Creator/WoodyAllen wrote, directed and starred in this 1995 comedy.

When he discovers his adopted son is a [[ChildProdigy genius]], a New York sportswriter (played by Allen) seeks out the boy's birth mother: a prostitute (Mira Sorvino, who won the UsefulNotes/AcademyAward for her role).

!! This film provides examples of:
* AuthorAvatar: Woody Allen as Lenny, a neurotic Jewish man, as with all of his roles.
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: [[spoiler: The film broadly hints Lenny and Amanda are going to split and end up with new partners. They end up admitting, yes, they really do love each other and remain married.]]
* BetterAsFriends: Lenny and the "film" star/prostitute Linda, [[IHaveManyNames She goes by many names]].
* BiggerIsBetterInBed: The first thing Linda asks Lenny about Kevin is if he has a big dick.
%%* BlackComedy
* BrainlessBeauty: Linda, the DumbBlonde prostitute is played by the shapely Mira Sorvino.
* TheCassandra:
-->'''Lenny:''' Oh for God's sake, you're such a Cassandra!\\
'''Cassandra:''' I am not "such a Cassandra". I '''am''' Cassandra!
* TheDitz: The prostitute and the her DistaffCounterpart that Lenny set her up with, an onion farmer.
* DotingParent: Lenny often boasts about his son's intelligence, wondering why the Mother isn't like him.
* GreekChorus: Comments on Lenny's situation.
* HappyEnding: A WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue montage to the song "When You're Smiling".
* HistoricalInJoke: Many, such as a FunnyBackgroundEvent of Oedipus wandering around with his hands outstretched, bumping into things.
-->'''Chorus:''' Look, here's a man who killed his father and slept with his mother.\\
'''Jocasta:''' I hate to tell you what they call my son in Harlem.
* InteractiveNarrator: Lenny converses with the GreekChorus leader (F. Murray Abraham).
* {{Irony}}: [[spoiler: Linda has Lenny's child and Lenny doesn't know. Lenny has Linda's child, and Linda doesn't know.]]
* KavorkaMan: Lenny, because he was with Linda and Amanda.
* MagicRealism: Loads of it. For example, it's foretold Lenny would receive bad news from the blind seer Tiresias at The Acropolis. Tiresias, a blind homeless guy played by Jack Warden, in front of a Greek restaurant called Acropolis.
* MeaningfulName: Linda means "pretty" in Spanish. Linda points this out to Lenny.
* NoSocialSkills: Linda gleefully and with no intentional malice calls Lenny a loser, which is the reason she's attracted to him (for some reason), not the only inappropriate remark.
-->'''Linda:''' ''(showing Lenny an antique watch)'' See, as the mainspring goes back and forth, the bishop keeps fucking her in the ass!
* PenName: Lenny's film star interest has many humourous ones: [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Leslie Wright, Leslie Wales, Leslie St James, Linda Ash, and Judy Cum.]]
-->'''Lenny:''' ... '''''Judy Cum'''''?!
* WouldHitAGirl: The onion farmer/boxer, much to his deep regret.