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->''"This is high school. What is a friend, anyway?"''

''Jawbreaker'' is a 1999 teen BlackComedy film directed by Darren Stein, starring Creator/RoseMcGowan, Creator/RebeccaGayheart, Creator/JulieBenz, and Creator/JudyGreer.

The movie starts with the popular girls of [[HighSchool Reagan High]] fake-kidnapping one of their group, Liz Purr (Charlotte Ayanna), as part of her seventeenth birthday, only to find when they arrive that she has choked to death on the jawbreaker candy that they used to gag her. AlphaBitch Courtney Shayne ([=McGowan=]) then leads the others to create an elaborate cover story that would paint Liz's death as an accident resulting from a kinky sexual encounter and get them off scot-free.

One of the girls, Julie Freeman (Gayheart), struggles to come to terms with what they've done and is summarily shunned by Courtney and her lapdog, Marcie Fox (Benz). On top of this, she is replaced by the geeky Fern Mayo (Greer), who Courtney transforms into the glamourous Vylette in return for the girl's silence. But the attention lavished upon "Vylette" soon goes to Fern's head and she begins to encroach on Courtney's position as the Queen Bee, only to discover exactly why that was a bad idea as she is publicly humiliated. Meanwhile, when Julie is given a box of Liz's possessions, she stumbles upon something that will prove to be Courtney's downfall just as she prepares to accept the title of Prom Queen that Liz's death left her free to claim.

!!Tropes in this film include:

* AccidentalMurder: Liz's cause of death? Choking on a jawbreaker that her friends (specifically, Courtney) used to gag her while fake-kidnapping her. The duct tape didn't help.
* {{Adults Are Useless}}: So no principals or teachers have a problem with the girls parking ''directly in front of the school?''
* BackstabbingTheAlphaBitch: Fern, as Vylette, once when she realizes that she has the power to overshadow [[AlphaBitch Courtney]], takes advantage of the attention given to her. That's when Courtney knocks her down a peg.
* DeadlyPrank: The premise of the film. Courtney and the others were going to surprise Liz for her 17th birthday, while ''kidnapping her'', since the prank has gotten popular with others high schoolers... until the "joke" was on them.
* DeathBySex: Courtney tries to set up Liz's death as such. Either to pin her up as being abused or her not being "[[SexIsEvil so innocent and pure]] as she was thought to be". The catch? [[spoiler:It fooled the police. At first, anyway.]]
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The popsicle scene.
* DumbBlonde: Marcie fits this to a T, being very much on TheDitz end of the scale... until the HighSchoolDance.
* EngineeredPublicConfession: Before the climax, [[spoiler:Julie discovers that an old record-message Birthday Card recorded Courtney's confession to the murder. With the help of Julie's boyfriend, who was on the Theater club, they set the message to play during Courtney's Prom Queen speech]].
* EroticEating: Courtney uses it as part of sex play with her boyfriend, using a popsicle. Just to make him mime on what he ''wants'' her to do to him.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Marcie isn't going to be dragged into Courtney's nightmare at the end.
* {{Goth}}: Julie befriends the Goths at school after she falls out with the clique.
* HighSchoolDance: The final location of the movie, and the site of...
* HumiliationConga: Courtney didn't expect [[spoiler:how awful her high school prom was going to be... especially when it is revealed]] that there was proof where she admitted to have killed Liz. "Eat shit," indeed.
* IdiotBall: Courtney. When Fern/Vylette pissed her off, ''why didn't Courtney just find out a way to blame her?'' The fact that Fern had conveniently disappeared beforehand would have made it easy for Courtney to pawn the murder off on her!
* InWithTheInCrowd: Fern and Julie both apply. Marcie's talk with her father implies that this is also what happened to her.
* KarmaHoudini: Marcie doesn't really receive any comeuppance for her hand in things, as everything else is aimed at Courtney. Then again, she did decide, ScrewThisImOuttaHere
* TheMakeover: Fern's transformation into Vylette, in a rather... surreal [[MakeoverMontage sequence]].
* MakeWayForThePrincess: The entire high school makes way for the ''breathtaking'' entrance of the GirlPosse.
%%* MeaningfulEcho: By Fern, see the page quote.
* MeaningfulName: Fern. Lampshaded when she is renamed Vylette for this very reason.
* NarratorAllAlong: [[spoiler:Fern]], although it's not a huge surprise when you pay the slightest bit of attention in the first scene.
* NiceMeanAndInbetween: Julie (nice), Courtney (mean) and Marcie (in-between).
* TheNineties: ''Jawbreaker'' encapsulates the trends that were popular during the decade, such as fashion, articles and objects, {{Talk Show}}s talking about how "the crowd influences on others", the use of DawsonCasting on behalf of the movie's cast, ''Music/MarilynManson'' having a cameo in the movie... [[invoked]]
* OhCrap: Courtney when [[spoiler:her EngineeredPublicConfession is played on the public address system]].
%%* TwoTeacherSchool
%%* PopularIsDumb: Marcie.
%%* PunnyName: "Vera Cruz."
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: [[BetaBitch Marcie]] abandons Courtney in the end, instead of being dragged to her HumiliationConga.
* SexIsEvil: Liz was a ''virgin'', and was described and seen as a pure and kind person. Courtney, while being the ''evil'' mind behind the entire joke, being manipulative as possible... wasn't that ''much''.
* ShamedByAMob: Courtney is shamed by the students towards the end of the film [[spoiler:after her involvement in killing Liz is revealed]].
* SmokingIsGlamorous: Fern starts to smoke after "becoming" Vylette.
* ShrinkingViolet: Fern is your standard shy and quiet girl from High School that is not as beautiful as the GirlPosse and would be unnoticed by the crowd and the rest of her classmates. As a way to silence her about Liz's death, Courtney convinces her to "transform" into a different person. And, oh, wow, this makes her more confident... and it works pretty well at its best, even with a name such as ''[[EvilIsSexy Vylette]]''.
* StalkerWithACrush: Fern Mayo was this to Liz Purr. She even calls her "The Cat's Meow"
* TheSociopath: Does Courtney mourn Liz's death? Just a little. Does she care about incriminating an unknown loser whom she had sex with, just to convince the police that neither ''she'' nor her "friends" were related to the case? Nope!
* TokenGoodTeammate: Liz among her friends, although Julie slowly makes a HeelFaceTurn throughout the movie.
* TrunkShot: When the girls want to surprise Liz in one of the first scenes of the movie.
%%* VillainProtagonist: Courtney.