This 2004 comedy-drama was Creator/KevinSmithís first foray into more traditional Hollywood filmmaking, as well as his first film to be set outside of Film/TheViewAskewniverse.

Ollie (Creator/BenAffleck) is a workaholic music publicist living comfortably in [[BigApplesauce New York City]] whose wife Gertrude (Creator/JenniferLopez) [[DeathByChildbirth tragically dies in childbirth]]. His responsibility for his newborn daughter eventually costs him his job, forcing him to move into his fatherís (Creator/GeorgeCarlin) house in New Jersey. From then on, itís the story of Ollieís shaky attempts to raise his daughter, whom he named after her mother, as a single parent, all while deciding whether or not to return to the ritzy life in New York with her. Ollie also finds himself getting involved with a sexy video-store clerk named Maya (Creator/LivTyler).
!!''Jersey Girl'' demonstrates the following tropes:
* BeleagueredAssistant: Arthur.
* BrickJoke: Gertie repeatedly asks her dad to take her to see ''{{Theatre/Cats}}'', but because it's no longer running, they see ''SweeneyTodd'' instead. Later, at the school pageant, they're the only ones who ''don't'' sing "Memory."
* ChekhovsGun: Gertie always forgetting to flush the toilet. The one time she remembers on her own is [[InterruptedIntimacy the one time]] [[FlushingToiletScreamingShower Ollie wouldn't have wanted her to]]...
* DeathByChildbirth: Gertrude.
* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud: The entire reason Ollie had to move back in with his dad.
** And when he [[KickTheDog curses out his daughter]]. The guy should really learn to keep his mouth shut sometimes.
* FlushingToiletScreamingShower: How Gertie ends up catching Ollie and Maya, who are standing in the shower when Gertie flushes the toilet.
* GrumpyOldMan: Creator/GeorgeCarlin 's character, even though it shows he actually does care.
* InterruptedIntimacy: Ollie gets caught with Maya by Gertie, who [[SwappedRoles switches roles with him]], mirroring a previous scene involving his daughter.
* ItWillNeverCatchOn: Ollie doesn't think [[Creator/WillSmith the star]] of ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir'' will be able to carry a [[Film/IndependenceDay huge summer action film]].
* KnightInSourArmor: After his initial irresponsibility, Ollie becomes a loving, attentive father for his daughter, but still tries to convince her that his previous lofty lifestyle, as opposed to their simpler one with his father in New Jersey, will be good for her. When he tries to force her to move back to New York later in the movie, he gets so angry that he outright accuses her of taking his life away from him.
* MagicalNegro: Creator/WillSmith's appearance (as himself) has shades of this.
* PlayingDoctor: Ollie walks in on Gertie lifting up her dress for a male friend. Amazingly, one of the few examples of this trope to actually ''show'' the game in question being played.
* StunnedSilence: Everyone in the house after Ollie delivers the below WhamLine.
* SwappedRoles: After Gertie catches Ollie in the shower with Maya.
* TakeThat: Many. Notably:
** In universe, Ollie delivers a massive one to Creator/WillSmith (just prior to the release of ''Film/IndependenceDay'').
** ''Theatre/{{Cats}}'' is apparently "the second worst thing to ever happen to New York."
* TemptingFate: Ollie does this multiple times. The first is also memorable if not a Tearjerker Foreshadowing:
--> '''Ollie''': (out of breath) You carry em' for 9 months, give birth. We've seen it done 100 times! How hard can it be?
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Interesting example. [[spoiler:Gertrude dying]] was supposed to be a major twist and Music/JenniferLopez was meant to get a top billing. However after Film/{{Gigli}} flopped with critics and audiences [[PortmanteauCoupleName Bennifer]] started suffering from a major HypeBacklash. In attempt at damage control Lopez was DemotedToExtra and [[spoiler: her death]] became a major part of advertising campaign.
* TheVerse: Averted. One of the reasons for this film's commercial failure was that it '''wasn't''' set in Film/TheViewAskewniverse.
* WhatTheHellHero:
** Bart calls Ollie out a few times when he isn't the father he should be.
** The audience undoubtedly thinks this when Ollie accuses his daughter of stealing his life away from him. To her face, no less.
* WorldOfSnark: It ''is'' a Creator/KevinSmith film, after all.