The remake of ''Film/HouseOnHauntedHill1959'' from 1999, directed by William Malone and starring Creator/GeoffreyRush, Creator/TayeDiggs, Creator/AliLarter, Creator/FamkeJanssen, and Creator/JeffreyCombs.

The setting of the fateful party is moved to an [[AbandonedHospital abandoned mental hospital]], the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane, said to be haunted by the malevolent ghosts of the murderous inmates. The head of the facility, Dr. Richard B. Vannacutt, performed grotesque experiments on his patients, killing many in the process. The hospital was only closed when a handful of inmates escaped, killing almost the entire staff and setting fire to the facility, while security gates trapped everyone inside.

Fast forward to the present, where amusement park mogul Stephen [[MythologyGag Price]] is leasing this facility for the Halloween party of his spoiled trophy wife Evelyn. The five invitees are given a similar challenge as in the original movie, only the pot has been upped to $1,000,000 for any survivors, plus the winnings of any who do not survive having their earnings added to those of any remaining survivors. Soon after the party begins, the security gates are tripped, and the partygoers are trapped inside the facility with the insane spirits haunting the facility - including not only all the inmates, but also Vannacutt himself.

The film marked the debut of Dark Castle Entertainment, which went on to produce ''Film/Thir13enGhosts'' and ''Film/HouseOfWax2005'', the former also a remake of a Creator/WilliamCastle movie. It was followed by a sequel, ''Return to House on Haunted Hill'', in 2007.
!! This remake contains examples of:

* AbandonedHospital: The asylum was closed down after a massive fire occurred.
* AntiVillain: The mental patients aren't evil but revolting against the abuse they suffered at the hands of the Staff.
** [[spoiler: The second movie reveals that even the staff members were not evil. Dr. Vannacutt was using the demon idol to make them kill. In the afterlife he was using it to control the ghosts and make them kill.]]
* AmusementParkOfDoom: Price plays with the line between "safe" thrills and "dangerous" thrills early on, when he sends guests for a ride on a roller coaster that is designed to fling the train ahead of you off the track, leading you to (logically) believe that you're about to die horribly, only for your train to continue over the same stretch of track unharmed. He thinks the whole thing is hilarious.
* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Subverted with Steven and Evelyn Price. In spite of both of their repeated attempts to humiliate and kill the other, there are moments that hint their may have once been real love in the marriage. Steven seems genuinely distraught when [[spoiler: he believes Evelyn has been murdered.]] Not only that [[spoiler: Evelyn fearfully calls out for Steven right before she is consumed by the [[EldritchAbomination evil spirit of the house.]]]]
* BackupFromOtherworld: Pritchard, after having died, appears as a ghost to help the last two escape.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: [[spoiler: Averted. Eddie escapes with Sara]].
* TheBlank: During Price's [[spoiler: hallucination]], The Blank shows up swimming through darkness. It has no eyes, no face, but a mouth. And fangs.
* BloodierAndGorier: Way more blood and gore compared to the original.
* BloodyHandprint: Prominently featured in the cover art.
* BulletProofVest [[spoiler: Steven]] is revealed to be wearing one near the end.
* CellPhonesAreUseless: Everyone has a cellphone. None of them work.
* ChairReveal: A security guard sitting in a chair is turned around to reveal [[spoiler:his face and everything in his skull missing]].
* ChooseYourOwnAdventure: The unrated DVD of the second film features technology which allows you to change the decision made by a character, and thereby radically alter outcome of the movie. There are 96 total ways the movie can play out.
* ClosedCircle: This starts out apparently engineered, until it becomes quite clear that the sanitarium is calling the shots.
* CreepyBasement: ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
* DeathByGenreSavviness: Pritchard.
* DoomedDefeatist: Pritchard.
* EldritchAbomination: [[spoiler: The monstrous creature that is the BigBad of the movie, resulted from the spirits of the house undergoing a forced FusionDance and wishes to add the [[YouWillBeAssimilated protagonists' souls to itself.]]]]
* EnclosedSpace: For both films; once they enter the building, they won't be able to leave so easily.
* ExactWords: "You'll never have to work another day in your life" [[spoiler:because I'm going to ''rip your brain out.'']]
* FaceRevealingTurn: [[spoiler: Hey, one of Price's guys, maybe can help us escHOLY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FACE...]]
* FinalGirl: [[spoiler: Sara, but it's a slight inversion considering Eddie survives too.]]
* GeniusLoci: Pritchard constantly warns the others that the house itself is alive and trying to kill everyone. [[spoiler:This is proven true near the end, when it manifests as a hive-mind entity comprised of the spirits of everyone who have died there. At one point a hallway even turns into a gaping mouth.]]
* HauntedHouse: A madhouse, to be exact. On a hill!
* HeroicSacrifice: Though usually not a very heroic character, [[spoiler: Price shoves Sarah out of the path of the resident EldritchAbomination, and is consumed by the monster himself.]]
* IronicHell: The last shot is of the spirits of Stephen and Evelyn Price still trapped in the asylum, being vivisected by patients for, one may assume, eternity.
* LosingYourHead: Happens during Price's hallucination in the Saturation Chamber when he sees his wife holding his still-living head.
* MadScientist: Vannacutt, who experimented on patients and even staff members while he was alive.
* ManOnFire: A patient was burned alive by an oven. When he has his chance as a ghoul, [[spoiler:he makes Desmond suffer the same fate]].
* MeaningfulName: Price. Also a ShoutOut.
* OnOneCondition: Just like the original, only with a bigger prize: stay in the house for one night and the winner gets one million dollars.
* ThePlace: The Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane
* PunnyName: The head doctor heavily into vivisecting is named Vannacutt (say with a Transylvanian accent).
* TheRemake: Made 40 years after the original.
* ScreamerTrailer: A similar effect is used in-movie.
* ShoutOut: The guest list Price types up for Evelyn's birthday (before the EldritchAbomination deletes it and makes a new one) is a list of shout outs)
** Mary Seward (script supervisor Mary Anne Seward)
** Valdemar Tymrak (a psychopath in the Series/TalesFromTheCrypt episode "Report from the Grave," directed by the film's director Creator/WilliamMalone)
** Molly Vaughn (unknown)
** W.L. Malone (director William Malone)
** GilbertAdler (one of the producers)
* SinsOfOurFathers: The whole reason the house has called these particular guests [[spoiler: is because all of them are descended from the sole survivors of the fire that destroyed the asylum. Except for Eddie (adopted) and Sarah (lied about her identity).]]
* TooDumbToLive: Jennifer when confronted with the ghosts just stands there and has to be pulled or pushed away several times.
* {{Undercrank}}: Used to creepy effect in the both movies for Vannacutt. Creator/JeffreyCombs was told to move in slow motion, and the footage was then sped up for the movie, creating MarionetteMotion.

