''Game Over: Control Alt Death'' is a bit of an unusual movie. For starters, it was composed mainly of FMV cutscenes from old, forgotten Sega CD games. On top of that, it features "stars" like Yasmine Bleeth and Walter Koenig... who only appear in the recycled FMV footage, and the latter of whom is entirely overdubbed by a child actor. Even worse, it was released direct-to-video by a company called York Entertainment. And the back of the box promises features like "Spanish Subtitles" and, yes, "Menus".

[[SoBadItsGood What could possibly go wrong?]]

In case you're not able to comprehend how ''epically weird'' this movie is, a trailer is available [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mJWKKJ_7Ro here]], and at least some of the FMV cutscenes which make up most of the movie are available elsewhere on Website/YouTube.
!!''Game Over: Control Alt Death'' provides examples of:

* AIIsACrapshoot: Our villain for this film.
* [[LadyNotAppearingInThisGame Lady Not Appearing In This Film]]: The [[{{Fanservice}} topless woman in vinyl pants]] on the DVD cover. In [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony's]] words, "And before you get too excited about that, this woman does not appear topless in the movie, nobody goes topless in this movie. In fact, this woman does not appear ''at all'' in this movie."
** CoversAlwaysLie
* LargeHam: Practically every actor in the movie.
* PlayfulHacker: The protagonist.
* PsychopathicManchild: Drexel comes off as this, considering its obsession with video games.
* StockFootage: All of the virtual reality scenes are taken from FMV games including ''Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka'', ''Supreme Warrior'', ''Prize Fighter'', ''Corpse Killer'' and the unreleased FMV game ''Maximum Surge'' (where a majority of the footage is taken from).
* TechnoBabble: Raised to an art form. At one point, a scientist mentions that an evil AI was able to use his vast intellect to spontaneously generate new technologies like force fields. And he didn't have to do any R&D or engineering, nor did he need any materials or labor to ''construct'' the damn thing. Yeah.
* YourMindMakesItReal: The main character ''bleeds profusely'' while losing a boxing game.