, Nanny [=McPhee=] is needed once again. The trailer can be seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVOzEmywwMM here]].

!!''Nanny [=McPhee=]'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* BaitAndSwitch: In the sequel, when Celia refuses to go out to help catching piglets in the mud, at first it seems to her (and us) that Nanny [=McPhee=] is going to force her to go outside with magic...then she just holds up a pair of wellingtons.
%%* BeautyEqualsGoodness: Played with.
* BeautyInversion: Spun into a ''plot point'' for Nanny [=McPhee=]. [[spoiler:Every time the children learn something, one of her many hideous blemishes disappear. By the time her job is done, she's a completely unblemished Emma Thompson. Essentially, she's as ugly on the outside ''as they are on the inside''.]]
* BeCarefulWhatYouSay:
** See PlayingSick below.
** In the sequel, the farm kids refuse to share their beds with the city kids, claiming they'd rather share their beds with the farm's goat and cow. Then the smallest farm kid blurts out "elephant" as his choice, leading up to Nanny [=McPhee=] trying to hide a literal ElephantInTheLivingRoom.
* BerserkButton:
** While Nanny [=McPhee=] is generally stoic, in the first movie when Mrs. Quickly [[spoiler:breaks Aggie's rattle]] she seems very angry at the woman, and is sure to replace it before she leaves.
** In the sequel, Cyril takes a jar of jam the Green kids saved their sugar rations for months to make, and wanted to have the first taste with their DisappearedDad. And it breaks. They go justifiably postal.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: In the sequel. The extent of Phil's wrongdoing is finally made known to Isabel, even as he tries to get the military police guy to cart him off - but the MP has to tend to a bomb threat, leaving Phil with a handcuff on him. Isabel takes the other end and ''cuffs him to the wall'', sealing his fate one way or another.
* BlanketTugOWar: The baby elephant and Vincent in the sequel.
* BlitzEvacuees: The cousins from London. [[spoiler:Though that wasn't the only reason...]]
* BrickJoke: [[spoiler:The baby elephant]] in the sequel. And a surprising number of people already know Nanny [=McPhee=], including [[spoiler:Mrs. Docherty]].
* ButNowIMustGo: See above.
* CassandraTruth: In the second movie, when the kids talk about [[spoiler:the pigs' amazing abilities, like synchronized swimming and climbing trees,]] Isabel tells them to stop telling lies.
* ChekhovsSkill: From a ''bird'' of all things (in the sequel).
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}s: Mr. Brown's partners at the funeral agency -- Mr. Wheen and Mr. Jowls.
* TheCuckoolanderWasRight: In the sequel, Mrs. Docherty, the loopy general store owner played by Maggie Smith happens to [[spoiler:know Nanny [=McPhee=] personally]].
* CoolAndUnusualPunishment: Nanny [=McPhee=]'s prefered method of punishment. Play sick? She will make it real. Won't stop fighting? She will make you beat yourselves up.
* ContinuityNod: In the sequel, [[spoiler:Mrs. Docherty was the youngest Brown child from the previous movie]].
* CordonBleughChef: The chef, specifically when she makes her "army broth" in the first movie.
* CouldHaveAvoidedThisPlot: Half of the madness that the Brown children cause in the first film probably wouldn't have happened if Cedric had just been honest with them about the financial troubles. He admits as much after Mrs. Quickly agrees to marry him.
* CueTheFlyingPigs: ''Nanny [=McPhee=] Returns'' had flying pigs, referential of a similar gag in the first film in which "snow in August" was used as a phrase to describe something supposedly impossible and then did happen thanks to Nanny's magic.
* DeniedFoodAsPunishment: Mr. Brown tries this on the children, but they retaliate by sneaking into the kitchen and taking the cook hostage.
* DisappearedDad: The premise of the sequel.
* EekAMouse: Faked by Celia in the sequel to keep her aunt Isabel from signing Phil's contract to sell the farm.
* EurekaMoment: The kids in the second film have one when they realize it wasn't some Military tech or gas, but ''magic'' Nanny [=McPhee=] has used on them.
* EvilDetectingBaby: At the mention of [[AristocratsAreEvil Great Aunt Adelaide]], baby Aggie immediately starts wailing.
