Also known as ''Hoppity Goes To Town'' or ''Bugville'', '''''Mr. Bug Goes to Town''''' is the second--and last--feature length animated film made by FleischerStudios, in [[TheGoldenAgeOfAnimation 1941]]. It is the sixth American animated feature film created and the second not made by [[DisneyAnimatedCanon Disney]].

The plot of the film is centered on Hoppity the grasshopper, who has returned to his home in [[BigApplesauce New York]], but discovers that his friends are in danger of losing their homes due to humans breaking down the fence that kept their homes safe from trampling feet and tossed cigars to use as a shortcut. The film is centered on this and Hoppity's romance with his childhood sweetheart, Honey. Oh, and the villain, C. Bagley Beetle, who has romantic interests in Honey himself, and hopes, with the help of his henchmen Swat the Fly and Smack the Mosquito, to force her father to give him her hand in marriage.

Being quickly made to pay for the overhead left over by the alleged underperformance of [[WesternAnimation/GulliversTravels their previous feature]], Mr. Bug is a very interesting experiment in feature film animation--the most notable part being that it was one of the first animated films to have an original story made for it, whereas almost everything else during the time had been based on some pre-existing story.

Learning from the mistakes ''Gulliver'' made trying to rip off the fairy tale atmosphere of Disney's ''Disney/SnowWhite'' and winding up as a cold, inferior imitation in the process, the Fleischers decided to take a more contemporary approach to this film, with its real world New York setting providing a believable, interesting backdrop for the events of the film. While there was still a treacly love story, the characters are still fairly interesting, and some generous slapstick is thrown in here and there to lighten the feeling of the film, obviously keeping one of the positive aspects of ''Gulliver''. The film also benefits from having a much more episodic structure than ''Gulliver''.

Unfortunately, the film had the misfortune of being released two days before Pearl Harbor—which, combined with lack of promotion from Paramount (who had no faith in the picture) caused the film to tank at the box office. While the Fleischers were ultimately ruined by Dave Fleischer's contract violating departure to Screen Gems cartoon outlet, this film could indirectly be considered a part of the Fleischers downfall.

On a side note, Disney has recently re-released this film on dvd--in Japan. [[http://www.cartoonbrew.com/classic/disney-releases-fleischers-mr-bug-in-japan.html Really.]]

The film was also given a dvd release in North America, this one coming from Legend Films[[note]]but only as distributors, which may explain this version's utter ''lack'' of the usual TLC Legend puts into the releases they remaster themselves[[/note]], who renamed it "Bugville" and replaced the original title card. Also of note, Creator/TurnerClassicMovies has once aired a restored print of this film, and did so again on October 21, 2012.

Creator/HarlanEllison cites this film and his repeatedly thwarted attempts to see it as a small child as one of the defining moments of his entire life.

!! Tropes in the film:
* AnimationBump: The whole film is pretty lavishly animated, just a few notches below what Disney was doing, but its still a '''vast''' improvement over the generally [[OffModel amatuerish animation]] of ''WesternAnimation/GulliversTravels''. The opening shots even use model sets, very similar to the ones used in their earlier work ''WesternAnimation/PopeyeTheSailorMeetsSindbadTheSailor''.
* AshFace: Hoppity after attempting to put out a fire with what turns out to be gasoline.
* AstronomicZoom: Used majestically in the opening sequence, going from a God's eye view of the Earth, the skyline of UsefulNotes/NewYork, all the way down to the inches high houses of the bugs.
* BigApplesauce: The film is set in New York City.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Late in the film, the recurring snail character Mr. Creeper does this to the audience.
* ButtMonkey: Bagley, when he's alone with Swat and Smack.
* ByWallThatIsHoley: Used by Bagley to survive a wheelbarrow wheel.
* CatchPhrase: "Gee, weeds!" for Hoppity and "Don't forget I told you so!" for Creeper.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Swat and, to a lesser extent, Smack.
* ConstructionIsAwesome: The entire sequence where the skyrise is being assembled.
* ConstructionZoneCalamity: When the lot where Bugsville is on becomes a construction site, the bugs have to scramble for safety up the skyscraper as it is being built.
* DastardlyWhiplash: C. Bagley Beetle is a staple [[UncleTomsCabin Simon Legree]]--esque villain.
* TheDeterminator: Hoppity.
* DigitalDestruction: The ''Bugville'' DVD is a lazy rush job of a release, marred with nasty digital compression that would make you think that it was a ''bootleg'' that you're watching! And it's the most recent official release!
* DisneyAcidSequence: Hoppity's little electric light show.
** A brief part where Hoppity is outside a piano player's window.
* DisneySchoolOfActingAndMime: Justified, as the film is still fairly deriative of Disney's influence.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: Hoppity goes through a ''lot'' of misery, as does the rest of the bugs, before they finally get their happy ending.
* FourFingeredHands
* {{Four Legged Insect}}s
* GrossUpCloseUp: An early scene of Bagley gives us one that gets a little too close to the camera for comfort, and lingers for quite a bit on screen.
* HeroWithBadPublicity: After his unfortunate fall from grace, Hoppity is this until near the end of the movie.
* HopeSpot: After spending some time climbing up the constructed skyscraper, the bugs finally reach the top, only to find a seemingly vacant building on top--but just before everybody walks out on Hoppity in disillusionment again, one of the bee scouts discovers that there is a man-made garden right beyond the horizon on the building.
* HumansAreBastards: Subverted; while Humans are a threat to the bugs, they aren't actively malicious--just ignorant of their existence.
* HumanlikeFootAnatomy
* {{Iron Buttmonkey}}s: Swat and Smack.
* MouseWorld
* NonMammalMammaries: Honey.
* PunnyName: Swat the Fly and Smack the Mosquito.
* RandomEventsPlot: The film is very episodic.
* {{Rotoscoping}}: Used to animate the humans.
* SceneryPorn: The film features absolutely splendid background art of New York.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: Swat and Smack.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity: Bagley.
* YouWouldntHitAGuyWithGlasses: Swat tells Mr. Beetle that he shouldn't hit him because he's wearing glasses (he does).