->''You have strucked Hercules!''

A comedy from 1969 (also known as ''Hercules Goes Bananas''), most notable as the film debut of Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger ([[StageNames credited as]] Arnold Strong), who was still [[NonActorVehicle transitioning]] from bodybuilding to acting.

Zeus sends his son Hercules on Earth, where HilarityEnsues as he comes across various situations which he solves with his SuperStrength.

!!This film has examples of:

* BearsAreBadNews: At one point Hercules's date comes to a halt when he has to fight a bear that has escaped from a zoo.
* BigApplesauce
* BullyingADragon: Hercules pisses some guy off, who punches him in the stomach, to [[NoSell no effect whatsoever]]. Somehow this doesn't deter the guy, who mocks Hercules (thinking he's faking it) and asks him to step outside. Hercules responds by chucking the guy across the room.
* DumbMuscle: Hercules is not the brightest of the bunch.
* FishOutOfWater
* MrFanservice: You don't cast a bodybuilder without having him take off his shirt at least once!
* OddCouple: The proud, muscular and belligerent Hercules with the weedy, nasal-voiced street vendor Pretzie.
* PecFlex: Herc gratuitously flexes his pectoral muscles before throwing a javelin.
* RecurringRiff: A Greek-sounding riff plays a lot.
* SadlyMythtaken: The film liberally mixes up Greek, Roman and even Christian mythology.
* SameLanguageDub: Arnold's voice was originally dubbed due to his thick accent, but the DVD releases of the film keep his voice.
* SuperStrength: Hercules' schtick.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Hercules often talks this way.