[[caption-width-right:285:I NEED GOPHER CHUCKS!]]

->''"Betty has gone too far. Killing is wrong. And bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing. Like... badwrong. Or... badong. Yes. Killing is badong. From this moment, I will stand for the opposite of killing: Gnodab."''
-->-- '''TheChosenOne'''

An [[BigBad evil man]] kills an entire family to get at a baby that is destined to become the ChosenOne. The baby escapes, [[WildChild grows up in the wild]], fights off attackers by [[DefeatByModesty ripping their clothes into shred-bikinis]], joins a school of martial artists who loudly admit that [[WholesomeCrossdresser they wear push-up bras]], eventually meets the evil man -- who, in the intervening years, has changed his name to Betty -- and later [[EverythingsBetterWithCows fights a cow]]. He is also the ChosenOne because his tongue has a face on it; its name is Tonguey.

[[MindScrew Oh, and there are French aliens.]]

No, ''really''.

A refreshing comedy that's ''stupid'' -- but [[NarmCharm amusingly so]] -- ''Kung Pow! Enter The Fist'' is a 2002 film written and directed by lead actor Steve Oedekerk. The film uses footage from an obscure kung-fu movie called ''Tiger and Crane Fist'', along with newly-shot and bluescreened footage (mainly to insert Oedekerk into the film), to create a rather anarchic parody of kung-fu movies in general. Virtually every line is insane -- and very quotable; it was difficult choosing which one to put up at the top -- and everyone's voice (save [[MsFanservice Whoa]]) is dubbed over by Oedekerk himself.

A sequel, ''Kung Pow 2: Tongue of Fury'', was due to follow; it's been in DevelopmentHell for years, though. WordOfGod states that Oedekerk is (still) trying to find the right Hong Kong movie(s) to lift scenes from.
!!Tropes used:
* AffectionateParody: Of low budget Kung-Fu films. The cheap special effects seen later are parodies of mockbusters.
* AgonyOfTheFeet: The mayor's big toe is cut off by Betty to bring him in line, causing blood to squirt out as he walks. Later on, his whole foot has been cut off.
* AluminumChristmasTrees: Some martial arts schools actually "trained" students they considered unworthy incorrectly on purpose, just like Wimp Lo, and certain forms of Chinese martial arts do go to considerable lengths to toughen up the practitioner's skin (although not usually to the point of breaking a thermometer in their student's hands).
* AmbiguouslyGay:
** Betty. A feared, skilled, powerful ''male'' kung-fu master and warlord decides to go under the alias "Betty". Then there's this line: "Hey, you guys, wanna, I don't know, scam some chicks or something?...''[[HaveIMentionedIAmHeterosexualToday I DO like the ladies you know, I do like 'em]]''."
** Master Tang. He has "special needs" that seem to involve a GloveSnap, and then there's the chants that his students shout during their exercises:
--> '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Our! Sexual! Preferences! Are! Our! Own! Business!]]'''
--> '''One! Of Us! Is Wearing! A Push-Up Bra! It's Lacy! And Cute! And Loaded! With! Support!'''
* AnachronismStew: Let Ling's dad know if you see a Radio Shack. Also the car, the boombox, the lighter, the Hooters, the Taco Bell, the Neosporin, the cellphone, the thermometer, and the cans of Pringles.
* AndThatsTerrible: The Chosen One's description of killing as "bad" and "wrong". Eventually concluding that "killing is badong!"
* AnimalReactionShot: Dog, when Ling takes her top off. Also when Betty is demonstrating his ability to take blows.
* AnimalsHateHim: Cows and Whales hate him at least. Rodents and small burrowing creatures really like him.
* ArcWords: "Open your mouth!"
* ArrogantKungFuGuy: Wimp Lo, despite being laughably incompetent (not like he thinks so; he just never realized he'd been trained the wrong way).
-->"Face-To-Foot style, how'd ya like it?!"
