''Kung Fu Genius'' is a 1969 Wilson Tong martial arts comedy film, starring Cliff Lok. An expert in a variety of fighting styles, Cliff Lok opens a school. He soon makes an adversary of a gym run by Chan Lung, who don't like that his school is disrupting their business. Lok also makes an enemy of brothel owner Lee Hai Sheng, who brings in a lethal fighter (Wilson Tang) to take out Lok.

!! Tropes:

* BumblingSidekick: Yung, Cliff's friend.
* ChewingTheScenery: Especially in the English dub.
* ConcussionsGetYouHigh: One of Lee Hai Sheng's lackeys takes too many hits to the head in one fight, and instantly becomes a child-like CloudCuckoolander for the rest of the movie.
** Earlier in the film, a GroinAttack has the same effect on Yung.
* HongKongDub
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Lok beats up a gang of thugs from the rival dojo with a Chinese letter from the sign above his school.
** Later on Cliff fights a duel with a student who uses an iron hoop.
* KungFoley
* PaperFanOfDoom: In the climactic final battle.
* RivalDojos
* SaveTheVillain: Cliff saves one of Chan Lung's top students from being beaten to death by Lee Hai Sheng's men, only to leave him stuck on a stone wall for hurting Yung.
* TrainingMontage: The film begins with one.