->'''Iris Holland:''' ''Why is everyone else's child more important than yours?''

''Mr. Holland's Opus'' is a 1995 drama film, directed by Stephen Herek. It was partly intended as a remake of a previous film, ''[[Film/FollowMeBoys Follow Me, Boys!]]'' (1966), but ended up very different. Among the most significant changes was the historical era covered. The original film was set in the 1930s and 1940s, this one covers a period of thirty years (196595).

The film opens in 1965 with Glenn Holland (Creator/RichardDreyfuss) as a professional musical performer who wants to turn his efforts to composing a piece of orchestral music, something he intends as his MagnumOpus. Needing a job that pays enough to support himself and his wife Iris (Glenne Headly), yet leaves enough free time to compose music, Holland accepts a position as a high school music teacher. He soon discovers the position leaves him firmly at the bottom of the hierarchy of teachers. And as his apathy for the job starts to become apparent, Principal Jacobs (Olympia Dukakis) starts demanding more actual effort from him.

The film then follows his life with a specific segment devoted to each decade and different trials he has to go through. His domestic problems include his only son Cole being effectively deaf and unable to understand his father's work. Iris forms a strong bond with the boy and learns sign language to better communicate. Glenn, however, can't bring himself to do it, and ends up somewhat estranged from his own family. Meanwhile, his school life includes more than teaching music. He inspires troubled students to make something of themselves, change their lives for the better.

By 1995, Holland has spent most of his last three decades devoted to his students, at the cost of his personal life. His musical work is still incomplete and by now unlikely to ever see release. Even if completed, he is too old to re-establish his career. Then his life turns for the worst. New principal Gene Wolters (Creator/WilliamHMacy), who never cared for Holland anyway, decides to make necessary budget cuts. Among the first things to go are the music classes, leaving 60-year-old Holland unemployed. Holland fears he has wasted his life, and resigns himself to the fate of being forgotten by all those students he helped over the years.

Instead, he finds many of his former students have returned to help him complete his MagnumOpus and perform it for the first time, pointing out that their lives were made better because of him. It was time to repay the favor. The film ends with his family along with [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming an entire auditorium of his students]], both past and present, who have gathered to witness the aging Mr. Holland [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome conduct his masterpiece]].

The film earned Dreyfuss an Oscar nomination for the Best Actor and a Golden Globe award. It was also a considerable box office hit, earning $106,269,971 in the international market. With almost $83 million from the United States market, it was the 12th most successful film of its year. Music/MichaelKamen, who wrote some of the original music of the film, went on to found "The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation" devoted to "enabling more students to participate and experience a quality music education."