* BallsOfSteel:
** This is one of Master Pain's / Betty's powers. The scene where [[GroinAttack Betty demonstrates said powers]] (where a guy strikes Betty/Pain directly in the crotch with a pole and he doesn't even flinch) was apparently the reason why Steve Oedekerk chose that particular film to use.
** Wimp Lo apparently thinks he has this, considering his secondary style is Nuts-to-Your-Fist.
** And the Chosen One learns the hard way that, no, he does not have this power. At all. He might not even ''have'' balls after the test run.
** One of the HilariousOuttakes shows that Oedekerk himself doesn't have this power, taking one fake blow before mentioning that he ''really'' needs a cup.
* BigBad: Betty is the main antagonist but even he answers to the Evil Council.
* BitsOfMeKeepPassingOut: The Chosen One is subjected to TheParalyzer, and then flails his arms around wildly trying to defeat Betty.
* BladeRun: Done by the baby Chosen One during the prologue.
* BoisterousWeakling: Wimp Lo was purposely trained wrong. As a joke. He is very smug about his "abilities."
* BreakingTheFourthWall: An intermission occurs midway through, where the characters tell the audience to go buy snacks, and Wimp Lo informs the audience of how much milk duds and his nipples look alike. Whoa is, suprisingly, about the only character in the movie itself aware of the fourth wall, breaking it repeatedly.
--->'''Whoa''': [[WeWillMeetAgain We will meet many more times]]...in the sequel!
* BrickBreak: During his training montage, the Chosen One goes to punch a board, stops inches from it, then extends his index finger. The board explodes, sending the two men behind it flying.
* BulletTime: Used during the cow fighting scene to parody ''Film/TheMatrix''.
* ButtMonkey: "I must apologize for Wimp Lo. He is an idiot. We purposely trained him wrong, as a joke."
* CallingYourAttacks:
** Wimp Lo's attacks.
-->'''Wimp Lo''': Try "My nuts to your fist" style!
** Betty also shouts "Paralyzer!" and "Another Paralyzer!" when attacking The Chosen One.
* CaptainObvious: Before going into [[OneSceneWonder the Nut Vendor]]'s shop, the Chosen One passes by a group of playing children. The song they're singing?
--> '''Children''': We're children! We're children!
* CatchPhrase: Betty had "Shirt ripper!"
* CharacterAsHimself: Tonguey is credited to "Escobar Tongue."
* TheChosenOne: The hero has NoNameGiven other than "Chosen One".
* TheChosenWannabe: Wimp Lo whines that he isn't the chosen one.
* ClothingDamage:
** Betty is the victim of this several times which leads to a CatchPhrase: "Shirt! Ripper!"
** The mook in the beginning of the movie who has his clothing ripped into a frilly bikini.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Everyone in the movie. Chosen One slightly less. [[OnlySaneMan Comes across clearly]] compared with Ling and her father.
* CoolCar: The classic convertible Chosen is seen driving during the post-opening credits montage.
* CurseCutShort: "I'm gonna count to three, and if I hear one more friggin' squeak, I'm gonna take his shoes and shove 'em up his-"
* DeathByAdaptation: Ling's father and Wimp Lo's counterparts live in ''Tiger and Crane Fist''.
* DefeatByModesty: Chosen shreds a male attacker's clothes into a frilly bikini.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment:
** Betty, about The Chosen One: "I'll kill him. I'll kill him dead."
** "Like with, with a, rock or something. Like a, like a stone..."
* DirtyOldMan: Master Tang is unfazed by Ling's "shyness", wonders where his glove will go, and gives his students some embarrassing mantras to shout while practicing.
* ADogNamedDog: The Chosen One's pet dog, Dog. Who is never in the same frame as The Chosen One. Ever.
* DyingDeclarationOfLove: Ling says this to the Chosen One, though she does survive.
