''Everest'' is a 1998 theatrically released IMAX documentary, directed by David Breashears, Stephen Judson and Greg [=MacGillivray=]. Narrated by Creator/LiamNeeson. It depicted the real life faced by mountain climbers when climbing the eponymous Mount Everest, on the borders of Nepal and the People's Republic of China.

Besides the expected depictions of mountain climbing and avalanches, the film crew was on ground for the May 10, 1996, Everest disaster. Eight people were killed during summit attempts and others were trapped in a blizzard. Since the film managed to record at least part of the events, it became historically significant on its own.

When released, it became a box office hit, gaining $125,700,000 worldwide. With about $76 million earned in the United States alone, it was the 26th most successful film of its year and remains among the most profitable documentaries.

In 2015 a [[Film/{{Everest|2015}} film with the same name dramatizing the same events]] came out.
!!This film features examples of:

* {{Documentary}}: For obvious reasons.
* ThePlace
* SnowedIn: The problem faced by the unfortunate climbers.