->''"A woman is beautiful when she's loved, and only then."''

''Mr. Skeffington'' is a 1944 film starring Creator/BetteDavis and Creator/ClaudeRains, who were both nominated for UsefulNotes/{{Academy Award}}s for their roles.

Beautiful Fanny Trellis (Davis) has many admirers, but she also has an extravagant, dishonest brother, Trippy (Richard Waring), who embezzles funds from his boss, Job Skeffington (Rains). Job attempts to confront Trippy, but is instantly smitten by Fanny. In order to save Trippy's skin and facilitate a comfortable life for herself, Fanny marries Job. Job is initially devoted, but Fanny is shallow and faithless. The film follows their marriage as the years pass......

%%* CharacterTitle
* DaddysGirl: Job's daughter adores him.
%%* GoldDigger: Fanny
* GreenEyedMonster: Vain Fanny does not deal well with her daughter's own youth and beauty.
* HappyMarriageCharade: Initally, anyway. Job only realises later in the marriage that Fanny doesn't love him.
* IJustWantToBeBeautiful: This is all Fanny cares about. She does not grow old gracefully.
%%* LoveHurts: Poor Job.
* MeaningfulName: Job is exceptionally long-suffering.
* ParentalNeglect: Fanny is so self-absorbed that she just doesn't care about her daughter.
* SexlessMarriage: Fanny and Job end up in separate rooms quite quickly.
* SexySecretary: Job takes solace in his secretaries after his wife exiles him from the marital bed.
-->'''Job:''' You mustn't be too harsh on my secretaries. They were always very understanding when I came to the office after a hard day at home.
* TrueBeautyIsOnTheInside: What Job is always trying to tell Fanny.