* EnhancedOnDVD: "The Chosen Edition" includes a plethora of special features:
** Multiple alternate audio tracks:
*** A Creator Commentary
*** The real audio track (for both the original Chinese and the inserted footage)
*** The "long-lost" [[UsefulNotes/BritishAccents book-on-tape version]]
** Several alternate dubs and extended takes of various scenes
** A deleted musical number (which also includes the real audio track, in which Steve sings his adulation of Sam Donaldson)
** The original arc after the Chosen One was captured, in which he was kept captive by an old man named [[MeaningfulName Chew Fat Lip]], given a tattoo indicating where his mouth is, before finally escaping using his [[{{Squick}} prehensile boner]] in a fight to the tune of "Willy Won't Go" was probably better off cut, though. (Some of this was repurposed for the trailer for the sequel at the end).
* EvilSoundsDeep:
** The masked antagonist that Chosen One confronts early in the film.
-->'''"OPEN... YOUR... MOUTH!!!!"'''
** Averted the rest of the film, Wimp Lo and Betty both have nasally high pitched voices.
* ExcitedShowTitle: It's not just Kung Pow Enter the Fist, it's Kung Pow! Enter the Fist.
* FakeOutOpening: The first minute of the movie is serious in execution, complete with the murder of Chosen One's family... and then Master Pain speaks, and the rest of the movie is ridiculously silly.
* FanserviceExtra: There's a random bikini girl amidst the group of martial artists who are trying to kill The Chosen One.
* FarEast: There's more than a few Japanese accoutrements to this Chinese movie - Mushufasa has a pair of katanas, and the Chosen One fights a guy in a kendo suit early on. In a smaller example, while ''Kung Pow'' is based on a Hong Kong movie (so the original language was Cantonese), the Chosen One's family speak Mandarin in the first scene.
* FightingWithChucks: When the Chosen One encounters some nunchuk wielding mooks in the initial fight he calls upon his forest creature friends for help. "I need Gopher Chucks!"
* FluffyTheTerrible: Master Pain renames himself "Betty" partway through he movie. This does not diminish his power.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: One of the Council's flying pyramids appears in the sky halfway through the movie.
* GagBoobs: Whoa has a single, large breast that covers the middle of her chest. Her top is still cut to show it off. The Chosen One is distracted by this.
* GagDub: The ''entire premise'' of this film.
* GenderBlenderName: Master Pain (a man) declares that his new name is "Betty" partway through the film. The Chosen One {{Lampshades}} it:
-->'''Master Pain:''' From this day forward, you will all refer to me by the name 'Betty'. [[UnEvilLaugh Ennnh, heh heheheh!]]
-->'''The Chosen One:''' But! Isn't Betty a ''woman's'' name?
-->''*"Betty" whips off his jacket, clearly annoyed at the Chosen One*''
-->'''Mayor:''' Easy, easy! We don't want to lose any more toes here!
* GloveSnap: Happening off-screen in one scene.
--> '''Master Tang''': Eeny meeny miney moe, I wonder where my glove will go...
* GoForTheEye: Early in the film, Chosen One picks out the eyes of five adversaries.
* GreaterScopeVillain: The Evil Council has a very vague plan, has a lot of firepower they can bring to bear and are clearly Betty's boss.
* GroinAttack:
** One of Betty's special abilities allows him to ''[[BallsOfSteel resist]]'' shots to the groin. The Chosen One tries to see if he possesses this ability only to play the trope straight...
** In the [[CreditsGag credits]], we see an outtake of this scene.
--->'''Steve Oedekerk:''' Oooooh! [=OK=], I'm gonna need a cup.
** According to the DVD commentary, this scene from Tiger and Crane Fist is what led to it being picked.
** [[UpToEleven Taken up to eleven]] in a deleted scene from the final fight, where the Chosen One unleashes a barrage of kicks, punches, and ''headbutts'' upon Betty's naughty bits, to [[PunchPunchPunchUhOh absolutely no effect]].
** One of the deleted scenes features an attack ''with'' a groin as the Chosen One escapes from a torturer by beating him and his guards up with his... well... y'know.
