There is a sport, a sport which only the toughest, meanest, most bloodthirsty can play. Mere mortals should never even ''dream'' of trying to play ''this'' game. No, it's not Film/{{Rollerball}}. It's not Film/TheRunningMan. It's not even American football - those guys wear ''pads''. And they get to stop every ten seconds or so to rest!

No, it's ''wheelchair rugby''. Or, as the ''players'' like to call it - [[TitleDrop Murderball]].

Murderball is also the name of the documentary ''about'' the men who play this sport, and, a somewhat wimpy ending aside, if there is a more testosterone-laden, manly film in the history of documentary moviemaking, it would have to be [[ProjectGrizzly a film about a man who gets into fights with grizzly bears.]] (What? You mean there is one? Oh, dear...)

Regardless, this is the story of wheelchair rugby, a game played only by people who have impairment in two or more of their limbs. The rules are somewhere between basketball, rugby, and demolition derby, and if there's a visual analogy to watching a game, it's the last ten minutes of TheRoadWarrior ''if it was a competitive sport.''
!!This film contains examples of:

* DisabledLoveInterest: Inverted. Some of the guys have able-bodied girlfriends.
* HandicappedBadass: ''Everyone''.
* RatedMForManly