Creator/WernerHerzog film with an entire cast made up of people with Dwarfism. Like Tod Browning's ''Film/{{Freaks}}'', it is surprisingly human and unexploitative. And also truly bizarre. They may live in an asylum, but they are still human beings with human needs. This leads them to riot, mostly out of boredom. The movie seems to take place in a world of dwarfs, since no normally sized people appear in it.
!! ''Even Dwarfs Started Small'' provides examples of:
* AuthorAppeal: Once again, Werner Herzog's Chicken Phobia shows up.
* CrapsackWorld: During the duration of the film, the viewer ''enters'' a CrapsackWorld.
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: Perhaps. It's just as possible they couldn't afford color film stock.
* {{Flashback}}: The film begins with the dwarfs rounded up and being interrogated for their insurrection.
* FoodFight
* [[GigglingVillain Giggling]] "[[GigglingVillain Villain]]": Many of the dwarfs seem pleased with themselves throughout the insurrection. One in particular never lets up.
* KickTheDog: The dwarfs are not innocents. They start cockfights, kill a mother pig, crucify a monkey, burn down a tree, look at pornography, and generally act like nuisances.
* LeFilmArtistique: An archetypal real life example.
* NonActorVehicle
* SceneryGorn: See below.
* SceneryPorn: Ever so inverted, unless you like concrete walls and corrugated tin. The photography itself is pretty good though.
* ScreamingWarrior: The conquering dwarfs when they take on the blind dwarf.
* TenMinutesInTheCloset: Well, a bedroom. With a full sized bed. The man in the equation can't get up onto the bed.
* TwoferTokenMinority: Despite people with Dwarfism making up the entire cast, the ''blind'' dwarves still manages to stand out.