''Karla'' is a 2006 American motion picture drama and thriller. The film is based on the true story of two of Canada's most notorious serial killers, Paul Bernardo (Creator/MishaCollins) and Karla Homolka (LauraPrepon).

!!This film provides examples of the following tropes:

* CaliforniaDoubling: An extreme case of it, as the movie was shot in America with an all-American cast because no one in Canada wanted ''anything'' to do with the production.
* CharacterTitle
* HistoricalVillainDowngrade: Karla reimmagined as Bernado's victim.
* OldShame: Creator/MishaCollins has stated many times that he regrets his participation in ''Karla''. He has explained that he was unaware how infamous and emotionally relevant the cases were in Canada at the time, and also states that the director of the film took things way too far and would compliment him after shooting particularly horrible rape scenes, saying "[[{{Squick}} That was]] ''[[{{Squick}} hot]]''" (Collins ended up filing a restraining order against him.) He ended up having a phone conversation with one of the victims who escaped, and now tells people not to watch the movie, especially when it comes up at fan conventions.
* RippedFromTheHeadlines
* VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory: The story itself is (sadly) quite true to reality, but mistakenly portrayed Homolka as yet another victim of Bernardo's sociopathic antics - despite the fact that it's long-since been established that she was just as culpable as Bernardo. The Canadian media and public were understandably appalled.