->''"If you kill a whale, you get Greenpeace and Jacques Cousteau on your back. But wipe out sardines and you get a canning subsidy."''

A Belgian 1992 BlackComedy {{Mockumentary}} directed by and starring Benoît Poelvoorde, Rémy Belvaux and André Bonzel, following a SerialKiller as he goes about his business.

The original title is ''C'est arrivé près de chez vous'', which literally translates to ''It Happened in Your Neighborhood''.

The film was made on a shoe-string budget and therefore made as cheaply as possible. Everything was filmed in black-and-white and the three directors are also the three main actors. Supporting actors are friends and family members, which only adds to the realism. Despite its financial limitations it became a powerful, sometimes funny, often disturbing satire on television's obsession with real-life violence. The film also became a CultClassic outside Belgium.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AccidentalMurder: During a shoot-out, Benoit kills the sound man by accident.
* AffablyEvil: Benoit is thoroughly charming and murderous, bordering on AxCrazy. He is very nice to the film crew following him, inviting them to restaurants and helping them finance the movie just after he murders random people.
* AxCrazy: Benoit is completely unpredictable. At his birthday party he's ecstatic about trying his presents... and shoots one of the attendees in the head without warning. He then continues enjoying the party like if nothing happened.
* BlackComedy
* BlackIsBiggerInBed: After he kills the black night watchman, Benoit decides to check if "that legend" is true. Apparently, it is.
* BloodyHilarious
* ContemplateOurNavels: Benoit enjoys philosophizing about life, even though it's usually a lot of baloney.
* CrapsackWorld: A documentary crew following a serial killer while he commits his crimes? What have we become?
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Possibly as a result of the low budget the directors/producers/actors were working with.
* DownerEnding: Let's not spoil it.
* FoundFootageFilms: Implied by the ending.
* FrightDeathtrap: Benoit and the filmmakers interview an old lady in her living room when Benoit suddenly shoves his gun to her face and SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS to scare her to death. [[BlackComedy Which saves him a bullet.]]
* FromBadToWorse
* KickTheDog: It happens a lot. Right down to the movie's title.
* LeaveTheCameraRunning: At all times the crew keeps filming, even when things get ugly...
* {{Mockumentary}}
* NobodyCallsMeChicken: After he makes his "If you kill a whale" speech, Benoit gets angry when André mentions that he's just scared of going after the big fish, and decides to rob a rich house just to show him.
* OneHitKO: When he tries boxing, Benoit is beaten with one punch. "He hasn't been working out regularly" indeed.
* PeerPressureMakesYouEvil: Despite every crime Benoit commits the film crew keeps coming back to him and are even invited to join in, which they do without batting an eye.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Benoit regularly makes derogatory comments about blacks, Asians, homosexuals...
-->''"A black night watchman! What a dirty trick! So you can't see him! Who'd ever sink so low? Poor kid, born under the sun! I bet he grew up under the baobabs, and here he is on a work site."''
-->''"Let's go sink this Mubutu. But I'm warning you, I won't touch him. AIDS, Remy... AIDS. Green monkeys."''
-->''"At least he had no dogs, usually they have a pack of curs. I hate them. Blacks have a way with animals, you know. That's a fact. They know how to talk to them."''
* PragmaticVillainy: Benoit doesn't like to kill children or rich people, and doesn't do kidnappings -- not because he has some sort of standard, but because they bring too much attention (and, in the case of children, aren't "bankable").
* ProfessionalKiller: Benoit enjoys sharing his experience with the crew and the audience. It's implied that Benoit makes some of his income this way, although he prefers to get money by ransacking his victims' homes.
** Consequences are incurred when one of his victims turns out to be from a Mob family, who start sending other {{Professional Killer}}s after Ben.
* ReminiscingAboutYourVictims: Since it's a documentary, Benoit feels inclined to do so.
* RunningGag: Members of the camera crew keep getting shot and accidentally killed.
* SerialKiller: Benoit.
* SanitySlippage: Rémy starts losing it after the death of the first crewmember, and it's all downhill from there.
* {{Satire}}
* SnuffFilm: InUniverse. If this film were real it would certainly qualify as one...
* TheyLookJustLikeEveryoneElse
* VillainProtagonist
* WickedCultured: Benoit has pretensions of this; he speaks knowledgeably on such subjects as architecture and classical music, and what he lacks in actual knowledge he makes up in enthusiasm.
* WouldHurtAChild: Benoit doesn't like infanticide, but it's because there's no money to be made with them. When he has to kill one who witnessed his parents' murder, Benoit does it without hesitation and mentions it being the second or third child he's killed in five years.
* YouBastard: You're voluntarily watching a film about a man going around murdering people. What kind of monster does that make you?