!!''Return to House on Haunted Hill'' has examples of:

* ArtifactOfDoom: The cursed statue of Baphomet, which is the reason why Dr. Vannacutt's mental asylum is haunted by its previous inhabitants.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: Played with Warren, who is first of Desmond's crew to be killed by the ghosts.
* FinalGirl: [[spoiler: Averted again, both Ariel and Paul survive.]]
* GenreSavvy:
-->'''Kyle:''' "Wait. Did you ''really'' just suggest that we ''[[LetsSplitUpGang split up?]]'' In a ''Haunted House?''"
* GuttedLikeAFish: A henchman tries to break down a wall with a pickaxe, only to have a ghost's arm break out and tear open his stomach before pulling the victim into the hole.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler: Kyle jumps (or swims) in front of Ariel to save her from a ghost, but is then drowned himself.]]
* LetsSplitUpGang: Desmond suggests it in the beginning of the film. Kyle ''[[GenreSavvy immediately]]'' points out what a bad idea it is, but is ignored.
* MacGuffin: The statue of Baphomet, a valuable artifact which is sought out by Desmond and his crew.
* ShoutOut: Within the second film, the director works in two different allusions to Lucas films from Hammer with him commenting that Desmond "[[Film/ANewHope was once a pupil of his]]" and then later proclaiming that the Baphomet idol "[[Film/IndianaJonesAndTheLastCrusade belongs in a museum]]" in rapid succession.
* TheStinger: After the end credits, [[spoiler:an additional scene shows a hapless couple finding the statue of Baphomet washed on a beach]].
* SuddenSequelDeathSyndrome: Sara is found to be dead at the beginning of the film. [[spoiler:As her sister Ariel discovers, Desmond killed her.]]
* TearOffYourFace: The sole female member of Desmond's crew has her face cut off by the ghost of Dr. Vannacutt.
* YourHeadAsplode: A victim demonstrates what happens to a head when it's crushed by a safe.