''Eat, Pray, Love'' is the 2010 adaptation of the [[TheFilmOfTheBook best-selling memoir of the same name]] by Elizabeth Gilbert, and stars Creator/JuliaRoberts, [[Film/AlmostFamous Billy Crudup]], James Franco and [[NoCountryForOldMen Javier Bardem]].

Liz (Roberts) is a writer stuck in an unhappy marriage. After getting divorced and jumping straight into another relationship, Liz realizes she needs to go on a JourneyToFindOneself and decides to spend a year abroad, going to places like UsefulNotes/{{Rome}}, Italy; a village in India; and Bali, Indonesia.

!!This film provides examples of:

* BigEater: Liz turns into one while in Italy.
* FoodPorn: A lot of attention is paid to the many pasta dishes Liz enjoys while in Italy. Not to forget that awesomely-looking pizza in Napoli.
* GratuitousItalian: Averted- Liz is in Italy to learn the language and practice with the locals.
* InformedFlaw: We have no idea ''why'' Liz is so unhappy in her marriage.
* JourneyToFindOneself: The whole point of the film.
* LatinLover: Felipe
* LotusPosition: Used by Liz when meditating.
* OliveGarden
* SceneryPorn: All over the place, given the filming locations.
* SimSimSalabim: Averted for the most part. Although a few critics (like MarkKermode) have criticized the film for pandering to exoticism.
* TheUnfairSex: Liz ends her marriage without any remorse or consideration for her ex-husband. Viewers are to automatically assume that its all his fault.