''Morituri'' is a 1965 black and white film, set in [=WW2=] and starring Marlon Brando. It panned in theaters, mostly because moviegoers didn't understand the title (for those who skipped Latin, it means 'those about to die').

We start in Japan, 1942, where a German naval officer, Kruse, is protesting his assignment as First Officer instead of Captain of a freighter carrying vital supplies to the war effort in Bordeaux. The Admiral Wendel takes the opportunity to snark at him, mentions that he's not going to enjoy his posting on a submarine, and reminds him that orders are orders, no matter your rank.

Enter Captain Mueller, who is not at all pleased that he's expected to have several felons in his crew, and not afraid to let the admiral know of his displeasure. However, he doesn't have a leg to stand on, since his last ship had been torpedoed while he was drunk, and his reputation affects that of his son's, who is also a captain. The roster stays as it is.

Cut to British-held India, where a Colonel Statter is blackmailing a Mr Schroeder, whom British Intelligence knows is a deserter from the German military. If Schroeder facilitates the capture of the freighter leaving Japan, he will be left alone to live as he chooses. If he refuses, British and German forces will have an exchange of hostages, which would place Schroeder in the hands of the Gestapo. Schroeder relents. He will pose as an SS Standard Leader named Hans Kyle, disable the scuttling charges on the ship, and be picked up by American forces when all is said and done.

Naturally, things don't go as planned.
!!Provides examples of:

* MeaningfulName: Morituri; it means "Those about to die." Kyle's job could well end up being a suicide mission.
* OfficerAndAGentleman: Captain Mueller is just about the only officer to treat Eshka with any dignity, and treats his subordinates with respect.