* {{Expy}}: Nanny [=McPhee=] is Film/MaryPoppins.
* FoodFight: Two -- one near the beginning with chaos, catapults and near-explosions, and [[spoiler:one at the wedding at the end, including wedding cake being thrown. Not to mention the one who kicks it all off is a priest toward the bride -- accidentally, but still.]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}: In the sequel, a BritishRoyalGuard turns out to be one of Nanny [=McPhee's=] children from the past. [[spoiler:So was Mrs. Docherty-- maiden name Brown.]]
* {{Gasshole}}: Mr. Edelweiss the rook's habit of eating putty turns it into one. [[RunningGag Consistently.]]
* HeroicSacrifice: A non-death example. [[spoiler:Evangeline pretends to be one of Cedric's daughters and allows Aunt Adelaide to take her, so that none of his actual children have to go.]]
%%* InexplicablyAwesome
* LeapOfFaith: In the sequel film, one of Nanny [=McPhee=]'s medals is for Leaps of Faith and, at the end of the film, she awards it to Isabel.
* MagicalNanny: Nanny [=McPhee=] shows up to help parents who are at their wits' end and teaches the kids to behave, whether they want to or not.
* MeaningfulName:
** Mr. Wheen and Mr. Jowls -- their presence will certainly make you [[IncrediblyLamePun whine and yowl.]]
** While not prominent, Celia and Cyril's surname is Gray while Isabel's family is Green. Celia and Cyril comes from the city while Isabel's family lives on the countryside. This also ties into the themed naming from the film in general, as the protagonists from the last film have the surname Brown.
* MissingMom: Mrs. Brown in the first movie is dead.
* MissingTrailerScene: Some of the trailers for the sequel film included quite a bit of material that didn't make into the final cut of the film, though some of it was included in deleted scenes.
* {{Novelization}}: There's one for ''Nanny [=McPhee=] Returns'' and it's written by Emma Thompson, who plays Nanny [=McPhee=] and was the writer for this sequel film. It's her first ever children's book and it takes the form of a movie filming diary mixed in with the actual story. The book was praised by reviewers as being more than a simple tie-in. The audiobook version of the novelization is narrated by Emma.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero:
** When Simon ruins Cedric's chance at marrying Mrs. Quickly, he believed he had finally stopped his father from attempting to get them an evil stepmother. Cedric, having tried to shield his kids from the reality of his financial situation (which requires him to be married by the end of the month, which was just days away, or he loses Aunt Adelaide's financial support), walks in completely destroyed and informs the kids of what they had just done.
** In the sequel, the girls have to prevent Isabel from signing the deed to the farm, and Megsie successfully filches uncle Phil's pen. When Phil finds three more in a drawer, [[spoiler:Nanny [=McPhee=] intervenes by bringing back [[BrickJoke the baby elephant]] to snatch the three pens without him knowing. And then he finds the first pen on Megsie]].
* NightmareFuelStationAttendant: Miss Topsy and Miss Turvy in the sequel, who talk about harvesting Phil's kidneys and taxidermising him with mad glee.
* ObstructiveBureaucrat: Implied. Nanny [=McPhee=] asks Norman to not lose her stick as the paperwork to replace it is unbelievable.
* OffscreenTeleportation: A RunningGag in the first movie. Nanny [=McPhee=] will appear behind people when she wasn't even previously close at all. She casually justifies this with the line:
-->"I '''did''' knock."
* OverlyLongScream: Celia when faking seeing a mouse. She apparently had been screaming for ''half an hour straight''.
* PhraseCatcher: "I did knock." Although it is more like a borrowed (by Simon) CatchPhrase.
* PieInTheFace: Or wedding cake in the face, actually. Aunt Adelaide [[spoiler:is too proper to throw food herself. So she had her servant throw on her behalf.]]
* PlayingSick:
** The children try this on Nanny [=McPhee=], but she doesn't buy it for a second. [[spoiler:And she punishes them for it by making them sick for real and physically unable to get out of their beds. Ouch!]]