* HarmfulToMinors: Master Pain and his minions have no qualms of trying to assassinate the Chosen One as a child, even resorting to burning down his parents' home with him in it when the baby puts up a resistance.
* HeroicBSOD: Chosen One's inability to find a way to remove the metal spikes protecting Betty's weak points causes him to throw a [[InelegantBlubbering major hissy fit]].
--> '''Chosen One:''' DON'T LOOK AT MEEE!
* HilariousOuttakes: There are the traditional outtakes over the end credits but the DVD also has many worthwhile alternate tracks and deleted scenes.
* HongKongDub: Parodied. At one point, ''Dog barks'' and lays down, at which point we hear the sound.
* IKnowKungFaux: Wimp Lo thinks that being hit demonstrates proper technique of certain styles.
-->'''Wimp Lo:''' "Face-to-Foot style"", how'd ya like it?\\\
''Wimp Lo:''' How about we try "My-nuts-to-Your-Fist!"
* ImperialChina: This is ostensibly the setting of the movie but there are Japanese references, modern American stores, French aliens and modern technology that it may as well not matter.
* ImprobableWeaponUser: The Chosen One can use a pair of gophers biting a piece of fabric as a set of improvised nunchuks leading to the infamous "Gopher Chucks".
* InescapableNet: Spoofed. The hero is trapped in a net that isn't even big enough to cover his head.
-->'''Betty''': Yessss, the tiny net is a death sentence. IT'S A NET AND IT'S TINY!
* InstantChucks: Need chucks? Get some friendly gophers to bite on a piece of ripped shirt and you are good to go!
* {{Intermission}}: Yep, there's one here, despite that it's only an 81-minute movie. Of course, the intermission is only about 15 seconds long.
* IntimidationDemonstration: Various times, such as the "[[InstantChucks gopher-chucks]]" scene where TheChosenOne is scaring off his opponents by twirling his gopher-chucks, much like someone would show off normal nunchucks.
* ItsBeenDone: The "This is CNN" joke was already done in the ''Simpsons'' episode "Round Springfield".
* JustAStupidAccent: There are many accents and voices used in the movie. Very few of them are Chinese accents, if any.
* KickChick: Dairy cows are female, and a good majority of the cow's moves are kicks.
* KilledOffForReal: Wimp Lo. Played for laughs when it turns out everyone else was NotQuiteDead.
--> '''Chosen One''': Wait...if you're all alive, then surely Wimp Lo...Wimp!\\
''(Chosen One runs over to Wimp's off-screen body, only to hear flies buzzing around)''\\
'''Chosen One''' ...Oh. ''(slowly backs away)''
* KungFoley: There are lots of smack and flip sound effects during the fights. Even simply waving one's arm can produce a "woosh".
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: It gets to the point where Betty asks for background music to fight to.
* LemonyNarrator:
** "At that moment, the Chosen One learned a valuable lesson about iron claws...'''THEY HURT LIKE CRAP, MAN!'''"
** Master Tang seems to actually ''be'' the narrator, but he expresses one line of in-character thought:
---> "OK, so here were my options - A.) Quickly duck sideways, dodge the claw, then take him out with a spinning back kick, or B.) Take the claw in the face, then roll on the ground and die. ''(proceeds to take claw to the face)'' Hmm, should've gone with A."
* LipLock:
** Almost always ignored for humour, except when it is occasionally followed... for humour. Example:
--->'''Betty:''' People say that I do things that are not...(pause) '''correct-to-do'''.
** Attention is drawn to this quite often. Example: Oedekerk's character looks to be shouting something with a lot of emotion and the camera zooms in on his face, but you hear him say, in a less-than-excited voice, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkxmMPCVogc "I implore you to reconsider."]] The words Oedekerk is really yelling: "'''''I'M SOMEBODY'S MOMMY!!'''''"
** Parodied with Ling, whose line always end before her lips stop moving, so she [[VerbalTic ends most lines]] with "wee-ohh, wee-ohh" noises.
