''Los Cronocrímenes'' (English: ''Timecrimes'') is a 2007 Spanish science fiction film, written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, and starring Karra Elejalde, Bárbara Goenaga and Jon Iciarte.

Hector is moving into a new house. While his wife, Clara, is out buying dinner, Hector sees something in the woods behind the house and goes to investigate. He finds an unconscious, naked woman, and is then attacked by a faceless man in a black coat. Fleeing further into the woods, Hector takes refuge in a seemingly-empty laboratory, and meets the one technician remaining on the premises after-hours. The technician convinces Hector to hide in a machine--as suggested by the film's title, this device turns out to be a TimeMachine that sends Hector an hour into the past.

Then, [[FromBadToWorse it gets worse]].
!!This film provides examples of:
* BandagedFace: The mysterious masked man, as seen in the poster, has his face covered in pink bandages. [[spoiler:It's Hector 2, who suffered a head wound during a car accident, and used the bloodstained bandages for his head.]]
* BrickJoke: After finding out [[spoiler: the man in bandages is the future protagonist]], several key plot points are revealed to be either due to luck, chance or the stupidity of the characters; [[spoiler: Hector 2's looking back at Hector 1 is guessed, and only happens because of repeated attempts and luck; the young girl's involvement is entirely due to her kindness and chance; Hector 2's stupidity causes him to mistake the girl for his wife and accidentally kill her, which is revealed to be crucial to closing the time loop.]]
* FutureMeScaresMe: Or, more precisely, Future Me [[spoiler:stabs Present Me in the arm with scissors]], and [[spoiler:chases Present Me around a forest]], causing Present Me to [[spoiler:end up in the time machine in the first instance]].
* GenreBlind: Hector is clearly unfamiliar with even the concept of time travel, and seems to regard his past self as a completely separate person. He gets smarter pretty quickly though.
* IdiotBall: Hector is holding one for much of the movie, but it reaches a peak when [[spoiler: Hector 2, rather than laying low and waiting for Hector 1 to enter the lab, pursues the girl into his house. While Hector 2's prior actions were questionable, most of them were attempts to make events play out as they had before, closing the StableTimeLoop. Not so when he goes back to his house--he has no reason to think that he did this action in the previous loop, and no idea what the consequences will be.]] As it turns out, the time loop does remain closed, but only because of his own stupidity.
* TheLawOfConservationOfDetail: Adhered to thoroughly.
* MaleGaze: played with; used as a MacGuffin.
* MinimalistCast: The cast consists of Hector, Clara, the bandaged man [[spoiler:(who is Hector)]], the girl on the road, the man who runs Hector off of the road [[spoiler:(who is also Hector)]], and the technician.
* MoodWhiplash: [[spoiler:The final scene is very bleak. Then the credits roll, with Blondie's "Picture This" playing over them.]]
* MyFutureSelfAndMe
* NowWhat: It is indeed very interesting what Hector is going to [[spoiler: say to the police arriving during the very last scene regarding the presence of the dead body and his extremely bruised face. Not that he seemed to care much by then, anyway.]]
* OnceMoreWithClarity: Observing the girl stripping nude is quite surprising to the audience (as well as to the hero) at first. The scene starts to make ([[TemporalParadox some]]) sense only later, when we switch the perspective and get the bigger picture.
* TheReveal: A few of them.
* StableTimeLoop
* TemporalParadox: Of the "ontological paradox" variety. [[spoiler: The whole film. Essentially, Hector 3 is the one who gets the whole thing started, but Hector 1 has to have gone back in time to make a Hector 3 in the first place.]]
* TrickedOutTime: What Hector probably thinks he's doing. [[YouAlreadyChangedThePast In reality, though...]]
* WhamLine: [[spoiler: "You weren't the first to leave the machine."]]
* YouAlreadyChangedThePast: The central premise.