** [[spoiler:They also Played Attacked-By-Bees at the wedding. It worked.]]
** Revisited in the sequel, [[spoiler:involving a [[EekAMouse "mouse"]]]].
* RagsToRiches: [[spoiler:Evangeline, who gets taken in by Aunt Adelaide in place of one of the children.]]
* Really700YearsOld: [[spoiler:If the fact that she's the same in both movies despite a possible time difference of ''60 years'' is any indication.]]
* RemarryingForYourKids: A major plot is the first movie is Cedric Brown's necessity to get remarried after his wife's death, due to pressure put on him by the great aunt. [[spoiler: By the end of the movie, he marries Evangeline. ]]
* SheCleansUpNicely: Evangeline.
* SheIsAllGrownUp: In the sequel Mrs. Docherty is revealed to be [[spoiler: Aggie Brown from the first movie.]]
* SnowMeansLove: [[spoiler:At the end of the first movie, Nanny [=McPhee=] summons snow that magically cleans up the yard for the wedding of Cedric and Evangeline.]]
* SocialClimber: In the first movie, Mrs. Quickly allows herself to become reconciled to Mr. Brown (after his disastrous first attempt at a proposal) when she finds out that his aunt is ''Lady'' Adelaide Stitch. When she finally meets Lady Adelaide, Mrs. Quickly goes into extreme ProfessionalButtKisser mode.
* SoupIsMedicine: Ms Blatherwick claims that the best thing to cure an ill person is potato gruel with peelings in. However, the children, who are PlayingSick, hate it.
* SpotOfTea: Used a few times over.
* TheStinger: At the end of the sequel, [[spoiler:the elephant gets to enjoy the Scratch-o-Matic machine that was designed for the pigs.]]
* TakeAThirdOption: In the first movie, Lady Adelaide gives Cedric [[AnOfferYouCantRefuse an offer he can't refuse]]: she will take in one of his daughters (and ''only'' daughters) to live with her. She is especially keen on taking the youngest, Chrissie, while Nanny [=McPhee=] reminds the children that they can't send away the donkey they hoped to trick their great aunt into taking. It takes some quick thinking from Simon, but ultimately [[spoiler:Evangeline is sent away, having been passed off as a daughter despite actually being the scullery maid]].
* TimeBomb: Of a sort, in the sequel.
* TitleDrop: In the sequel, a war veteran warns Isabel and family of the threat of bombings, calling it "the Big Bang".
* TrappedByGamblingDebts: Why Phil is so desperate in convincing Isabel to sell the Greens' farm in the sequel. He gambled away his legal half of the farm at a casino, and two hit women eagerly want to either collect it, [[CruelAndUnusualDeath or his kidneys]].
* TricksterMentor:
** Nanny [=McPhee=] always has five lessons to teach. What else the people she helps may learn is another matter.
** While she is a Nanny to the children, it's implied that not all the lessons are for them. [[spoiler: In the first movie, it's implied that Lesson 4 was more for Cedric than the children, and the final lesson in the second movie is implied to be for everyone in the household (even the uncle).]]
* TyrantTakesTheHelm: Selma Quickly. Amusingly she says, "There are going to be changes around here.", a line made famous by Creator/ImeldaStaunton as Professor Umbridge in ''Film/HarryPotter'''s own TyrantTakesTheHelm story arc while Imelda Staunton herself is playing the cook in this film. (And Emma Thompson's (Nanny [=McPhee=]) character, Professor Trelawney, was a victim of those changes.)
* WardrobeWound: Celia shrieks more about her new clothes being dragged in the mud than during the ensuing beat-'em-up scene.
* WhatTheHellHero: Simon refuses to give Nanny [=McPhee=] any control in the kitchen scene... despite the fact that the curse they're under could cause his baby sibling to be hurled into a pot of boiling water. Naturally, everyone is screaming at him.
* WhyWasteAWedding: [[spoiler:After running off Selma Quickly, and a fix-up from Nanny [=McPhee=], Cedric and Evangeline use it.]]
* WickedStepmother: The Brown siblings chase away their father's prospects because they believe in this trope. Played straight in that Selma Quickly would have been a rotten stepmother -- had she actually married Mr. Brown. Subverted by the sweet Evangeline actually being the one becoming the kids' stepmother- much to everyone's joy.
* WireDilemma: In the sequel film.