A Live-Action Movie based off the popular comic strip ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}''. It was released in 2004 by TwentiethCenturyFox. It starred Creator/BillMurray as Garfield, [[RoadTrip Breckin Meyer]] as Jon, and JenniferLoveHewitt as Liz. It was directed by Joel Cohen.

The plot deals with Garfield, as lazy and fat as ever, being the extreme {{Jerkass}} and DeadpanSnarker he is. Jon Arbuckle buys a dog named Odie because his extreme crush, Liz Wilson told him to. Needless to say, Garfield doesn't like this, but then Odie gets kidnapped by a [[BigBad villain]] named "Happy Chapman". Garfield sets out on an adventure to rescue Odie...and get back to his beloved chair!

The movie was followed with a sequel in 2006, called ''Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties''. In it, Liz goes to England to make a speech, and while she, Jon, and Garfield are there, Garfield [[PrinceAndPauper gets his life mixed up with that of an English cat]].

There were also three [[AllCGICartoon CGI]] DirectToVideo {{Non Serial Movie}}s from 2007, 2008, and 2009: ''Garfield Gets Real'', about Garfield getting sick of his job as a comic strip character and going to the real world, ''Garfield's Fun Fest'', about Garfield trying to get Arlene back from a cat named "Ramone", and ''Garfield's Pet Force'', a spin off showing the characters as superheroes.
!!The live-action movies contain examples of:
* BadNewsIrrelevantNews: Used at one point in ''A Tail Of Two Kitties'':
--> '''Ferret''': Okay everyone, I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want first?
--> '''Everyone''': Bad news.
--> '''Ferret''': Okay, the bad news is that Prince is floating away in the river.
--> '''Bulldog''': Then what's the good news?
--> '''Ferret''': He was in a lovely picnic basket!
* CarCushion: Doubly subverted in the first movie. He's so heavy he falls straight through the ceiling of the truck. [[TrademarkFavoriteFood Into lasagna.]]
* DisasterDominoes: Garfield's destruction of Jon's living room in the first movie. At the end, a large shelf falls and perfectly misses Garfield.
* HumanFocusedAdaptation: The first movie came out at a time when in the comic, Liz looked down on Jon, when somehow she's madly in love with him in the movie. The comic would later follow suit.
* HypocriticalHeartwarming: Garfield treats Odie horribly throughout the film, but when [[JerkAss Happy Chapman]] [[KickTheDog tortures Odie with a Shock Collar]]]], Garfield is visibly disgusted by Chapman's actions.
--> '''Garfield''': Hey, nobody gets to mistreat my dog like that except me!
* LetsSeeYOUDoBetter: A CollectorsEdition {{DVD}} of the first movie has a tool for making your own ''Garfield'' strips.
* LiveActionAdaptation
* MirrorRoutine: In ''A Tale of Two Kitties'', Garfield and Prince do this when they finally meet, over a hedge arch. They desynchronize once Garfield tries some wicked dance moves.
* NotTheFallThatKillsYou: In the first movie, Garfield stumbles out the window of a tall building, and survives by landing in a lasagna truck. Ignore that fact that he hit the solid metal top of it first, which would be a solid floor with an impact equal to having hit the ground, if not more so. (Justified, as he is a cat.)
* PlotHole: In the second film, the "castle" [[note]]It's called a castle, but it isn't.[[/note]] is in Carlisle which is just south of the boarder of Scotland, so why was the butler looking for the cat in London?
* PrinceAndPauper: The main idea of ''A Tail Of Two Kitties''.
** The UK version was even called ''[[PunbasedTitle The Prince and the Paw-per]]''.
* RealSongThemeTune: In the first ''Garfield'' movie, Garfield turns on the TV and the song called "Hey Mama" by the Music/BlackEyedPeas plays in its music video, which makes Odie dance. The song would repeat again in the contest, this time from the radio.
* {{Retcon}}: Jon buys Odie from a pet shop in the first movie, despite the fact that in the strip, Jon's former roommate Lyman gave him to him.
* RiskyBusinessDance: The first movie's trailer.
* ShoutOut: The first movie has ones to ''Film/ApocalypseNow'', ''CapeFear'', ''Disney/TheLionKing'', ''Film/JerryMaguire'', ''Film/{{Apollo 13}}'', and ''VideoGame/Rayman3HoodlumHavoc''.
** Also, Garfield watches TV at one point in the first movie, and watches a bit of ''CheaperByTheDozen'', ''{{Lassie}}'', ''Film/OldYeller'', ''Benji'', ''Oh Heavenly Dog'', ''Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog'', and ''The Best Damn Sports Show Period''. Also, ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', and ''AnAffairToRemember'' are on the TV at other points in the movie.
** ''Tail of Two Kitties'' has [[UpToEleven even MORE]], to ''Film/TheMalteseFalcon'', ''Literature/TheUglyAmerican'', ''Born Free'', ''Fists of Fury'', ''Film/TheJeffersons'', ''Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI'', ''Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo'', ''TheSilenceOfTheLambs'', ''Film/FreeWilly'', ''FearFactor'', and ''Literature/OliverTwist''.
* SphereEyes: Garfield only. Which is slightly creepy to some, even for a CGI talking animal in a live action movie.
* StarringSpecialEffects
* TheTropeFormerlyKnownAsX: "I'm not Prince. I'm not even the cat formerly known as Prince."
!!The CGI movies contain examples of:
* ThreeDMovie: ''Garfield's Pet Force'' was re-released with a 3D version.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Shecky (a cat from the Real World who was brought into the Cartoon World at the end of ''Garfield Gets Real'').Altough he reappears in Garfield's Fun Fest.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: At one point in ''Garfield Gets Real'', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UhclY-nMgA#t=34s Garfield and Odie hide behind a poster of themselves with a black-and-white comic as the background.]] The comic is a grayscale version of [[http://i.imgur.com/nO6aQ.gif this edited strip]]. Most of the time, it's too blurry to read the text, but [[http://i56.tinypic.com/szjser.png when Garfield and Odie react to Hale and Hardy's introduction, the text that isn't blocked is fully visible]]. That's right, '''they canonized Jon dropping the F-bomb.''' (The movie ''is'' unrated, but it's still pretty shocking that they let that slip by.)
* SpinOff: ''Pet Force''.