** Also parodied with the ventriloquists, who never open their mouths.
* LullDestruction: Parodied, when a relatively wordless fight scene between the main villain and two random guys in the original movie is turned into a more talkative fight between Betty and a pair of ventriloquists.
* MadeOfBologna: TheChosenOne punches a mook in his torso so hard that a circular chunk comes out the other side. This is lampshaded by the narrator.
* MadeOfPlasticine: The above mentioned "stomach plug" mook the Chosen One punches. Nobody else in the movie falls victim to this.
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage: Ling is very indecisive about how much she loves the Chosen One. Even though she repeatedly flashes her breasts to him, she doesn't want him to think she's a slut.
* MightyWhitey: The Chosen One is a white man somehow, despite having two Asian parents.
* MosesInTheBulrushes: Subverted. The first woman who finds the Chosen One as a baby lying on the side of the mountain he's rolled half-way down stops, picks him up, and coos "So cute..." before bidding him farewell as she lobs him to roll down the other half of the mountain. (Where he is eventually found, and raised... by "various rodents".)
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Inverted when Master Pain changes his name to Betty.
* NestedMouths: The sign of the Chosen One is that he has a cartoon face on his tongue.
* NiceJobBreakingItHerod: Master Pain / Betty falls into this when he tries and fails to kill the child destined to defeat him and kills his entire family instead.
* NobodyHereButUsBirds: "Nng, I'm just a birdie too...."
* NotQuiteDead: A whole sequence is dedicated to apparently killing off Master Tang, Ling, and the Dog, but it turns that they were all only slightly injured:
-->'''The Chosen One:''' Oh, Master! You're alive!\\
'''Master Tang:''' I ''only'' did this: HGGGGGNN!\\
(''Tang drops his head on the ground as if he's dead'')\\
'''Master Tang:''' That doesn't mean a person is ''dead''!
* NoIndoorVoice: The peanut vendor is just so excited about selling nuts.
-->'''''THAT'S A LOT OF NUTS!'''''\\\
'''''HE JUST LEFT... WITH NUTS!'''''
* ObviouslyEvil: "The Evil Council".
* OffscreenInertia: A hawk is eating Master Tang. Fade to black.
--> "Hey, just because you fade to black doesn't mean he stopped. He's still eating me! I promise!"
* TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness: "Nnnng... Yes, the Council!"
-->'''Mayor''': Master Betty, might I inquire: What ''is'' the Evil Council's plan?\\
'''Betty:''' Nnnng. It is ''EVIL''! Mnyah! It is '''so EVIL'''! It is a bad, bad plan... that will hurt many... people... that are good. I think it's great 'cause it's ''so bad''!\\
'''Mayor''': I see. I think...
* OverlyLongGag:
** A scene near the beginning is around two minutes of Whip-Zooms accompanied by dramatic musical stings and a parody of another kung fu movie that Steve Oedekerk found while researching for this film.
** And also when Ling calls out to him later in the film.
--->'''Ling:''' Chosen One!\\
'''C.O.:''' ''(far away, running towards her)'' I'm coming!\\
'''Ling:''' Chosen One!\\
'''C.O.:''' ''(now closer, still running towards her)'' I'm coming!\\
'''Ling:''' Chosen One!\\
'''C.O.:''' ''(suddenly far away again, still running towards her)'' I'm coming!\\
'''Ling:''' Chosen One!\\
'''C.O.:''' ''(now closer, still running towards her)'' I'm coming!
** ''"Chosen One, I want to help... but I..... I..... I..... I..... I..... I..... I....."''
* TheParalyzer: Betty's signature attack is the TropeNamer.
* PlotHole: During the final battle, there's no explanation as to how Master Betty loses his iron claws or what The Chosen One is holding at the start of the battle. (In the original film, Jimmy Wang Yu's character uses fireworks fuse to burn the cable that connects the claws. That part was left out of the film as a deleted scene and the fuse is what the Chosen One is actually buying instead of nuts in the earlier scene.)
