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->''What are your boundaries?''

''Frontier(s)'' is a French horror film directed by Xavier Gens.

In the midst of a right-wing extremist being elected in Paris, riots spark the street. A group of thieves take advantage of the chaos to pull off a robbery before fleeing to a nearby hostel near the border. Unfortunately for them, the place is run by a group of neo-Nazi cannibals. Things get messy. ''Really'' messy.

The film was set to be part of the Creator/AfterDarkHorrorfest film festival but the [[MoralGuardians MPAA]] slapped an [=NC-17=] on it and, rather than edit the film, After Dark decided to give it an unrated limited theatrical release elsewhere.

!!This film provides examples of:
* AxCrazy: Goetz is a maniac to put it ''mildly''.
* ArrangedMarriage: Part of the family's way of extending their bloodline.
* BigBad:Karl Von Geisler Sr. [[spoiler: but [[DiscOneFinalBoss he dies first]]]].
%%* BigScrewedUpFamily
* [[spoiler:BittersweetEnding: Yasmine survives and is able to leave the hostel after killing the Neo-Nazis minus Eva, but all of her friends are dead, she's arguably incredibly traumatized and the movie ends with her delivering herself to the police who stop her car]].
* BloodyHandprint: [[spoiler:Farid]] leaves one as he's boiled alive in the steam room.
* BrokenHeel - Von Geisler cuts the Achilles tendon of one of the thieves.
* BodyHorror - Plenty, but [[spoiler: Farid's death]] comes to mind the most.
%%* CannibalClan
* CollidingCriminalConspiracies: Thieves vs. ''Texas Chainsaw Massacre''-style horror-film cannibals.
* CreepyChild - Eva. But she is also a TokenGoodTeammate.
* DepravedBisexual: Gilbrette and Klaudette are two sisters who seduce men to lure them to be killed and eaten by their CannibalClan breathren, and are willing to [[BrotherSisterIncest make out with each other]] to do the job.
* DysfunctionalFamily: The cannibals frequently bicker with one another and seek the approval of the patriarch.
* ChildrenAreInnocent: Eva is naive and still believes her parents will come to pick her up.
* CrapsackWorld: France is depicted as this. In urban areas, an extreme rightist Prime Minister winning an election is sparking citywide riots, while the country has cannibalistic Nazis roaming the woods.
* HeelFaceTurn - [[spoiler:Eva follows this path. She's a kind, yet obedient, member of the family to start out with, but she switches allegiances when she saves FinalGirl Yasmine from Karl by shooting him dead.]]
* FinalBoss: Gilberte is the last member of the cannibal clan to face off against Yasmine.
* {{Final Girl}}s - While movie technically has ''two'' final girls, neither fit the wholesome image of the final girl (at least by association). Yasmine is pregnant member of a group of thieves, and Eva is a kind but obedient member of the cannibalistic family that's killed Yasmine's companions.
* {{Fingore}} - A character's fingers are blown off with a shotgun.
* {{Gorn}} - It's not as gory as ''Film/{{Inside}}'' but it's very brutal at times.
* ForcefulKiss - Karl Jr. gives one to Yasmine.
* ImAHumanitarian: The family eats their victims.
* InnOfNoReturn - It's run by a family of cannibalistic neo-Nazis. Meaning, once a guest checks in, there's no checking out.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Alex who after acting like a douche to everybody [[spoiler: sacrifices himself to help Yasmine escape. He fails in the immediate aftermath and succeeds in the end.]]
* NobleDemon: Hans. He is no nice guy but he shows less malice than others and also is nice to Eva.
* OneWordTitle: ''Frontier(s)''
* TheQuietOne - Hans only has a few lines of dialogue and spends most of his scenes silent.
* RealityHasNoSubtitles: Karl Sr. gives a speech in German at the dinner table that is untranslated.
* ShoutOut - To ''Film/TheTexasChainSawMassacre1974'', in particular the dinner scene near the end.
* TakeThat - Largely against Sarkozy-era France and many of its anti-Muslim policies.
* TraumaticHaircut - Yasmine has most of her hair cut off to be presentable for the rest of the family.
* NaziGrandpa - Karl Von Geisler Sr is a former Nazi from World War II.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain - Well, they're neo-Nazis, so what did you expect?
* YourHeadAsplode: [[spoiler:Karl Jr.]]'s head explodes after being shot with a shotgun.
* TheUnfavorite - Hans appears to be this.
* WellDoneSonGuy - Goetz seeks his father's approval and is frustrated that he gets no respect.