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''Dr. Dolittle'' is a 1998 comedy film starring Creator/EddieMurphy as a doctor who has the ability to talk to animals. It is inspired by the ''Literature/DoctorDolittle'' books by Creator/HughLofting, but doesn't much resemble them.

A sequel, ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', was released in 2001. There are also three more direct-to-video sequels in which the central character is Dr. Dolittle's daughter Maya, played by Creator/KylaPratt.

(For the 1967 film starring Creator/RexHarrison, see ''Film/DoctorDolittle''.)

!!This film series provides examples of:

* ActuallyPrettyFunny: Dr. Dolittle tricks his wife, Lisa, into thinking he's bought her a fancy new sports car in order to make a point about her supposedly not caring about money. After admitting that, "no, actually, the van's around the corner," he does a breathless, girlish imitation of her excited "Oh, John, you didn't, you didn't!" Lisa tells him "That's not funny," but her facial expression and barely restrained laughter clearly indicate that she knows he got her good, even if she doesn't want to admit it out loud.
* AllAnimalsAreDomesticated: Wild animals are casually comfortable around Dolittle.
* AnAesop: "It's okay to be weird", for the first film.
* AnimalGenderBender: A pigeon with a female voice has the familiar feather coloration -- which is a trait of male pigeons.
* AnimalStereotypes: The animals' personalities are this, unless something else is required for the plot.
* AnimalTalk: At least they talk to Dolittle.
* AscendedExtra: Charisse had a fairly small part in the first film but is given more focus in the second while Maya, who had a lot more focus in the first film, is DemotedToExtra.
* AssShove: Lucky's anus swallows a thermometer during a veterinarian's examination. It has to be "retrieved manually".
* BabiesEverAfter: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'' [[spoiler:Dolittle intends for this to happen with Archie and Ava so as to try and save the forest and the endangered Pacific Western bear species. Eventually it works and in the final scene, Archie and Ava have two cubs.]]
* BeeAfraid: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', this happens to Archie [[spoiler:when he's trying to get the beehive for Ava]]. The bees then briefly go over to Dolittle, and after that, [[KickTheSonOfABitch they attack Riley]]. Twice, it happens again later too.
* BerserkButton: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', Archie has two, and both are pushed by Dolittle in the same scene. He doesn't like being called a coward (even when he's acting like one), and he doesn't like being poked. When Dolittle angrily keeps poking him, Archie snaps and pushes him off a small cliff.
* BigWhat: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', the man on the phone early on does an indignant one after John calls him a punk.
* {{Bowdlerize}} Depending on the network airing the movie, the line "Throw the damn ball!" might have its expletive removed, and Dolittle's question about dogs sniffing each other may also be trimmed.
* BringMyBrownPants: The guinea pig:
-->"You scared the crap out of me! See? There it is."
** Though it's possible Rodney could have just been taking advantage of the opportunity to make a pun. Anyone who has ever owned a guinea pig will tell you that these creatures poop ''a lot''.
* CaptivityHarmonica: [[spoiler:In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', Archie plays one during one of the scenes he is in jail.]]
* CatsAreMean: Discussed.
* CatUpATree: In ''Dr Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts'', Maya Dolittle rescues an old lady's cat, but the cat refuses to leave the tree until the old lady stops giving him baths.
* ChekhovsGun:
** Dogs. The last animal Dolittle spoke to as a boy was his pet dog. The first animal [[WhamLine that speaks to him as an adult]] is a dog that eventually becomes his pet dog.
** In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', the beehive on the log up on the cliff. Ava tells Archie that bears have died trying to reach it. [[spoiler:Archie decides then and there to win Ava over by trying to get the hive. He does it a few scene later, to the shock of Ava and Dolittle, almost falling off when the log starts to come loose under his weight and getting stung by bees, but it works.]]
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Rodney the guinea pig does not appear and is never mentioned again after the first movie. Given that Guinea pigs have short life spans, he likely died.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Calloway in the first film and Potter in the second.
* DeadManWalking: As a dog is being led away to be put down at the pound that Lucky's taken to, one of the dogs comments "dead dog walking."
* TheDoorSlamsYou: At the Calnet meeting, Mark mocks Gene behind his back, and Gene opens a door into Mark's face, breaking his nose.
* EggMcGuffin
* EvenTheDogIsAshamed: Dolittle's dog does not tolerate Dolittle's son's failure at hot-or-cold.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', a couple of hints are dropped that [[spoiler:Charisse has inherited Dolittle's ability to talk to animals]] before its reveal late in the film, such as the scene where [[spoiler:Charisse tells him he's the one who talks to the animals, not her]], and goes off on a bit of rant about it, and later when she tells Maya that [[spoiler:if Papito could understand her, she'd tell him "how sick [she] is of all these stupid animals, and Papito replies "Ooh, that really hurt."]]
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Dr. Dolittle becoming this is part of the plot.
* GetOut: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', [[spoiler:after Archie gets the hive for Ava and wins her over from Sonny]], Ava, sick of Sonny's disrespect towards her and Archie, tells him to take a hike, and he never appears again after that.
* GratuitousSpanish: The orangutan in the first film, of whom Dr. Dolittle needs to prove that it can speak. It does end up speaking... Spanish.
* HeartbreakAndIceCream: [[spoiler:After Ava goes off with Sonny despite clearly liking Archie more, citing that she needs more than just a "city bear"]], Archie breaks into a store and raids the freezer for ice cream, realizing while eating Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia that [[LoveEpiphany he's in love with Ava]].
