[[caption-width-right:350:Crossing the river.]]

-> "They have reached the Promised Land--the Land of "Milk and Honey"--the Land of GRASS".

''Grass'' is a 1925 documentary film directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. It is a record of the nomadic Bakhtiari tribe of Persia, 50,000 strong with 500,000 animals, as they make their seasonal migration to better pasture land. The filmmakers followed the Bakhtiari over the rugged desert of western Persia, across the unbridged Karun River, and over the nearly 14,000 foot Zard-Kuh Mountains, on their way to finding grass for their animals.

''Grass'' was a hit, and allowed Cooper and Schoedsack to follow up with ''Film/{{Chang}}'', a similar documentary that was nominated for an UsefulNotes/AcademyAward for "Unique and Artistic Production". That film also did well, which allowed Cooper and Schoedsack to make a little movie called ''Film/KingKong1933''.


* BookEnds: The Bakhtiari strike their tents at the start of the journey and put them up again at the end.
* CreatorCameo: Cooper and Schoedsack introduce themselves on camera before the film proper starts.
* CrossingTheDesert: Before even reaching the Bakhtiari, the filmmakers have to cross the "salt desert of Anatolia", and deal with sandstorms.
* DeadlyDustStorm: Cooper and Schoedsack have to deal with "blinding desert sand-storms" while crossing the Anatolian plain.
* TheDeterminator: An entire tribe of Determinators. Their sandals aren't suitable for mountain climbing, ''so they climb the mountain barefoot''.
** When they reach the Karun River, they make rafts out of inflated goat skins and wood. The crossing is perilous and quite a few of the livestock appear to be lost.
* {{Documentary}}: One of the first, although it was proceeded by ''Film/NanookOfTheNorth'' (1922).
* EarthyBarefootCharacter: Not all the time, but when they have to do it to climb a goddamn mountain, they go barefoot.
* OrganGrinder: In one Anatolian village a street performer has a dancing baby bear on a leash.
* PreciousPuppy: An incredible scene where a puppy hops out of a pouch on a camel's saddle, and the camel nuzzles the puppy.
* RepeatCut: Used when the Bakhtiari are striking a tent at the beginning of the journey.
* RoadTripPlot: The first third or so of the film involves Cooper and Schoedsack's journey from Turkey to Iran to meet the Bakhtari, which is arduous in itself. Then the Bakhtari go on their own epic journey to better grassland.
* SceneryPorn: Some amazing shots of rugged, snowcapped mountains, the river, the plains, the camels silhouetted against the sky.
* SplashOfColor: The first shot of the movie is what appears to be a hand-tinted scene of a camel train crossing the horizon, against a red sunset.
* TitleDrop: Haidar Khan, chief of the Bakhtiari, explains that the grass is withering, so they must move. The title is dropped again in the closing caption, which is also the page quote.