[[caption-width-right:325:Our heroes try not to become human roadkill.]]
'''''Monster Man''''' is a horror comedy film from the year 2003. It was directed by the same guy who brought us ''Film/ShootEmUp''.

It centers on two pals: Adam, a meek nice guy, and Harley, a horny guy who is constantly mouthing off. They are driving to Adam's ex-girlfriend's wedding on the roads of DeepSouth. Along the way they become a target for a stitched-up monster-for-a-man and his monster truck. As Adam and Harley try to shake him off their tail, they pick up a hitchhiking hottie, Sarah, who quickly regrets getting involved with these two.

Not to be confused by the {{Syfy}} reality series Monster Man.

!!These tropes became roadkill:

* AntagonistTitle
* AnArmAndALeg: Almost everyone in the area terrorized by the Monster Man is missing a limb.
* AwesomeButImpractical: The self-built monster truck used in the film couldn't go very fast (30 miles per hour at best), overheated very quickly, ran on expensive ''rocket fuel'' and had no steering wheel. But it sure looks cool!
%%* BaldOfEvil: Brother Fred.
%%* BigDamnHeroes: Harley near the end.
%%* BlueOniRedOni: Adam and Harley.
* BondOneLiner: "Drop dead, Fred!"
* CarFu: Monster Man is shown killing a guy with his truck.
* ChekhovsGun: Adam's pencil and sharpener.
* CoolCar: Monster Man's monster truck. Averted behind the scenes.
* CouldntFindAPen: Monster Man leaves a message on our heroes' car that "they're next".
* DangerTakesABackSeat:
** Harley scares Adam by hiding in his car's backseat and attacking Adam wearing a WhiteMaskOfDoom.
** Subverted again later when the guys mistake Sarah, who's crashing in Adam's car, for Monster Man.
* DisgustingPublicToilet: Adam has to visit one which is filled with flies, BathroomStallGraffiti and other nastiness.
* TheEndOrIsIt: Brothers Bob and Fred are still alive (but not well) in the end. And the whole thing is lampshaded by Brother Fred being ''very'' unhappy with the situation.
-->'''Fred:''' "'The End'? This can't be The End! I'm still alive!"
* TheFamilyThatSlaysTogether: Monster Man's family.
* FlippingTheBird:
** Harley flips off Monster Man when he starts tailgating them with his monster truck.
** Fred also flips off Adam when Adam tried to kill him.
%%* {{Gorn}}: Quite a bit.
* GroinAttack: Sarah nutkicks the guy in the diner who tries to force her to "dance" with him.
%%* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe: Brother Fred near the end.
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:Adam and Harley use Monster Man's own monster truck against him.]]
* HollywoodSatanism: Monster Man's house is filled with pentagrams and other satanic symbols.
%%* HotWitch: [[spoiler:Sister Sarah.]]
* HumanSacrifice: Sacrifices are needed to keep Fred alive.
%%* KnifeNut: Monster Man.
* MixAndMatchMan: The reason why Brother Bob is killing and amputating people is because he needs bodyparts to patch up his resurrected brother Fred.
* MyCarHatesMe: Justified; Adam and Harley are out of gas.
* MyGirlIsNotASlut: Adam punched Harley in the past for calling his then-girlfriend, Betty-Ann, a slut.
* OffscreenTeleportation: Monster Man does this when he chases Adam and Harley on foot.
* PeekABooCorpse: The corpse that Monster Man puts into Adam's car at one point.
* ThePenIsMightier: Adam uses his [[ChekhovsGun trusty pen]] to poke Monster Man's [[EyeScream eyes out]].
* TheReveal: [[spoiler:Sarah is Monster Man's sister.]]
%%* SayMyName
* ScaryScarecrows: The GhostTown near Monster Man's farm is filled with these.
* TheSecretOfLongPorkPies: One gas station which our heroes visit serves human meat in its chili.
%%* ShovelStrike
* ShoutOut: To ''TabletopGame/{{Clue}}'' when our protagonists hear screaming outside their motel:
-->'''Adam''': What was that?
-->'''Harley''': It definitely wasn't Colonel Mustard in the study with a candlestick, I'll tell you that!
%%* SlashedThroat
%%* TalkingInYourSleep: Harley talks in his sleep.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: [[spoiler:After getting behind the wheel of Bob's monster truck, Adam drives over him ''throughout the night'' until he is SquashedFlat. And that doesn't even kill him!]]
%%* TheUndead: Both Brother Fred and Bob.
* UnusualEuphemism: Harley and Adam have a conversation on what ''Film/CitizenKane'''s "Rosebud" ''really'' meant (it was the nickname for the genitals of William Randolph Hearst's favourite prostitute).
* VillainOpeningScene: The film opens with Monster Man killing some guy with a vise.
%%* VillainousIncest
* WimpFight: Adam's and Harley's brief fight after their first encounter with Monster Man.
%%* ZombieGait: Monster Man walks like this.