[[caption-width-right:300:[[TestosteroneBrigade For some reason]], guys like the film, too. (It's probably the {{Oasis}} ShoutOut.)]]

A 2010 comedy/romance film directed by Roger Michell, starring Creator/RachelMcAdams, Creator/HarrisonFord, Diane Keaton, Creator/JeffGoldblum, and Creator/PatrickWilson.

At the start of the film, Becky Fuller ([=McAdams=]) is fired from her job as the producer of a morning television talk show in New Jersey. She takes a pay cut to work for a different morning show called ''Daybreak''[[note]]Not to be confused with the similar British morning show of the same name and status at that time[[/note]] on the fictional IBS network in New York. ''Daybreak'' has terrible ratings and is headed for cancellation unless Becky, and the oddball employees that work for her, can make the program a success. She also ends up in a relationship with another producer (Wilson), but her workaholic attitude is constantly preventing her from having any sort of a normal life.

The main focus of the movie is Becky's relationship with one of her favorite news broadcasters (Ford), who has been forced to work on her cheery morning show even though he is accustomed to hard-hitting journalism. He begrudges the assignment and plays the part of the cranky old man who drives Becky up the wall with his antics and general grumpy attitude.

The film opened to positive reviews and moderate success.

Co-produced by Creator/JJAbrams, of all people. Not to be confused with the 1933 Creator/KatharineHepburn film of the same name.

