Directed by Ringo Lam, ''Maximum Risk'' is a 1996 action film starring Creator/JeanClaudeVanDamme and Creator/NatashaHenstridge.


* BackupTwin: The film starts with Alain learning that he had a twin, and starts investigating his death.
* ElevatorActionSequence: A nicely vicious one. The confined space really does not lend itself to Mr Van Damme's usual fighting style.
* FruitCart: This counts, at least as a play on the trope: Jean-Claude Van Damme is in a chase scene where he's driving a fruit cart. It is, of course, destroyed at the end.
* TheMafiya: The main antagonists.
* SeparatedAtBirth: One of the twins dies before the start of the movie but not before finding out all about his long lost brother, and forcing the brother to pose as him to uncover who killed him.
%%* SexyDiscretionShot
* SlaughterhouseFight: Alain finds himself in such situation, as he is chased by a [[ChainsawGood chainsaw wielding]] bad guy.