!!This film provides examples of:
* AuthorAppeal: Done InUniverse when Holland stages a concert designed specifically for the hearing impaired, including lights timed with the music, inviting the deaf community to sit close so they can feel the beat and ending with Holland singing a song alongside sign language.
* BookDumb: Louis Russ didn't seem to be stupid but is simply not good with grades. It's repeated by everyone that he tries hard and is an excellent athlete. As band is based largely on effort that's why Meister requested Mr. Holland take him in and improve his grades so he can go out for football and wrestling.
* BookEnds: The beginning of the film has Mr. Holland conducting his opus that was in his head. The ending has him conducting it for real.
* BrilliantButLazy: Stadler, one of Mr. Holland's students he helps. [[spoiler:He eventually turns around after attending Louis Russ' funeral with Mr. Holland.]]
** Lou Russ is a complete inversion--not naturally academic, but willing to bust his butt to graduate.
* CallBack: During the Lou Russ segment, one boy in the band empties his spit valve on the shoe of the girl next to him. At the final Orchestra, he repeats this.
* CampGay: Todd, who certainly has musical theater chops.
* CharacterDevelopment:
** The beginning has Mr. Holland going into teaching kicking and screaming. At the end, when fired, he leaves the system fighting as much as he can.
** Mr. Holland finally connects with his students by showing them the influences of classical music on modern music. When Wolters complains Glenn is using ''rock and roll'' to teach music, Glenn is passionate in his defense.
--->'''Glenn:''' I will do anything I have to, use any method I can come up with, to teach a student to love music.
--->'''Helen:''' Well, I think that is an answer I can pass along.
** Stadler goes from a cocky but brilliant student to a mellow and mature adult by the end. It all started near [[spoiler:Lou Russ' funeral]].
** The first student he really helped, shy, meek Gertrude gained enough self-confidence and courage and fortitude to [[spoiler:become governor of their state]].
* DancingBear: Invoked. To get people to come to the musical, Coach Meister suggests that they use the high school football team as the dancers. People will come to watch them make fools of themselves, but Meister -- who minored in modern dance -- teaches them to dance well.
* DisabledMeansHelpless: Mr. Holland doesn't want to send Cole to a special school where, according to him, "they'll treat him like he's retarded." Given the time period, this was probably a valid concern.
** Actually, this came from Iris. She was upset with a specialist who insisted that Cole must learn to talk, without using sign language. She says the specialist thinks deaf people are retarded, and pushes for Cole to go to the deaf school so he can learn to sign and thus communicate more effectively.
* DressCode: There is a scene where the principal sees that two girls are wearing skirts that are too short, so he sends them home.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Mr. Holland takes a summer job as an instructor of student drivers. Ironically, one scene has ''him'' doing the crazy driving with two of his visibly worried students as passengers. He ignores traffic signs and signals, passes other cars on the right side, and even traverses a one-way street in the wrong direction, all while going well above the speed limit. The reason for this insane driving is revealed when Mr. Holland reaches his destination: [[spoiler: it's the local hospital, where his wife had given birth to their son shortly before he got there.]]
* DueToTheDead: [[spoiler:Lou Russ receives a military funeral with full honors]].
* EraEstablishingScene: One of these follows each major time skip in the story.
* ExtremelyLengthyCreation: InUniverse. [[spoiler:Mr. Holland begins working on his opus in 1965, and takes a temp job teaching music to support this. It still isn't done 30 years later when his position is terminated. That doesn't stop his [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming former students from coming together to perform it]] at his [[ReluctantRetiree retirement]] party]].
* FanMyopia: Invoked. When Music/JohnLennon is assassinated, Holland is surprised to find out that Lennon means something to his deaf son.
* [[FatherToHisMen Father To His Students]]: Mr. Holland becomes one of these over time as he helps all his students out. They repay the love at the end.
* GilliganCut: Several, one with regards to Louis getting excited over playing the drums (probably expecting something more glamorous like the snares) and cutting to him playing the bass drum. Another happens with Principal Jacobs asking Mr. Holland what he knew about marching bands and his OhCrap look jumps to him out on the field with the band.
* IgnorantOfTheCall: This trope applies to this movie so much that it could have easily been called ''IgnorantOfTheCall: The Motion Picture''. Glenn Holland believes he wasted his life because he became a music teacher instead of becoming famous as a composer. His current and former students, his friends, and his family (all of whose lives he shaped for the better) disagree. ''Strongly'' disagree.
* IMinoredInTropology: It becomes a minor plot point that that the school's physical education teacher "minored in modern dance".
* {{Irony}}: Mr. Holland muses that he went into teaching kicking and screaming, and now he's kicking and screaming to remain a teacher.
