''Fun Size'' is a 2012 teen comedy starring Music/VictoriaJustice, Jane Levy, Chelsea Handler, Thomas Mann and Johnny Knoxville.

Cleveland teen Wren and her best friend April get invited to a Halloween party thrown by the hottest guy in school. Unfortunately, her mom makes her watch her little brother Albert during the night. He gets lost and Wren goes through the whole town searching for him while he gets caught up in a little adventure of his own.

The directorial debut of Josh Schwartz, and the second Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} movie to be rated PG-13.

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!!This film provides examples of:

%% * AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Albert
%% * TheAllegedCar: Roosevelt's moms' Volvo.
%% * AsianAndNerdy: Peng
%% * BetweenMyLegs: Shot shown frequently in the commercials, of the girl cosplaying as Galaxy Scout.
%% * CoolLoser: Wren and April.
%% * DarkerAndEdgier: Definitely edgier for a Nickelodeon movie.
%% * DeadpanSnarker: Both Wren and April.
* DisappearedDad: Wren and Albert's father is deceased, and Wren, Joy, and Albert's personal ways of coping with his death are their defining character traits.
* HasTwoMommies: Roosevelt has two moms. They're also HippieParents.
%% * HollywoodNerd: Roosevelt
%% * NotWhatItLooksLike:
%% **
%% -->'''Fuzzy''': I am ''not'' trying to lure a kid into my car!
%% ** A man gets caught reading ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey''.
* OneCrazyNight: Four friends go on the hunt for a missing boy on Halloween en route to the biggest party of the year. The boy is having adventures of his own.
%% * PairTheSpares: [[spoiler:April and Peng hook up by the end.]]
%% * PoliceAreUseless
%% * PrecisionFStrike: An S-bomb is dropped ''four'' times.
%% * ToiletHumor: A fair amount.
%% * TheVoiceless: Albert [[spoiler:until the end.]]