A 1988 film starring Jim Varney as his signature character, ErnestPWorrell. In it, Ernest has to save Christmas by helping Santa Claus, who has been incarcerated after trying to track down a man who has been chosen to be the next Santa. It's up to Ernest to get Santa out of jail and get a hold of Joe, the man chosen to be the next Santa.

!Tropes present:
* EightiesHair: Harmony has this.
* AnAssKickingChristmas: Joe is being forced to star in a movie that is essentially this, but it goes against his morals.
* BareYourMidriff: Harmony's outfit.
* BerserkButton: The director of "Christmas Slay" sure knows how to tick Santa off. "Terrorize children on Christmas?!"
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Santa punches the director of the sci-fi/horror movie Joe's up for in the face after learning how meanspirited it is, giving him a black eye.
* FaceCam: Just like in the Ernest P. Worrell commercials, the movie includes a brief scene from Vern's POV.
* FriendToAllChildren: Joe Carruthers , which is why he's the perfect candidate to be Santa's replacement.
* HowCanSantaDeliverAllThoseToys: Ernest gives an answer that's just plain {{Technobabble}}.
* HyperspaceWardrobe: As with every Ernest movie.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Harmony eventually comes to this realization [[spoiler: after she steals Santa's magic toysack.]]
* OverlyLongGag: "M." ''"V."'' "M." ''"V."'' "M." ''"V."'' "M." ''"V."''
** "Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree...oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree."
* ProductPlacement: Surprisingly averted, seeing as the film is [[DisneyThemeParks set in Orlando]]. Although there was a scene filmed at Disney's Hollywood Studios, it was not portrayed as such.
* TheRunaway: Harmony, a teenage girl Ernest picks up while driving his taxi and who tags along for most of the movie.
* SantaClaus
* [[RousseauWasRight Santa Was Right]]: Santa's respective belief in both Joe and Harmony ultimately pays off by the end.
* SavingChristmas: See above.
* ShoutOut: To ''Film/StarWars'' when Ernest hits "Priority Delivery" mode on the sleigh and the sleigh suddenly accelerates within a light pattern much like the ''Millennium Falcon'' going into light speed.
** And then the sleigh flies circles around the world, similar to ''{{Film/Superman}}''.
* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: The checkin attendant at the airport hardly bats an eye when Santa gives his name and then the two elves later in the movie.