''My Best Friend's Girl'' is a 2008 romantic comedy starring Creator/DaneCook, Creator/KateHudson, Creator/JasonBiggs and Creator/AlecBaldwin.

Cook plays Tank, a cocky womanizer who is paid by recently dumped guys to take their ex-girlfriends on a date and be the biggest Jerkass possible in order to make them (the young men) look good by comparison. It works pretty well...until Tank is hired by his best friend and gets more than he bargained for.

[[IThoughtItMeant Not to be confused with]] Music/TheCars' hit single.

!!Tropes include:
* {{All Girls Want Bad Boys}}: Alexis does, at least.
* {{All Women Are Lustful}}: Ami, Alexis, Lizzy
* {{Dogged Nice Guy}}: Dusty
* {{Ethical Slut}}: Ami
* {{Genre Savvy}}: Tank uses the words Meet Cute and then defines them.
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}}: Tank and Dusty. Alexis and Ami.
* {{Insecure Love Interest}}: Tank towards Alexis. His father tells him as much because she was Dusty's girl and therefore out of his league. [[spoiler: Dusty convinces him otherwise.]]
* {{I Want My Beloved To Be Happy}}: Why Tank does what he does at the wedding
* {{Jerk With A Heart Of Gold}}: Underneath his layers and layers of arrogance, Tank is really this.
* {{Ladykiller In Love}}: Tank falls in love with Alexis much to everyone's horror
* {{Last Minute Hookup}}: [[spoiler: Dusty and Ami]]
* {{Lets Just Be Friends}}: What Alexis tells Dusty
* {{Meet Cute}}: Tank abuses this trope to meet the girls he's going to tank.
* {{Mr Fanservice}}: Tank's shirtless a lot
* {{Ridiculously Average Guy}}: Dusty
* {{Refuge In Audacity}}
* {{Villain Protagonist}}: Tank.