->''This *is* my happy face!''
--> -- '''Roland Sharp'''

''Man of the House'' is an action/comedy about a group of cheerleaders and a group of Texas Rangers. The girls witness a crime, and to protect them from the criminals, they are put under protective guard by a gruff ranger named Roland Sharp, played by TommyLeeJones. {{Hilarity Ensues}}.

[[NamesTheSame Not to be confused]] with the 1995 family comedy/drama ''Man of the House'', starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Chevy Chase.

!!Tropes used:
* BadassAdorable: [[spoiler: The girls by the end]]
* BareYourMidriff: Naval visibility must be maintained.
* BreakingtheFourthWall: After starting up the new air conditioner, a blink and miss by Mr. Sharp.
* BetaCouple: Contemplating the vastness of the universe.
* BrickJoke: Jimmy, [[spoiler: who moves out.]]
* TheComicallySerious: You have to ask?
* CurbStompBattle: The five girls want to go to party. Sharp thinks they will not. Then they go to party, where we see another, much more traditional {{Curb Stomp Battle}}.
* DeadpanSnarker: Sharp needs only one witness. But Evie has her moments too.
* DecemberDecemberRomance: Not so December, but compared to the girls, it looks like that.
* DumbBlonde: [[spoiler: Barb]] starts like one, but it's averted by the end.
* EarpieceConversation: The date with Molly.
* FanService: What do we expect from five cheerleaders?
* MayDecemberRomance: Attempted by [[spoiler: Barb]].
* PapaWolf: Sharp. ''Specially'' when [[spoiler: one of the girls is almost killed]], and then [[spoiler: his actual daughter is kidnapped...]]
* RealMenCook: After Sharp voices his dislike against the clothes, the underwear, the music, everything the girls do, nobody bats an eye when he cooks up a nice dinner.
* ReformedCriminal: And he became a priest! [[spoiler: But kept some bad friends.]]
* TamponRun: With some help.