''Frenemies'' is a Creator/DisneyChannel Original Movie (very) loosely based on a book of the same name. The film has three separate plots connected by the theme of [[FriendlyEnemy friends becoming enemies]].

The first story follows a [[ABoyAndHisX a boy (Jake Logan) and his dog (Murray)]] whose friendship is threatened by Jake's popular new girlfriend Julianne (Creator/StefanieScott). The second follows best friends Avalon (Creator/BellaThorne) and Halley (Creator/ZendayaColeman) who are given a chance to turn their web magazine into a real publication at the price of dumping one or the other. The third follows Savannah and Emma (both Mary Mouser) in a modern re-telling of Literature/ThePrinceAndThePauper.

If you were looking for the {{Trope}}, you are looking for FriendlyEnemy.

!!This film provides examples of:

* ABoyAndHisX: A boy and his dog in the A plot.
* AloofBigBrother: Kendall to Halley.
* AlphaBitch: Julianne in plot A, Walker in plot B.
* AmbitionIsEvil: Ms. St. Claire and the entire B plot.
* BlackAndNerdy: Halley
* DancePartyEnding: Set to "Pose" by Creator/StefanieScott.
* EvilDetectingDog: Murray was the first to know about Julianne's intentions to manipulate Jake into doing her project and spends the entire Plot A acting very aggressively towards her.
* ExtravertedNerd: Jake
* TheFilmOfTheBook: Though [[PragmaticAdaptation only the names have been carried over]].
* FleetingDemographicRule: A Princess and Pauper plot on the Disney Channel was last done by the ''Series/LizzieMcGuire'' [[TheMovie movie]].
* {{Fauxreigner}}: [[spoiler: Jean Franc/John Frank]].
* FriendlyEnemy: It's right there in the title.
* LargeHam: Creator/BellaThorne and Creator/ZendayaColeman in Plots A and C.
* LovableAlphaBitch: A male example with Walker.
* LoveDodecahedron: OwenJosh<>Emma* {{Portmantitle}}
* PragmaticAdaptation: On a ''massive'' scale, almost towards being closer to a DolledUpInstallment. Literally, the only things the Disney Channel movie and original book have in common is the fact that the two main characters are named Halley and Avalon. Everything else has been completely changed and rewritten, the most obvious of which being the two other stories quite blatantly tacked onto the ends of Halley's and Avalan's story. The "main" story also greatly differs from the book as well and is ''much'' darker in tone and resolution (alot closer to Literature/TheClique than ThePowerOfFriendship message the movie pushes) as well as ending in a SequelHook (which indeed is continued in the next book in the series).
* PrinceAndPauper: Plot C.
* ThePowerOfFriendship: The entire movie.
* StrictlyFormula: One of the [[FanNickname derisive nicknames]] for the movie is ''The [[Creator/BellaThorne CeCe]] and [[Creator/ZendayaColeman Rocky]] Movie Featuring [[Creator/StefanieScott Lexi]]'' because their characters come off as carbon copies of their ''Series/ShakeItUp'' and ''Series/ANTFarm'' counterparts (save that Lexi frequently has more likeable moments than Julianne.)
** Not to mention the shopworn ''Prince and the Pauper'' tale that makes up the rest of the movie.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Savannah and Emma.
* UptightLovesWild: [[spoiler: Walker and Avalon.]]