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->''"Horror, has many faces... death, wears many different masks... but pure evil, wears only one... and this is your final chance, to see it."''

The ninth ''Franchise/FridayThe13th'' film.

During an attempt to do what he does best -- kill anyone who gets in his way -- Jason Voorhees falls into a trap devised by the US Government. Military agents spend a couple of minutes pouring bullets into the Crystal Lake Killer before using a well-placed explosive device to make him [[JustForPun rest in pieces]].

But not even death can stop Jason Voorhees.

During the autopsy of (what remains of) his remains, Jason's dead heart beats on its own; the medical examiner is driven to eat it, and this allows Jason to [[DemonicPossession possess the poor bastard]] -- and anyone who gets in his way. As "Jason" makes his way back to Crystal Lake, a spotlight-hungry bounty hunter warns the town about the undead killer's true goal: Jason must possess a member of the Voorhees bloodline to fully reincarnate...and a number of Voorhees family members conveniently live near the ill-fated lake.

This film's final scene -- [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy's claw]] dragging Jason's mask into Hell -- hinted at the crossover that would eventually become ''Film/FreddyVsJason''.


!!Jason tried to drag these tropes to Hell with him; as you can see, he failed:

* AbandonedPlayground: The final battle takes on a playground of the Voorhees estate.
* AssholeVictim: Robert, as he stole the corpse of his girlfriend's mother and planned to use it for a trashy exposť on Jason in a television show.
* AutopsySnackTime: the medical examiner gulps a soda while he records his findings. The second coroner who walks in on the now-Voorhees-possessed examiner is carrying a pizza, and was presumably intending to eat it right there in the autopsy room.
* BeatStillMyHeart: Jason's heart continues beating for a while when he is blown apart. The trouble starts when it starts beating again in the morgue.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst:
** Well, he's actually possessed, but that's as good as dead in this film.
** Okay, if you don't melting away after being possessed as a kill by Jason, Duke is the last one to be killed by him.
* BountyHunter: Creighton Duke, who specializes in capturing serial killers.
* CanonDiscontinuity: As put by the crew during an interview:
--->[Jason Goes To Hell] has nothing to do with the ones that came before it, nothing to do with the movies that came after it.
* CarFu: Used against possessed Robert.
%%* ChubbyMamaSkinnyPapa: Joey and Shelby.
%%* CigarChomper: Duke.
* CliffhangerCopout: As stated above, the film ends with [[spoiler: [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger]] pulling Jason's mask down to Hell, implying that he has 'plans' for him.]] Not only would this not have any bearing on [[Film/JasonX the next film]] (which also ignores the events of THIS movie), but the [[Film/FreddyVsJason movie it WAS setting up]] [[DevelopmentHell wouldn't come out for another 10 years]].
** Justified, as a later interview with the crew showed, they [[spoiler:just put Freddy in there at the end as a ShoutOut gag]] and never really intended to create a crossover movie between the two horror icons.
* ComicbookAdaptation: By Topps Comics. The company had Jason later appear in an issue of ''Satan's Six'', one of their other properties to plug it.
* CueTheSun: Sun rises just after the climax.
%%* CutPhoneLines
* DangerousWindows: Possessed Robert attacks Jessica through a window.
* DeathByCameo:
** Creator/KaneHodder appears without the Jason regalia as an FBI agent guarding the morgue, who cracks wise that Jason "was just big ol' pussy". Little does he know that Jason, possessing the coroner, is right next to him.
** The cameos of Los Angeles radio hosts Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps, who play the deputies that get their heads smashed together.
* DeathBySex:
** An ''extremely'' gruesome example of this trope.
** Also {{averted}}, something very rare for a ''Friday the 13th'' film. The protagonist and her boyfriend are parents (out of wedlock) and the movie's only survivors.
* DeepFriedWhatever: How Shelby dies, getting his head dunked into a deep fryer by Possessed!Robert.
* DestinationDefenestration: After Steven impales possessed Josh with a fire poker, he starts thrashing around and ends up crashing through a window.
* DraggedOffToHell: Jason in the climax, as promised by the title.
* EvilLaugh: Heard when Jason's mask is pulled underground in the last shot. [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet And it's awfully familiar...]]
* FastRoping: Some of the FBI agents in the opening were hiding trees and when Jason walks into their trap, they descend to the ground using this.
* {{Fingore}}: When Steven asks for Duke's help, he starts breaking his fingers to test his conviction on the matter.
* FlippingTheBird: While making fun of Jason's corpse, the second coroner flips it off in the process.
* GenderBlenderName: Joey and Shelby (The former is the woman and the latter is the guy.)
* GenreSavvy: The FBI agents in the opening.
* {{Gorn}}: This is possibly the most gruesome entry in the series.
* GroinAttack: Steven tries it against Jason, to no avail.
* HeroicSacrifice:
** After Jason manages to be reborn through Diana, Duke handcuffs himself to him to buy more time for Steven and Jessica.
** Along with Vicki, who impaled possessed Robert with a giant skewer and ends up getting impaled herself by him, in order to also buy more time for them.
* ImMelting: When Jason swaps bodies, the former one rots to the bone.
* ItsPersonal: It is not stated outright what exactly happened, but Duke clearly has a bone to pick with Jason.
-->'''Duke:''' Remember me?
** Well, in a early version of the script, it was to be revealed that many years before, Jason killed a younger Duke's fiance while the two were at Crystal Lake, resulting in Duke wanting revenge.
* JawBreaker: Joey dies when possessed Robert elbows her jaw ''into'' her skull.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Caustic and foulmouthed Joey B., who also loves her husband very much and refused to hand an infant over to her parents on the basis that one of them was a likely suspect in the death of the child's grandmother.
