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!!''Legend of the Eight Samurai'' provides examples of:

* ActionGirl: Shizu-hime
* BloodBath: Tamazusa bathes in blood to rejuvenate herself.
* {{Crossdresser}}: Keno is a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiraby%C5%8Dshi Shirabyoshi]]. Shizu-hime pulls a SweetPollyOliver while on the run from Tamazusa's thugs.
* HeyItsThatGuy: Sonny Chiba (Dosetsu) is practically a [[StreetFighter martial-arts]] [[Film/KillBill film industry]] unto himself. His protege Hiroyuki "Henry" Sanada (Shinbei) is a [[TheTwilightSamurai prolific]] [[TheLastSamurai actor]] [[RushHour as]] [[Series/{{Lost}} well]].
* LadyOfWar: Keno
* TheOjou: Shizu
* VainSorceress: Tamazusa