!!This film contains examples of:
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking:
** Mike comes on the set and declares: "I've won eight Peabodies, a Pulitzer, sixteen Emmys, I was shot through the forearm in Bosnia, pulled Colin Powell from a burning jeep, laid a cool washcloth on Mother Teresa's forehead during a cholera epidemic, had lunch with Dick Cheney." Becky takes him down a peg by responding "You're here for the money."
** A variant is seen in how Adam describes Mike as the third worst person in the world. The other two are Kim Jong-Il... and Angela Lansbury. ("She knows what she did.")
* BewareTheNiceOnes: After weeks of tolerating Mike's boorish behavior, Becky finally lets loose with both barrels.
* BlitheSpirit: Becky, who refuses to crack under Mike's antics and attitude, or the warring co-stars.
* BrainlessBeauty: The airheaded Asian co-host won her job on the merits of her [[CastingCouch sleeping with Goldblum's boss character]].
* BrokenPedestal: Becky has idolized Mike all her life, so she's rather shocked to discover what a neurotic, pompous ass he is.
* ButtMonkey: Ernie the weatherman is placed into increasingly dangerous segments so the audience can howl with laughter as he screams. When Becky arranges for him to ride "The Manhandler" on live TV, Ernie spends most of the uphill climb commenting on the cumulous clouds, puzzling Mike. Then the roller coaster hits its first dip.
-->'''Ernie:''' Ooohhh '''''[[CurseCutShort FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--]]!!'''''
* TheCakeIsALie: Wily Mike dupes Becky into filming the Governor's arrest by pretending to cover the annual Sauerkraut Festival in upstate New York.
-->'''Becky:''' You [[ObviousTrap baited me with sauerkraut]]! That's so low.
* TheCameo:
** Curtis "[[Music/FiftyCent 50 Cent]]" Jackson, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.
** Mike interviews ex-Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice at the start of the film.
* CasualKink: The presiding anchor on ''Daybreak'' introduces himself to Becky by offering to photograph her feet for his privately-run website. Eeeegh.
* ChekhovsSkill: Mike's cookery talents.
* ChickFlick: It's really about Becky's life as a whole, and the romance is a minor part of the story but it's still mostly a "girls' night" sort of flick.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Becky is one of these (her first date in the film certainly thinks so), but it's charming.
* TheComicallySerious: In his first broadcast, Mike summons a thundercloud over Colleen's cheery repartee.
* CoolOldGuy: Creator/HarrisonFord really defines this trope in this movie.
* CueTheSun: Cleverly uses a sunrise shot to close the film - which is very apt as it is about a morning TV show - and watching protagonists walk into a sunrise is that much more interesting than seeing them ride off into the sunset.
* {{Deconstruction}}: The film is structured like a romantic comedy but the romcom tropes are played out through the development of the strictly platonic relationship between Becky and Mike (complete with a RaceForYourLove in the climax). The actual romance between Becky and Adam is a subplot that proceeds with minimal drama and is actually quite realistic in depicting how two professionals dedicated to their careers have to figure out how to make room for a relationship.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Diane Keaton's character, Colleen Peck, does this well.
* DeterminedExpression: Becky sports an epic one at times.
* TheDitz: A young woman who got her job by sleeping with the boss. "The Rock changed his name to Dwayne Johnson," seriously?
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: Becky is shown bumbilng around the studio like a classic clumsy romcom protagonist. Then she shows that she isn't fazed at all by the high-pressure work environment and deals with a half-dozen crises in short order before calmly and firmly firing the creepy anchor.
* FamilyVersusCareer: Or romance versus career. For once, both male and female characters are shown to be struggling with this, though it's not the main focus of the story.
* FatSuit: Colleen takes a turn at sumo wrestling in one of these.
* GrumpyOldMan: Mike Pomeroy.
-->"You're in the News Department, you cretin! News is a sacred temple. And ''you'' are part of the cabal that's '''ruining it with horseshit'''!!"
* HookedUpAfterwards: Mike and Colleen, of all people. FoeYay perhaps?
* InformedJudaism: One of Becky's colleagues, which makes for a funny moment when he gets nervous enough before a dubious emission to cross himself.
--> '''Becky''': Okay ... the Jewish guy's crossing himself ... so we're confident, right?
%% * IronicEcho: "Fluffy".
%% * JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Mike.
* LetsGetDangerous: Any time Becky puts on a DeterminedExpression, you're in for some serious fireworks.
* LoopholeAbuse: While pouring over Mike's contract, Becky discovers that he ''cannot'' refuse an anchor position if the network (i.e. herself) offers to re-hire him.
%% * MarriedToTheJob: Becky.
* MeanBoss:
** Who knew Creator/JeffGoldblum could play such a prick?
** Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford's character) used to call his assistant "Senor Dipshit". The assistant (Becky's boyfriend) retaliates by telling everyone that Mike is "the third worst person in the world".
* MeaningfulEcho: A blizzard of them during the climatic scene with Mike in the studio kitchen. In a gesture to Becky, he turns to the camera and proclaims the eggs "fluffy" -- the adjective he refused to say on TV earlier. He ends the segment with a teaser for his doughnut recipe next week; He had earlier described Becky and her ilk to peddling nothing but "sugar" to the public.
%% * MisplacedNamesPoster
* NerdsAreSexy: Becky is a news junkie and a spaz...who's played by Rachel [=McAdams=].
* NewscasterCameo: Becky catches Mike going on a bender with Chris Matthews, Bob Schieffer, and [[Series/SixtyMinutes Morley Safer]] in a bar.
* TheNotLoveInterest: Becky and Mike, complete with a ThirdActMisunderstanding and a touching RaceForYourLove moment at the end.
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Becky and Mike have a "not what it sounds like" moment the morning after she pulled him out of a bar and guarded him all night to make sure he wasn't too drunk to appear on ''Daybreak''.
--> '''Mike''': She spent the night at my place.
--> ''(Everybody stares)''
--> '''Becky''': Guys, c'mon! I slept on the couch.
--> '''Mike''': Until I woke her up with my ... African rain stick.
--> ''(Everybody giggles)''
* ObliviousToLove: Becky, who lampshades this cheerfully when explaining to her suitor why she ran out on their previous date.
* PrecisionFStrike: Colleen, after telling Becky how sorry she is that Mike Pomeroy turned down the co-anchor job and how she would have welcomed him with open arms, sees the man himself walk into the studio and welcomes him with one of these.
* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: Colleen performs "Candy Shop" with 50 Cent.
* RaceForYourLove: The climax parodies this trope by Mike making a declaration of love through the TV by willingly participating in a cooking segment and saying the word "fluffy" on camera. Becky then joyfully runs across New York (in slow motion, no less) to get back to IBS to share a caring smile with Mike as he completes the segment and promises to do a donut demo the next day.
* RealMenCook: Mike is shown to be a skilled cook and waxes poetical about frittata.
* RecycledInSpace: ''Film/TheSunshineBoys'' turned into a film revolving around veteran anchormen.
* RunningGag:
** Becky isn't strong enough to open double doors, and has to put all of her weight into it every time.
** The studio's door knobs constantly come apart in Becky's hands.
** "No, I'm not going to sing!"
* SlapSlapKiss: The ending shows Mike and Colleen patching up their differences -- with an impromptu shagging in the dressing room.
* SmashCut:
-->'''Becky:''' Do you have any preexisting conditions?
-->'''Colleen:''' Are you kidding? Look at me. I'm a rock!
-->''[cut to Colleen getting pummeled by a sumo wrestler]''
* SmokingIsCool: Mike lights up a cigar after throwing the Governor to the wolves.
* {{Squee}}: Becky has a particularly loud one after getting the job at Daybreak, scaring off a flock of pigeons and gaining the attention of everyone in the courtyard.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Co-hosts Mike and Colleen, who hate each other but have to pretend to be civil in front of the camera... until it turns out that incivility actually ups the ratings. Hello, not so veiled barbs!
* ThisIsMyChair: Mike and Colleen can't agree over who gets to sign off. And it just goes downhill from there.
* ThisJustIn: Mike's surprise exposé, calculated to show up his bosses and remind the world that he's a great reporter. He interrupts Colleen's broadcast to film the arrest of the Governor on fraud charges.
* TooKinkyToTorture: Non-sexual variant: When Becky starts putting her colleagues through more and more crazy stunts to boost the ratings (rollercoasters, parachutes etc.) one of them is surprised to find he enjoys it. (Colleen dismisses this by claiming he's a shameless hack).
* VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory: The plot calls to mind Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric's vitriolic relationship on ''The Today Show'' in TheNineties. Mike makes snide references to Colleen's getting a pap smear on live TV; this is a jibe at Couric televising her own colonoscopy.
* VolleyingInsults: Becky encourages Mike and Colleen's venomous exchanges in order to drive up ratings.