* JustHitHim: Jason probably could have punched Steven's heart out during the finale, but he seemed to enjoy throwing him around and hitting him with a stick instead.
* LampshadeHanging: After Steven picks up some teenage hitchhikers.
-->'''Luke:''' We're going to Camp Crystal Lake.
-->'''Steven:''' Oh yeah? Planning on smoking a little dope, having a little premarital sex, and getting slaughtered?
* TheLastTitle: The second part of the title.
* MamaBear: Joey B., exemplified in a scene where she refuses to hand Stephanie back to Jessica because she's with Steven, who at that point was suspected of murdering Jessica's mother. It's also implied that she let Vicki keep Stephanie at the diner to protect her in case Steven showed up once she heard he was on the run.
-->'''Joey B.:''' (aiming a gun at Jessica) Nobody's gonna touch that fucking ray of sunshine!
* MirrorScare: A character prominently walks in front of a mirror... and nothing happens, averting the trope. She then turns around, facing Jason who was just outside of mirror's reflective surface.
* ModestyTowel: The lady Jason chases in the opening throws one on when Jason interrupts her bath. Amazingly, she manages to keep the towel on during the chase.
* OhCrap:
** Protagonists' reaction when the Jason-slug hides in the basement, and Steven remembers that Diana's (Jason's sister) corpse is in there.
-->'''Steven:''' Duke! The part about being reborn through a Voorhees woman, does it have to be a living woman?
-->'''Duke:''' No....
-->'''Steven:''' Duke, that thing is in the basement with Jessica's dead mother!
-->'''Duke:''' Holy mother of God. (Reborn Jason jumps through the floor)
** While its difficult to tell by his mask, Jason's body language during the FBI sting at the beginning implies this is his reaction, particularly to the airstrike that finishes it up.
* OrificeInvasion: This is how Jason changes bodies. [[spoiler: And not just oral wise, in the case of Diana's corpse if you get my drift, and she's his ''[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything half-sister]]''.]] [[{{Squick}} EW]].
* PapaWolf: Steven. The very second he finds out he is a father, and that not only is Jessica in danger of Jason, but their daughter is. He later gets crazy and holds his own against the newly resurrected Jason. The following dialogue says it best.
--> '''Steven:''' GET AWAY FROM THEM [[PrecisionFStrike MOTHERFUCKER!!!!]]
* PantsPositiveSafety: When Ward puts a pistol given by his mother Joey in his pants, she tells him take it out.
-->'''Joey:''' Honey, watch the willy.
-->'''Ward:''' Ma!
* PoliceAreUseless: Subverted, ''big time'' at the beginning. The FBI are taking Jason ''dead seriously'' and take no chances, assaulting him with a small army's worth of firepower and finally an ''airstrike''. It doesn't keep him down once and for all, but at least they actually managed to kill Jason for once.
* PunctuatedPounding
-->'''Steven:''' Go *punch* to *punch* Hell! *punch*
* PutTheirHeadsTogether: Possessed Robert kills two deputies with this.
* RealityEnsues: The government finally takes notice of the indestructible SerialKiller running loose. As a result, Jason goes up against a small army of FBI agents that are actually taking him dead seriously. Instead of fighting out of it an killing them all, Jason is gunned down and blown to bits. Being this is how the movie ''starts'', reality takes a back seat after that, but still.
* SarcasmMode: Duke is told to tell first thing that comes to his mind from the words "Jason Voorhees" during his television interview, and he responds with this:
-->Well, that made me think of a little girl in pink dress, sticking a hot dog through a donut.
* SeriesFauxnale: Even more blatantly than [[Film/FridayThe13thTheFinalChapter the last time]], as makers intended make continuation despite claims of the contrary.
** New Line Cinema did... Sean Cunningham really wanted this to be the last time Jason was ever seen.
* ShoutOut: This one has a few, more than any other installment in the series:
** Robert finds the [[Franchise/EvilDead Necronomicon]] in the Voorhees house.
** The [[Film/{{Creepshow}} Horlicks University Arctic Expedition crate]] is briefly shown in the cellar.
** And of course, [[spoiler: [[Franchise/ANightmareOnElmStreet Freddy Krueger's claw]] drags Jason's hockey mask down to Hell after he's defeated.]]
* ShovelStrike: Jason is whacked with a shovel in the climax.
* ShowWithinAShow: ''American Case File'', which Robert works for.
* ShowerOfAngst: Jessica is having one over the stress of her mother's death, but is interrupted when possessed Robert cuts the electricity.
* SlashedThroat: Jason tries to possess Stephanie, and Steven slashes his throat with a machete.
* SpoilerTitle: Predictably, the film ends with Jason going to Hell. It's [[SeriesFauxnale not the last film in the series]], however.
* StaggeredZoom: Used on Diana's eyes when she sees Jason's reflection from a mirror.
* StoppedNumberingSequels: Since New Line Cinema didn't acquire the ''Friday the 13th'' title from Paramount, they had to resort to "Jason something" titles for this and later installments.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: The FBI definitely weren't taking chances with Jason. The ''first'' shot fired is a head shot, followed by a small army's worth of concentrated fire from everything from pistols to shotguns to machine guns for about a minute, finished up with an ''airstrike''. It doesn't ''permanently'' kill him, but they gave it a ''really'' good shot.
* ThreeAmigos - The three teen campers who hitchhike to Camp Crystal Lake in order to celebrate Jason's official death. Luke, his brunette girlfriend Deborah, and her blonde friend Alexis.
* ThisWasHisTrueForm: Jason gets blown up at the beginning and spends almost the entire movie afterward as a little sludgy black eel monster, which Creighton Duke implies is his true form.
* YourHeadAsplode: In the uncut version, after impaling Vicki, Jason proceeds to crush her skull between his hands until he pops her head like a zit.