''Gone in 60 Seconds'' is a 2000 action film starring Creator/NicolasCage, directed by Dominic Sena, and written by Scott Rosenberg. It was produced by Creator/JerryBruckheimer, producer of ''Film/TheRock'' and ''Film/{{Armageddon}}'', and is a remake of the [[Film/GoneInSixtySeconds1974 1974 H.B. Halicki film of the same name]].

The film was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and throughout Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The film concerns "Memphis" Raines (Nicolas Cage), a former master car thief forced to return to his former trade and steal fifty specified cars for crime boss Raymond Vincent Calitri (Creator/ChristopherEccleston), who is threatening to kill Memphis' brother, Kip (Creator/GiovanniRibisi), because Kip had taken a contract but failed to fulfill it (a stolen Porsche Carrera was chased to Kip's warehouse and the collected cars were impounded).

Memphis now has to fulfill the contract and so reassembles his old crew, also joined by Kip's crew.

With Detective Castlebeck (Delroy Lindo) and his partner, Det. Drycoff (Creator/TimothyOlyphant) breathing down their necks, they decide to steal all the cars in one night, to reduce the chances of being caught. Also, in case the police are monitoring their communications, all of the cars they are stealing have female code names. The most famous one in the story is the 1968 Mustang, which is nicknamed "Eleanor."

But, the police already know about the boost and, after cracking an employee at the Mercedes dealership, who had earlier supplied Kip's crew with the special laser cut keys for a Mercedes, set a trap to catch them in action. It thus turns out to be a high action drama of a very long night.

Also featured are Creator/AngelinaJolie as "Sway", Robert Duvall as "Otto", and former professional soccer player Vinnie Jones as "Sphinx".

!! This movie contains examples of:

