A 2006 film starring Creator/SamuelLJackson and Creator/JessicaBiel about a group of [[HomeGuard National Guardsmen]] serving in [[TheWarOnTerror Iraq]] who are caught in an ambush and a fierce firefight during their [[{{Retirony}} last mission]] before being rotated back home. The bulk of the film deals with the hardships that each soldier faces upon returning home from the war.

* BoobyTrap: An insurgent drops a hand grenade with the pin pulled when he's shot. The soldiers barely managed to dive clear before it goes off.
* TheCameo: Creator/ChristinaRicci and Chad Michael Murray are better known actors than some of the main cast, but have very small roles in the film.
* ColdSniper: The first shot of the ambush is fired by an insurgent armed with a sniper rifle. His target of choice? One of the plentiful American soldiers? Nope, the ''Iraqi'' soldier!
* FinGore: Sergeant Vanessa Price, who gets part of her hand blown off when her truck is caught by a roadside bomb. She ends up having to get the whole hand amputated and replaced with a [[ArtificialLimbs prosthetic hand]].
* GrenadeLauncher: One of the soldiers in the squad has an M203 grenade launcher slung under his rifle. Doesn't do him much good in the end though.
* GunsDoNotWorkThatWay: During the ambush scene, one soldier is shown returning fire on insurgents with an M136 rocket launcher, but is holding it ''backwards''. Also, several [=M2HB=] heavy machine guns are seen mounted on humvees nearly flush with the roof of the vehicle in a way that's never done on real military humvees.
* HandGun: Col. Marsh is armed with an M9 Beretta pistol as his sidearm. While officers do carry pistols, it would have made more sense for him to have had a rifle to defend himself when off-base.
* TheMedic: Lieutenant Colonel William "Will" Marsh, a doctor who was traveling with the convoy when it was hit.
* {{Retirony}}: The troops were on the verge of rotating back home to the United States when they were sent out on one last humanitarian mission.
* ShellShockedVeteran
* StrangerInAFamiliarLand: The bulk of the film covers the soldiers attempting to re-adjust to life in the civilian world after recently having had to fight for their lives. Some of them do not adjust very well.
* SuicidalOverconfidence: One young soldier goes chasing blindly after an enemy after the rest of his squad mates have been killed or wounded. [[TooDumbToLive Predictably]], he ends up running past the bad guy's hiding place and gets shot from behind.