* PocketProtector: The Chosen One is saved from Betty's deadly technique with... a ''squirrel''.
* {{Portmanteau}}: "Killing is wrong. And bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing. Like badwrong, or badong. Yes, killing is badong. From this moment, I will stand for the opposite of killing: gnodab."
* ProductPlacement:
** "Oh, Taco Bell, Taco Bell, product placement with Taco Bell!"
** "Tell me... if you see... a Radio Shack."
** "Ba na na na na, Neo! Ba na na na na na na, Sporin!"
** If you look closely when during the scene in which Betty goes to fight Master Tang, during the zoom out you can see people moving tables and on the left side you can clearly see a Hooters.
** When The Chosen One goes to buy nuts, there is a shelf of Pringles behind him.
* RaisedByWolves: The Chosen One was raised by "various desert animals" after his family was killed and a passerby woman simply made sure he was rolled to the bottom of a ravine properly.
* RealTrailerFakeMovie: Sadly, ''Kung Pow II: Tongue Of Fury'' will probably never happen. A lot of the shots used for it are taken from deleted scenes.
* TheRival: Wimp Lo would like to think so but he is no match for the Chosen One because he was trained wrong. As a joke.
* RuleOfCool: The Chosen One is able to do ''fifteen'' backflips in mid-air before landing and is able to do push-ups without touching the ground (he holds himself airborne by blowing the ground).
* RuleOfThree: To the point of reusing the same footage of Chosen One saying "Hmm?" three times.
-->'''Whoa:''' The supreme gift.\\
'''Chosen One:''' Hmm?\\
'''Whoa:''' You must trust the power of the tongue.\\
'''Chosen One:''' Hmm?\\
'''Whoa:''' But I must warn you...\\
'''Chosen One:''' Hmm?
* SchizoTech: PlayedForLaughs.
-->'''Master Pain:''' Mmmmm... lighter.
* SelfFulfillingProphecy: Master Pain / Betty falls into the classic trap of trying to kill the child destined to defeat him and only managing to kill his entire family instead, giving the child a motive to kill him which he wouldn't otherwise have had.
* SequelSnark: It spends a good deal of time at the end of the movie showing a full trailer for the sequel, made up mostly of scenes deleted from the first movie. Naturally, no such movie exists (though an unrelated sequel ''is'' currently in DevelopmentHell).
* ShirtlessScene: The Chosen One gratuitously rips off his shirt before his first fight of the movie.
* ShoutOut:
** To Disney/TheLionKing in the form of Mushufasa, who calls the Chosen One "Simba" before finally settling on "Chosimba One".
--->'''Mushufasa:''' ''(fading back into the clouds)'' [[Creator/JamesEarlJones This... is CNN.]]
** Mushufasa is also a portmanteau of [[Disney/TheLionKing Mufasa]] and one of Disney/{{Mulan}} characters - dragon Mushu.
** Ling sounds an awful lot like [[Franchise/TheMuppets Miss Piggy.]]
* SissyVillain:
** Played straight and inverted. [[ArrogantKungFuGuy Wimp Lo]] has a very high voice and is indeed wimpy, but [[BigBad Betty]] is pretty manly despite the high, nasally voice, [[FluffyTheTerrible name]], and the Chosen One has his own points of sissyness.
** Early on, he is assaulted by a large masculine man who says "Your days are over, Mister" in a high-pitched lisp. The Chosen one shreds his clothes into a bikini, which causes him to wrap his arms around himself as if to protect his modesty and run off crying.
* SmokeOut: Averted when the smoke is too small and conditions are too windy to hide the ninja.
* SparedByTheAdaptation:
** Master Tang's counterpart gets killed in ''Tiger and Crane Fist''; though he was sick and dying anyway.
** The two "ventriloquist" hanging upside down.
* TheStinger: No one actually recovered Master Tang after his "death" scene, and the crew just laugh as a hawk arrives to eat him. Also, save the whales.
