[[caption-width-right:350:'''Nobody''' rides his train for free.]]

AKA ''The Emperor of the North Pole''. In this 1973 Depression-era film, legendary hobo "A no 1" (Creator/LeeMarvin) vows to be the first man to successfully hitch a ride on the train run by the brutal conductor Shack (Creator/ErnestBorgnine), who has vowed to prevent such a thing from ever happening. The resulting battle is memorably bloody.

!!Contains examples of:

* CoolTrain: Oregon Pacific & Eastern No. 19, the locomotive who appears most in the film as head of "Shack's train".
* TheGreatDepression
* {{Hobos}}: Naturally.
* HollywoodFire: Averted
* RunawayTrain: Shack pushes his luck, but the train is never out of control.
* TrainTopBattle: And under the train...and on the side of the train...