* AndStarring: "And Robert Duvall", complete with an attention-getting OrbitalShot just to make sure the audience is paying attention.
* AnythingButThat: When Calitri is trying to kill Memphis, Memphis is able to hold him at bay by using a wooden chair that [[ChekhovsHobby Calitri had earlier been building]] as if it were a HumanShield.
* ArtisticLicense: Police don't generally engage in high speed chases in city, better to just tail from a distance and have air support follow.
* AsianDrivers: The driving student, who is an Asian woman, is hopeless at any and all aspects of driving.
* AutoErotica: Memphis and Sway make out to pass the time while stuck in a car. Lots of DoubleEntendre lobbing occurs as they are doing so in a stick shift.
* AutopsySnackTime: Sphinx is working as a coroner and puts his sandwich down on a cadaver's chest to answer the phone.
* AwesomeMcCoolname: Memphis, Sway, Sphinx, Kip and ... Otto.
* CaperRationalization: Sure, the protagonists are a bunch of car thieves, but somebody's gotta save Memphis' brother. Once the day is saved, he gives Det. Castlebeck the location of the cargo ship where the stolen cars were held so they can be returned to their rightful owners.
* CarChase: [[CaptainObvious Well, yes, duh]].
* CarPorn: Many of the cars on the list get this treatment, particularly Eleanor.
* ChekhovsSkill: Calitri is shown during his introduction to be a skilled carpenter who spends his time building furniture, leading to AnythingButThat.
* CoolCar: '''Eleanor.'''
* DisneyVillainDeath: Calitri.
* DownLADrain: The film has an L.A. river chase scene.
* EnemyMine: [[spoiler:Memphis and Detective Castlebeck in the climax]].
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: After Calitri turns on the car crusher that Kip is being held in, Memphis grabs his gun and threatens him with it, screaming at him to turn the crusher off. Calitri, completely unfazed, delivers this gem:
-->You've got 30 seconds to consider your options. One: You kill me, they kill you, your brother dies anyway. Two: you lie, you accept the job, you run. I hunt you down, I kill you, your brother, and your mother, for the aggravation you've caused me. Three: You accept the job, you steal some cars, you make some money....and you be a big brother.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: Donny Astricky does ''not'' appreciate a thug pulling a gun on him to try and steal his car (which Donny just stole himself), because he considers it lazy thievery.
* EvilBrit: Raymond Vincent Calitri, Played by Creator/ChristopherEccleston.
* FakeAmerican: [[invoked]] PlayedWith. Memphis thought Sphinx was from Long Beach [[spoiler: until Sphinx gets in one line with Vinnie Jones's natural English accent.]]
* HelloAgainOfficer
* HeroAntagonist[=/=]SympatheticInspectorAntagonist: Castlebeck and Drycoff.
* ICallItVera: Eleanor.
* InformedAbility: The movie does a good job of making all the car thieves look cool and masterful in action, but at the point Memphis is preparing to steal the first of the Mercedes, we have only Detective Castlebeck's word that Memphis is somehow doing everything right in terms of counter-detection. To the audience, Nicolas Cage just got out of the car that brought him there and walks purposefully towards his target.
-->'''Detective Castlebeck''': ... he's smart. He watches his ass.
:: : [--Of course, moments later, he does correctly identify Castlebeck's van as a police surveillance van...--]
* InvisibleWriting: Memphis (Creator/NicolasCage) and his crew use this to hide a list of target cars, from Detective Castlebeck. The writing is only visible under "black light".
* ItsPopularNowItSucks: In-universe, Memphis claims this to be the reason why he doesn't want a particular sports car while visiting a dealership. In reality, he is just [[BatmanGambit convincing the salesman]] to help him find a particular, much rarer, and much more valuable car that he intends to steal.
* JurisdictionFriction: Within the LAPD. Detectives Castlebeck and Drycoff, who are investigating Calitri for auto theft, have their files on him confiscated by Homicide and are told to stay away from him.
-->'''Homicide detective''': Raymond Calitri is going down for ''murder one''. Boneheads.
* JustifiedCriminal: Memphis.
* KarmicDeath: Calitri had gone to the trouble of making a special coffin for Kip if he doesn't get his 50 cars on time. Guess how the coffin ends up getting used.
* LeonineContract: Memphis must steal 50 high-end cars, while being watched by the cops, or Calitri will kill his brother Kip.
* LethalChef: Kip has no part in any kind of [[AdjacentToThisCompleteBreakfast complete breakfast]].
* MomentKiller: Memphis and Sway are about to get intimate, but Sway breaks the moment by pointing out that they have an opportunity to steal the car they're after.
* MuggingTheMonster: A random car thief tries to jack Donny's already-stolen car at gunpoint. Donny punches him out, gives him a few kicks for good measure, then lectures him on being a lazy thief.
* MyCarHatesMe: Be nice to Eleanor, and she will be nice to you. Or not. She's kind of a bitch that way.
* MythicalMotifs: Eleanor doesn't only get called a pretty girl's name (the name is pretty, not the girl), she also gets called "the unicorn" by Memphis.
* ObsoleteMentor: Creator/RobertDuvall's character.
* OneLastJob: Memphis has actually retired as a thief, and comes out of retirement to save his little brother's bacon.
* PassThePopcorn: Memphis and Kip watching from the diner as Johnnie B is arrested.
* TheQuietOne: The Sphinx, whom everybody thinks is mute [[spoiler: until he [[SilentBob breaks into a philosophical speech]] at the end]].
* RefugeInAudacity: Knowing that the cops have their shopping list, and that some of the rarer cars are under surveillance, Memphis and Co. decide the simplest option is to [[spoiler:break into the police impound lot.]]
* ReportingNames: Each of the fifty cars is assigned a girl's name, so the crew can track what they've stolen.
* RoadApples: A dog eats a set of keys needed by the heroes. You know what comes next.
* RunningGag: [[MyCarHatesMe Eleanor]] stalls out and refuses to start pretty much whenever it is inconvenient to Memphis.
* SloMoBigAir: A car reaches low Earth orbit during the final chase scene. Unlike most examples, this is portrayed as a ''bad'' thing for the car.
* StupidCrooks: Kip at the beginning of the movie, when he steals the Porsche 911 Carrera, by smashing the dealership's window with a brick, and then driving like crazy, even goading a Honda Civic into a street race. And after attracting police attraction, by driving past a police unit at an excessive speed - assuming that he clearly saw the unit - still proceeds to bring the car to his team's hideout. Also, throughout the movie, his inexperienced and youthfully arrogant crew keep acting stupid and belligerent many times - like carjacking a car full of heroin that wasn't even on the target list.
* VanityLicensePlate: The Hummer's is "SNAKE". [[{{Foreshadowing}} Guess what they find inside?]]
** Something of a MythologyGag, referencing a tiger found in one of the Cadillacs, foreshadowed by a tiger's paw tattoo on a woman who looks just like (but isn't) [[Series/ThreesCompany Suzanne Summers.]]
* VillainProtagonist: Memphis.
* TheVoiceless: The Sphinx.
* UnflinchingWalk: Averted, Sphinx does indeed react to Johnny B's car, which he set on fire, exploding as he walks toward the fight.
* WatchThePaintJob: Don't make Eleanor angry. You won't like her when she's angry.