The story of a [[Creator/BenAffleck publicist]], named Ollie (Olliver)'s fantastic New York life. That is, until tragedy strikes and he has to live with his [[DeadpanSnarker dad]] in NewJersey with his daughter. Family fun ensues as he tries to cope, with the help of his [[GeorgeCarlin family]] and [[Creator/LivTyler friend(s)]]

If that description is too vague, here is what it says on the box: "Hollywood favorites Creator/BenAffleck (''Film/{{Daredevil}}'', ''Film/{{Paycheck}}'', ''Film/TheSumOfAllFears'') and Creator/LivTyler (''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'' trilogy, ''Film/{{Armageddon}}'') shine in this heartwarming all-star comedy about a guy who thinks he's lost it all, only to discover he's got everything he needs! Ollie (Affleck) is a smooth and successful big-city publicist who has the life he's always wanted - until things take an unexpected turn and he finds himself an unemployed single father back living with his dad in the suburbs. But just when he thinks his life has hit rock bottom, a sexy, no-nonsense video store clerk (Tyler) enters his life and shows Ollie that sometimes you have to forget who thought you were and acknowledge what really makes you happy. Also starring JenniferLopez (''Film/MaidInManhattan'') and Jason Biggs (''Film/AmericanPie'') - director Creator/KevinSmith (''Film/JayAndSilentBobStrikeBack'') [[BlatantLies has delivered another hit critics are calling one of the year's funniest!]]"

!!''Jersey Girl'' demonstrates the following tropes:

* BeleagueredAssistant: Arthur
* DeathByChildbirth: [[spoiler:Gertrude]]
* DidIJustSayThatOutLoud: The entire reason Ollie had to move back in with his dad.
* GrumpyOldMan: GeorgeCarlin
* InterruptedIntimacy: Ollie gets caught by Gertie who switches roles with him, mirroring a previous scene involving his daughter.
* ItWillNeverCatchOn: Ollie doesn't think [[Creator/WillSmith the star]] of Series/FreshPrinceOfBelAir will be able to carry a [[Film/IndependenceDay huge summer action film]].
* MagicalNegro: WillSmith's appearance (as himself) has shades of this.
* SwappedRoles : After Gertie catches Ollie in the shower with Maya.
* TakeThat: Many. Notably:
** In universe, Ollie delivers a massive one to WillSmith (just prior to the release of ''IndependenceDay'').
** ''{{Cats}}'' is apparently "the second worst thing to ever happen to New York."
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Interesting example. [[spoiler:Gertrude dying]] was supposed to be a major twist and JenniferLopez was meant to get a top billing. However after {{Gigli}} flopped with critics and audiences [[PortmanteauCoupleName Bennifer]] started suffering from a major HypeBacklash. In attempt at damage control Lopez was DemotedToExtra and [[spoiler: her death]] became a major part of advertising campaign.
* TheVerse: Averted. One of the reasons for this film's commercial failure was that it '''wasn't''' set in the ViewAskewniverse.
* WorldOfSnark: it ''is'' a KevinSmith film, after all.
* WhatTheHellHero: Bart calls Ollie out a few times when he isn't the father he should be.