->''Out of primordial depths to destroy the world!''

A 1955 giant monster film, with StopMotion effects by Creator/RayHarryhausen.

Thanks to hydrogen bombs, a radioactive and hungry octopus of [[{{Kaiju}} gigantic proportions]] raises to surface to hunt the easiest prey of them all: Man.


* ArtisticLicenseBiology: Due to the low budget, Harryhausen gave the octopus only six tentacles.
* BigBad: The giant octopus rampaging across the sea.
* EventTitle
* FireBreathingWeapon: A trio of marines with flamethrowers is dispatched to drive the octopus back to the sea when it attempts haul itself into San Francisco.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Prof. Joyce grabs a long glass beaker as she asks Matthews if he has "time for love" while "driving that submarine around".
* GiantEyeOfDoom: To make it let go of their submarine, Dr. Carter has to swim close to one of the octopus's eyes and attack it.
* GiantSquid
* MonumentalDamage: The Golden Gate bridge gets thrashed by the octopus.
* NuclearNasty: While the radiation didn't create the giant octopus, it however made it desperate enough to come up from the depths to be able to feed itself.
* TheRealHeroes: Listening to a radio broadcast that is congratulating "the unsung heroes" of the attack on San Francisco, our protagonists raise their glasses in anticipation, only to hear that the broadcast is referring to civilian defense volunteers, the crossing guards and the street railway employees.
* ScreamingWoman: Prof. Joyce starts screaming as she sees the octopus in all of its glory for the first time.
* SensorSuspense: The octopus's first attack is depicted through submarine sonar and geiger counters.
* ShowSomeLeg: Prof. Joyce uses her feminine charm to make reluctant Seaman Hall tell about the giant octopus attacking his ship.