* MagnumOpus: By the time Holland completes his symphony, it appears he will be unable to find the financial backing to ever hear it performed. [[spoiler: In the end, many of his former students and colleagues secretly gather on the day of his forced retirement from teaching and surprise him by performing his symphony for him. The question of whether the "Mr. Holland's opus" of the title refers to the symphony itself or the sum of all the lives he has touched over his career is left as an exercise for the viewer.]]
* TheMuse: Mr. Holland is inspired by student Rowena Morgan (Jean Louisa Kelly) and begins writing music again.
* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Coltraine "Cole" Holland.
* NoEnding: None of the real issues are resolved at the end... [[SomeAnvilsNeedToBeDropped and that may be the point.]]
* OddCouple: Mr. Holland's closest friend ends up being the gym teacher Bill Meister.
** NotSoDifferent: Bill has his own serious artistic skills as well, being an excellent dancer and even having minored in it during college.
* OvershadowedByAwesome: Gertrude took her struggles with playing the clarinet so hard because her family were all over-achievers and she felt inadequate next to them.
** AllIsWellThatEndsWell -- [[spoiler:by the end of the movie she is governor of the state, complete with an ''entourage''.]]
* PreAssKickingOneLiner: Coach Meister to the badly marching Marching Band.
--> ''Meister:'' Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Coach Meister. Your marching buddy.
* PrecisionFStrike: Cole gives one to his father. Thanks to his relative unfamiliarity with ASL, it's a delayed PFS.
-->'''Glenn:''' What does this [''makes ASL sign''] mean?
-->'''Iris:''' It means "asshole".
* PresentDayPast: In the 1980 segment, Cole has a [[Music/{{Nirvana}} Kurt Cobain]] haircut, giving us a very clear reminder that the movie is from the mid-'90s.
* RealMenWearPink: The football coach minored in Modern Dance in college and choreographs the big dance number in the school musical. He also shrewdly uses it, because people will be expecting his football players, who he trains for the play, to be stumbling all over the stage and will come for the spectacle... but be blown away by the dancing.
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech:
** Principal Jacobs gives Holland a verbal beating when she notices how much he doesn't care about his work. Later Coach Meister gives one to him when Holland says he cannot teach Lou Russ, a willing eager student.
** At the end [[spoiler:because budget cuts are costing Mr. Holland his job, he gives one to now Principal Wolters]].
--->'''Glenn:''' [''looking at Helen's portrait''] Jacobs would have fought this.
--->'''Gene:''' She would have lost.
--->'''Glenn:''' Yes, she would have lost but ''she would have fought. And so will I!''
** Iris gives her husband one when he fails to attend Cole's science fair in favor of working. Cole's enraged speech to Holland (signed, and interpreted by Iris) could also be considered one of these.
* TheReveal: Iris realizes Cole is deaf when all the other kids at a parade jump at the fire truck siren while Cole remains in an undisturbed sleep.
* SecretRelationship: Between Glenn and Rowena. Played with in that it's ''not'' about YourCheatingHeart (though Rowena seems to want to). Rather, Glenn just wants a talented student to succeed at her art, shipping her off to New York to live with friends who will help her. Iris finds out who Rowena is, and harbors fears Glenn ''did'' cheat on her. Those issues are never resolved on-screen, however. (It's possible with some minor sleuthing, Iris will realize that Glenn had no interest in her sexually.)
* SteelEarDrums: Averted during the parade scene; see The Reveal above.
* TakeOurWordForIt: The "symphony" at the end of the film is okay, but really nothing to write home about -- but then if the composer really wrote something as wonderful as it was supposed to be, he would have published it on his own.
* {{Taps}}: Heard at [[spoiler: Russ' funeral]].
* TeacherStudentRomance: it's heavily implied that Rowena had something of a crush on Glenn, and he may have reciprocated somewhat (although he only ever kissed her goodbye on the cheek).
* TerribleIntervieweesMontage: The auditions for the musical are classic.
-->"We've been at this all day, and the only ingenue we seem to have is Todd Markham!"
** He then adds that he doubts Todd's parents will allow him to play a girl in the revue.
* TimePassesMontage: The episodes of the film are broken up by these. For example, the final one leading to 1995 shows students with TheNineties haircuts and even openly gay students holding hands on campus.
* ToTheTuneOf: It is pointed out that "A Lover's Concerto" by The Toys uses the sweet strains of Christian Petzold's "Minuet in G" stretched to four-quarter time.
* TookALevelInBadass: Creator/RogerEbert remarked that the band at the beginning started playing [[Music/LudwigVanBeethoven Beethoven's]] Eighth Symphony and you could barely recognize it. By the climax Mr. Holland had a band formed from his students that would rival any orchestra.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Rowena, Mr. Holland's extremely talented student singer, decides to more or less run away to New York to try and make it on Broadway. Though they share a touching farewell at the bus stop, she is never heard from again.
* WhenYouComingHomeDad: Thinking that deafness makes music useless to Cole, Glenn refuses to share its beauty with him, [[TheCobblersChildrenHaveNoShoes instead focusing on his hearing students]]. A teen-aged Cole calls him out on it. (First off, for Glenn thinking Cole had no idea who Music/JohnLennon was, and since this is the first time ''Cole'' heard Lennon died, he might have been just as upset.)
* WorldOfCardboardSpeech: Given ''to'' Holland by the adult Gertrude Lang, the first student he managed to inspire and [[spoiler:had become ''the state governor'']].