* StockFootage: The movie itself is pieced together from ''Tiger and Crane Fist'', and there are numerous other instances in the movie, all done deliberately for laughs:
** Certain shots of baby Chosen One rolling down the really tall mountain are recycled in that sequence.
** The introduction to Master Tang has footage of Tang swooping his arm in the air three times.
** When Chosen One meets Whoa, footage of him saying "Hmm?" is used three times in quick succession.
** The footage of Betty swinging his chain at the waterfall is used a few times in the same scene.
** The footage of Chosen One running towards Ling in an open field ("Chosen One!" "I'm coming!") is recycled, parodying continuity errors.
** The footage of Chosen One coming across dying bodies of Tang, Ling, and Dog is recycled numerous times.
** The animorphically stretched stock footage of squirrels near the end of the film.
* StylisticSuck: The whole movie. To give the sense of bad dubbing, Steve Oedekerk wrote scripts that had nothing to do with the actual story and had everyone use them on set. Then they were all later dubbed over by Steve or Jennifer Tung in the case for "Whoa".
* ThemeMusicPowerUp: Betty has a guy with a boom box playing "Can't Touch This" and "Baby Got Back". Also when the Chosen One changes the music to "Black Betty"
-->"Beware... his song... about big butts. He... beats you up while he plays it!"
* TookALevelInBadass: Probably not intentional, but Betty seems to have done this after the intro. At the start of the film, the Chosen One delivers a beatdown on him...as a baby. The next time they clash, many years later, Betty returns the favour.
* TorsoWithAView: The stomach plug mook is punched through so cleanly that you can see the background and other mooks through the hole in his stomach.
* TranslationYes: "______________________________________________________ I dunno."
* TriviallyObvious: "Behold the two symbols... one, over here... the other one, over there."
* UnbuiltTrope: The movie itself plays out much like an AbridgedSeries, years before ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'' debuted.
* VaguenessIsComing: Master Tang's friend told him of the Chosen One's coming and that "It would be significant"... before he killed his dog by farting.
* VerbalTic: Developed to fill time when the characters are still talking on the film but have run out of dialogue. Eventually leads to this exchange:
-->'''Betty:''' Nnnnnng...\\
'''Ling:''' Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh!\\
'''Betty:''' Nnnnnng...\\
'''Ling:''' Wee-ooh! Wee-ooh!\\
'''Betty:''' Nnnnnng...\\
'''Ling:''' WEE! ''[kicks random mook]'' OOH! ''[beats another one]''
* VocalDissonance: Admit it: You were surprised the first time you heard Master Pain, a sinister-looking martial artist, speak in that high-pitched goofy voice.
-->'''Master Pain:''' Open da mouth.
** One of the villagers, an Asian, speaks with a Southern drawl.
* VoodooShark: Played for laughs with the "I am a great magician" sequence. Steve Oedekerk wanted to edit two shorter dialogue scenes into one long scene, but found a major problem in that the mayor was wearing a black robe in one scene and a red in the other. So he stuck in some dialogue regarding Betty's great magical powers, and had him change the mayor's clothing when needed.
* WalkingTheEarth: "So on he walked... and sometimes, drove... and occasionally, partied with the desert creatures."
* TheWarSequence:
** The Chosen One faces down the army of the Evil Council... in the sequel.
** A smaller one (that we actually see) occurs near the beginning.
* WimpFight: Wimp Lo. Justified, as the dojo deliberately trained him wrong "as a joke". [[AluminumChristmasTrees Which is, apparently, what some ancient martial arts schools actually did]] to those they felt were less than worthy.
* WouldHurtAChild: Betty attempts to kill the Chosen One as a baby. Unfortunately (for Betty), the infant already knows how to do some [[EverybodyWasKungFuFighting sick kung fu moves.]]
* WrestlerInAllOfUs: The Cow has a mean piledriver.
* {{Yandere}}: Ling is very much in love with the Chosen One, but is also no stranger to hurting him.
-->''"We will meet again, Chosen One. Many more times. [[GenreSavvy In the sequel]]."''