After a one-night stand gone horribly awry, high school student Jeremy Capello finds himself one of the undead. (Sort of...) Now he must come to terms with being a vampire while trying to get a date with the girl of his (literal) dreams. Oh, and it doesn't help that there are a couple of vampire hunters in the neighborhood...

A lighthearted 1980s teen comedy with all the silliness one would expect thereof.
!!Tropes used:
* AllGuysWantCheerleaders: subverted -- Jeremy ignores cheerleader Candy's obvious interest in him to go after Darla.
* BeautifulAllAlong: Darla, the band nerd.
* CaptainObvious: [=McCarthy=] tests Ralph with garlic and crosses to prove that he's a vampire, and Ralph passes, showing that he's human. So [=McCarthy=] suggests stabbing Ralph in the heart with a stake, and if he die, he's a vampire, right?
-->'''Jeremy:''' "Professor... getting stabbed in the heart will kill ''anything''."
* CasanovaWannabe: Jeremy's friend Ralph.
* DreamSequence: At the beginning of the film, Jeremy has a particularly bizarre dream involving the girl's locker room, Darla and a nun with a [[GroinAttack pair of giant shears...]]
* TheEighties: The film was made in 1988.
* FemmeFatale: Nora.
* FriendlyNeighborhoodVampires: Modoc and Jeremy.
* HeelFaceTurn: [[spoiler:Professor [=McCarthy=] at the end, after getting om-nom-nom-nominated by the other vampires.]]
* KnightTemplar: Professor [=McCarthy=], who believes that vampires are TheVirus and must be stopped lest there be a [[ZombieApocalypse Vampire Apocalypse]].
* {{Masquerade}}: Apparently the butcher industry is well aware of the existence of vampires, and provides their sustenance.
* MarketBasedTitle: The ever-more-appropriate ''I Was A Teenage Vampire'' in non-US markets.
* MeaningfulName: "[=McCarthy=]" can't be an accident, considering how the professor talks about how those commies - er, vampires - are gonna get us if they aren't stopped RIGHT NOW, and his willingness to kill people who only ''might'' be vampires.
* MistakenForGay: Jeremy's parents conclude from his odd behavior and other strange goings-on that their son is gay.
** In one version for broadcast TV, they thought he was just [[DrugsAreBad on drugs]].
*** Must have lead to one hell of a WarpedAesop at the end. "It's okay to do drugs if you have a girlfriend." Or, less oddly, "The behavior of having a new girlfriend can be mistaken for being on drugs."
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: An extreme case in that the story is set in Texas, but ''nobody'' in the cast has a Texan accent.
* OrdinaryHighschoolStudent: Jeremy.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: While "dead" vampires can't go out in the sun, "living" vampires (like Jeremy and Modoc) are at most slightly annoyed by it. (This concept has roots in traditional Romanian folklore.) They do actually age, albeit slowly - the equivalent of one human year per decade. They also have some mind-control abilities and can transform into wolves.
* SupernaturalAngst: Jeremy is distraught at the thoughts of being a teenager for the next twenty years. Fortunately, he gets over it rather quickly.
-->'''Modoc:''' "Please tell me you're not going to sulk for the next twenty years."
-->'''Jeremy:''' "No, but I think I'm entitled to a few minutes."
* VanHelsingHateCrimes
* VegetarianVampire: Blood is bought at butcher shops.
* WhatDoesSheSeeInHim: Both genders do this, with Ralph and Gloria equally bewildered by respective friends Jeremy and Darla's attraction to each other.