->''"This time, we will destroy it..."''
-->-- '''Commander Aso'''

The twentieth Franchise/{{Godzilla}} film and the fifth in the Heisei series. Continuing on borrowing familiar monster streak, Creator/{{Toho}} decided to choose [=MechaGodzilla=]. Titled "''[[NamesTheSame Gojira tai Mekagojira]]''" in Japan.

Instead of being made by aliens, [=MechaGodzilla=] is portrayed as an Earth creation reverse engineered from the robotic parts of [[Film/GodzillaVsKingGhidorah Mecha-King Ghidorah]]. Rodan also returns, as does the concept of Godzilla having a son. Godzilla was originally supposed to die in this film, but that was changed. The film had a strong box office reception. While story flaws were noted, the film, and its soundtrack specificially, are well reviewed.

In order to defeat Godzilla once and for all, the [=UNGCC=] (United Nations Godzilla Countermeasure Center) analyses the Futurians' technology from Mecha-King Ghidorah in order to build [=MechaGodzilla=]. Meanwhile, scientists investigate Adona Island and discover a enormous egg. They flee with the egg when Rodan attacks, only to be mortally wounded by Godzilla.

The egg hatches into [=BabyGodzilla=], a plant-eating Godzillasaur that's completely benign to humans. But Godzilla senses him and lays destruction as he makes a beeline toward him. [=MechaGodzilla=] is deployed and after an initial one-sided match, Godzilla bests him. The scientists manage to hide [=BabyGodzilla=] from Godzilla's senses, though, so the King of the Monsters retreats.

As [=MechaGodzilla=] is repaired and modified to combine with the rejected Garuda machine, the study of [=BabyGodzilla=] yields to a discovery that could finish Godzilla once and for all. But when Rodan revives and plans to get back his half-brother, what would our heroes do? And can [=MechaGodzilla=] kill Godzilla when an unlikely ally comes to his rescue?

!! This film contains examples of

* AIIsACrapshoot: In the manga version, Mechagodzilla's control went berserk to the point it remembers its original objective to kill Godzilla (due to it came from the remains of Mecha-King Ghidorah), literally tearing Godzilla apart by ripping his spines, giving him a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown, and as a last-ditch effort to kill him (despite being partially destroyed when Godzilla gains his new beam), use it's SelfDestructMechanism.
* ArmoredCoffins: Thankfully averted when the crew of Super Mechagodzilla survives Godzilla's newly acquired spiral atomic ray.
* BeamOWar: Godzilla and [=MechaGodzilla=] briefly engage in this in the final battle.
* BigBrotherInstinct: Rodan is determined to reunite with [=BabyGodzilla=], no matter what.
* BloodFromTheMouth: Rodan, in at least two occasions.
* BreathWeapon: Godzilla has his iconic nuclear breath, with Mechagodzilla having a beam equivalent and [[spoiler:Rodan acquiring his own nuclear breath for his second appearance]].
* BunnyEarsLawyer: Kazuma Aoki. He sneaks around modifying the rejected Garuda, is a fanboy of dinosaurs, and isn't exactly cut for military life. But he knows how to build and toy around with mecha.
* ColorCodedForYourConvenience: [[spoiler:Following Rodan's HeroicSacrifice, Godzilla's BreathWeapon turns from the traditional blue to red.]]
* CombiningMecha: Garuda attaches to Mechagodzilla's back to create Super Mechagodzilla (Seriously, that's the official name from Toho), which proceeds to paralyze Godzilla and almost kill him.
* CurbstompBattle: While Rodan is able to take out Garuda and one of [=MechaGodzilla=]'s eyes, Rodan is no match for [=MechaGodzilla=]'s beam arsenal.
* GentleGiant: Rodan was this in the manga adaptation (not destroying the transport helicopter, sparing Dr. Gojo), and willingly sacrifice itself so the egg would hatch.
* GratuitousEnglish: Several that do not involve American actors that stink at acting in the film.
* HeroicSacrifice: [[spoiler:Rodan gives up the last of his energy to reconstitute Godzilla's second brain, disintegrating in the process.]]
* MacrossMissileMassacre: Mechagodzilla, although this incarnation uses them more conservatively than the previous one, with [[BeamSpam beam weapons being the preferred choice]]. Once Mechagodzilla is believed to have the upper hand, however, the missiles are used with less restraint.
* MamaBear: In the manga adaptation, Gojo is this, except the egg hasn't hatched until the final battle.
* [[MidSeasonUpgrade Mid-Movie Upgrade]]: Mechagodzilla and Garuda are both given upgrades, in the middle of the movie, so that Garuda can attach itself to Mechagodzilla's back, allowing the two machines to create Super Mechagodzilla.
* MythologyGag: There are many. There are the two girls at the [=ESP=] Institute whose mannerisms resemble Mothra's fairies (and have the same actors), the original plan to defeat Godzilla in the [[Film/DestroyAllMonsters Ogasawara Islands]], and not to mention the score, some of which shouts back to the Showa Era.
* RaisedByHumans: [=BabyGodzilla=] by Azusa Gojo. Eventually, there's a heartbreaking farewell.
* RecycledSoundtrack: Many themes from Ifukube's Showa scores get reused here, such as Mechani-Kong's theme being modified to become Mechagodzilla's theme, and Kong and Susan from ''Film/KingKongEscapes'' being used as baby's theme.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: [=BabyGodzilla=]'s grow red when he's frightened. That doesn't make himself dangerous, but that does send a signal to the more dangerous Rodan and Godzilla.