''Lord Love a Duck'' is a 1966 BlackComedy starring Creator/TuesdayWeld and Creator/RoddyMcDowall and directed by George Axelrod.

The plot revolves around the attempts of teenager Alan Musgrave to win the heart of Barbara Anne Green by granting her every wish. The film satirizes various elements of the pop culture (particularly "teen" movies) of its day.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AutoErotica: high-schooler Roddy [=McDowall=] takes new friend Tuesday Weld to the local make-out spot - with the express purpose of loudly disrupting the necking couples.
* DivorceRequiresDeath:
-->'''Stella Bernard''': In our family we don't divorce our men; we ''bury'' 'em!
* FashionShopFashionShow: See below.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Alan (Roddy [=McDowall=]) is loudly disrupting couples at Lover's Lane, and angers a huge muscleman. Alan affects an old-timey 'fisticuffs' position, muscleman gleefully goes in for the kill, and Alan beats the stuffings out of him.
* SweaterGirl: Barbara Ann (Tuesday Weld) wants sweaters so that she'll fit in with the 'in' crowd, and goes shopping for them with her father. The scene with her trying on the sweaters in front of him is [[FreudWasRight rather disturbing.]]