[[caption-width-right:270:''"Remember when you were a kid and you'd hold your breath when you run past a graveyard?"'']]
->''"The Devil is building his army. Max Payne is looking for something that God wants to stay hidden. That is what makes him more dangerous."''

''Max Payne'' is a FilmNoir action film from the year 2008. (Somewhat loosely) based on the video game series of [[VideoGame/MaxPayne same name]], it was directed by John Moore[[note]](who also did ''Film/BehindEnemyLines'', ''Film/TheFlightOfThePhoenix2004'', ''Film/TheOmen2006'', and ''Film/AGoodDayToDieHard'')[[/note]] and it stars Creator/MarkWahlberg, Creator/MilaKunis and Ludacris.

Unlike the game, in this adaptation the framed fugitive undercover detective Max Payne is a cold case detective, who is obsessed with finding the killer of his wife and child. His personal investigations get him involved in the killing of Natasha Sax and his fellow detective Alex Balder by the ex-marine Jack Lupino. Natasha's sister Mona, convinced that Max is the perpetrator, sets her sights on him. After the things clear up between them, they form an alliance to solve Natasha's murder and its link to the designer drug Valkyr which has been flooding the streets.

!!The film provides the examples of:

* AboveTheInfluence: Natasha Sax (played by Creator/OlgaKurylenko, a former [[Film/QuantumOfSolace Bond girl]]) more or less throws herself at Max. Max is...less than interested.
* ActionGirl: Mona Sax in the Unrated Version has her kicking more ass.
* AdaptationInducedPlotHole: In the games, Valkyr is taken via injection, hence the commonly seen "V" graffiti tags which feature a syringe. In the film the drug is taken orally, yet V tags identical to those in the game are seen several times.
* AscendedExtra: [[spoiler: B.B.]] is upgraded from being a minor character and just another boss enemy in the game (albeit the last one you fight in a straight fight), to being the main antagonist of the film, with Nicole Horne being moved to a more hand-off, GreaterScopeVillain role.
* AxCrazy: The people who can take Valkyr without succumbing to the hallucinations, like Lupino and [[spoiler:later Max]].
* BaldOfEvil: Lupino.
* BigBad: Lupino, natch. Later, [[spoiler:B.B.]] though you should know this by now.
* BigBadFriend: [[spoiler: B.B. Hensley]]
* TheBigRottenApple: New York city is a cold and an unpleasant place in this film.
* BottledHeroicResolve: Max uses the Valkyr to this effect after his dip into the waters of New York harbor.
* BulletTime: Appears only twice in the film, despite it being the main selling point in the games.
* TheCameo: James [=McCaffrey=], who voiced Max in the games, appears as an FBI agent.
* CarCushion: One Valkyr victim jumps from his window and lands on a car.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: [[spoiler:B.B. and Nicole Horne]].
* DirtyCop: Aesir corporation has an access on a squad of them.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: [[spoiler: Lupino is ''not'' the BigBad.]] [[ItWasHisSled But anyone who's played the game should already know that]].
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: Over half of the movie is spent building up a major climax between Max and [[spoiler: Lupino]], but when Max finally runs into him, [[spoiler:Lupino is unceremoniously shot in the back.]]
* GunsAkimbo: Max, while under the effects of Valkyr, mows down mooks with two guns.
%%* ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy: Aplenty.
* ItIsNotYourTime: Max sees a vision of his wife telling him, "Not yet, Max." just after [[spoiler:he's killed B.B., and just before he's arrested.]]
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler: Nicole Horne, though the stinger suggests otherwise.]]
* KnifeNut: Lupino prefers to kills his victims with a big knife.
* LetsYouAndHimFight: Max and Mona briefly before forming an alliance together.
* MeaningfulName: Max Payne = maximum pain.
* NeverTrustATrailer: The trailers focused on brief moments of CGI hallucinations and misleading snippets of dialogue to make it seem like the film has a supernatural edge a la ''Film/{{Constantine}}'', which would have been a literal extension of the first game's Norse mythology themes.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain:
** Thank you, [[spoiler: B.B., [[GenreBlindness for talking too much]] and putting Valkyr in Max's jacket pocket. Had it not been for you, Max would've died on the docks from hypothermia.]]
** [[spoiler:This also goes for an even earlier moment when he saves Max in Lupino's lair.]].
* PistolWhipping: Max beats Colvin with his pistol to get info out of him,
* ProtagonistTitle
* PsychoSerum: Valkyr has this effect on some inviduals [[spoiler:since it was supposed to enchance soldiers' prowess in the battlefield]]. Others just get high and some get horrifying hallucinations.
* RaceLift: Caucasian Deputy Chief Jim Bravura from the games is turned into African-American Internal Affairs Lieutenant played by Ludacris.
* TheStinger: [[spoiler:After the end credits, a scene plays where Mona Sax approaches Max in a bar and hands him a picture of Horne, [[SequelHook suggesting that they are going after her next]].]]
* SignsOfDisrepair: Lupino is shown at one point standing on the roof of a building with a broken neon sign for "'''Rag'''la'''n a'''nd B'''rock'''", which is [[MythologyGag a reference]] to the Ragnarock club from the game.
%%* SuperWindowJump
* TelepathicSprinklers: Payne shoots a sprinkler with a pistol and they all go off.
* VillainousRescue: [[spoiler: Just when Lupino is about to kill Max, B.B. shows up out of nowhere and shoots him in the back.]]
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Lupino, who doesn't seem to mind the coldness of the winter around him. Even in the middle of a snowstorm when he's ''sweating.''
* TheWarOnTerror: The reason why the Valkyr was developed in the first place.