[[caption-width-right:301:The last concert Music/TheBeatles ever held, right here.]]

->''"I'd like to say 'Thank you' on behalf of the group and ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition!"''

The last film Music/TheBeatles made before their break-up. It is a {{Documentary}}[=/=]{{Rockumentary}} that covers what was supposed to be the making of an album and the concert that followed. This didn't work out well because different Beatles had different ideas about what should be done with the project and how it should be done. The personal relationships between the members of the band were also decaying quite rapidly at the time, which the movie quite bluntly reveals; several scenes involve the members of the band arguing and sniping pettily with each other. The concert ended up being held on the rooftop of the building of Apple Corps.

This film was released about a year later than planned; it took that long for there to be any consensus about what the accompanying album would be like. Unfortunately, it was an incomplete consensus; while JohnLennon and GeorgeHarrison were happy with it, [[PaulMcCartney Paul McCartney]] wasn't even aware of the finishing touches until they were a ''fait accompli.'' This led to a chain of events that led to the film being released in May 1970--and ''after'' Paul had issued a press release saying he was leaving the band indefinitely. Instant HarsherInHindsight, since this film already depicted stressful relations between the Beatles.
* ConcertFilm
* {{Documentary}}
* EvolvingMusic: We see the band running through a hard rock version of "Two of Us" during the Twickenham sessions. When they play the finished version in the studio, it is a mellow acoustic pop song.
* FinaglesLaw: there were many disasters in the making of this film--many of them filmed.
* PerformanceVideo: Most of the movie, with the first portion being The Beatles rehearsing their new material and the latter portion being them playing the finished songs live. A careful viewer will notice that the finished products are mostly [=McCartney=] songs. George could not get the others to give his material equal attention, even while he was bringing gems like "All Things Must Pass" into the studio, and Lennon was at an all-time creative ebb.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: Whatever had been originally intended to be filmed, it probably wasn't what got filmed.
* RooftopConcert: TropeCodifier. What most people don't remember is that the Apple rooftop performance only came after the band tried and failed to agree on anywhere else to play the planned live show--a North African ampitheatre, a cruise ship, the Royal Albert Hall, etc. After failing to come up with anything better they simply went to the top of their own building. And they still managed an iconic, much imitated rock music moment.
* ASimplePlan: The Beatles had already tried to get out of their obligation for a fourth movie with WesternAnimation/YellowSubmarine. Failing that, this was probably seen as the next easiest thing to do.
* WagTheDirector -- Paul attempts this, unsuccessfully.