* HollywoodChameleon: Subverted in ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', with Papito the chameleon, who thinks he has the ability to blend completely into the background, but never can. At the end, Charisse paints a room completely green as a surprise for Papito, and it looks like he finally got his dream.
* IAmNotWeasel
-->'''Dr. Dolittle''': I think we should get rid of Maya's little rat thing.\\
'''Mrs. Dolittle''': He's a guinea pig. I don't know why you let him get to you.
* InsultMisfire: In the first movie:
--> Pigeon, helping to defend Dolittle's operation against the police: [[PoliceBrutality Pigs go home. Pigs go home.]]
--> A Pig, walking away in confusion: Huh?
--> Pigeon: No, not you... the police.
* IronicEcho: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'' Dolittle tries to get an endangered bear to mate in order to save a forest. The CorruptCorporateExecutive tells him that won't happen so he makes an offer noting this way he can save face, won't have to admit he was wrong, and won't look like a fool. When Dolittle gets the animals to unite against him, he proposes they set up a meeting as it's the only way to save face, he won't have to admit he was wrong, and he'll get out of the situation without looking like an idiot.
* IsThatAThreat: ''Dr. Dolittle 2'':
-->'''Dr. Dolittle:''' You're an endangered species!\\
'''Archie:''' Is that a threat, buddy?
* {{Jerkass}}: Mark Weller and Blaine Hammersmith in the first film. Mark Weller is very greedy and is sometimes rude to Dolittle, while Blaine is Dolittle's old rival from their medical school days.
** In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', Sonny. He's disrespectful towards Ava and contemptuous of Archie, calling him "circus boy" and even hoping at one point [[spoiler:while Archie is trying to get the beehive for Ava]] that Archie falls to his death. When [[spoiler:Archie succeeds in getting the hive]], Sonny angrily orders Ava to come with him, but Ava [[GetOut tells him to take a hike]].
** Also in ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', Potter and Riley, the CorruptCorporateExecutive and TheDragon who want to level the forest.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Dr. Dolittle. He at first hates animals after he stops talking to them as a child and at times doesn't take Charisse and Maya seriously, but especially Maya, who wants him to like her as a person. In the second film, this continues when he becomes a bit of an OverprotectiveDad to Charisse and snaps at Archie out of frustration at his refusal to cooperate. He still loves his family, though, warms up to animals after a while when he embraces the fact that he can talk to them, convinces the tiger not to commit suicide, is willing to save a rat (who had been a jerkass to him throughout the movie) from what he thinks is death (it's just gas), tries to save an entire forest from being levelled by a logging company, and the reason he snaps at Archie is not only because he won't cooperate, but because Lisa and Charisse are mad at him, he's being pestered by Charisse's annoying boyfriend, Eric, and because if Archie doesn't cooperate, the entire population of the forest won't have anywhere to live, and when it looks like the animals seem to have giving up trying to save the forest, he rallies them to carry on.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', [[spoiler:when Archie is trying to get the beehive]], the bees escape from it and try and attack Riley, who, up until this point, has been gleefully watching the scene through his binoculars and hoping out loud that the log breaks under Archie's weight. Riley sees the bees coming towards him, panics and runs for it. It also forms a BrickJoke when Potter locks him out of the building when the animals close in, and the bees reappear.
* LoveEpiphany: Archie realises he's in love with Ava [[HeartbreakAndIceCream while eating Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream]].
%%* LoveMakesYouDumb
%%* LoveTriangle
* ManHug: Dolittle and Archie have one at the end of ''Dr. Dolittle 2''. Dolittle manages to choke out that Archie is crushing his spine.
* AMinorKidroduction: Dolittle is introduced as a boy talking to his pet dog.
* MotorMouth: Rodney the guinea pig.
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Archer realized his mistake thinking his son's AnimalTalk is a disability, since he was afraid it would ruin his life. Now he sees it as a gift.
* NameOne: When the good doctor tries to convince a suicidal tiger that there are plenty of tigers in pop culture.
--> '''Tiger:''' Okay, name one.\\
'''Dolittle:''' ...\\
'''Lucky:''' How 'bout Tony?\\
'''Dolittle:''' Tony the cereal tiger?\\
'''Lucky:''' What? I didn't hear ''you'' come up with anything.
* NobodyPoops: Averted.
** In the first film, the pigeons defecate on Mark Weller and Calloway at the end, much to their disgust.
** In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', not only does Archie have to use the bathroom, [[ItMakesSenseInContext he's trapped in there with John]], who can't keep guard outside and who has to breathe through a barely open window while Archie takes a massive dump in the toilet next to him. It's so bad that by the time he gets out of there, Potter and Riley recoil from the stink. He even wakes up a dog he passes on his way out thanks to it.
* NonIndicativeName: Rodney the guinea pig ponders how he came to that name, since he's not a pig, and neither from Africa nor an Italian "guinea".
* NotThisOneThatOne: There's this exchange between John and Lisa:
-->'''Dr. Dolittle''': Lisa, the more money you have, the more time you can spend with your family. That's the way it boils down. that's true. And in the meantime, you're just gonna have to make do and be happy with this beautiful, fancy sports car you always wanted. Right here, beautiful.
-->'''Lisa Dolittle''': Oh, my God, John, you didn't!
-->'''Dr. Dolittle''': No, I didn't. The van's around the corner. But I saw how fluttered you got, so don't tell me you don't care about money. (''starts mocking'') "Oh, John, you didn't. You didn't."
* OverprotectiveDad: In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', Dolittle becomes a bit of one to Charisse when he finds out she has a boyfriend, namely a pizza boy called Eric.
%%* TheOwlKnowingOne
* PottyEmergency: Played with. In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', Archie suddenly gets one of these in a bathroom cubicle after an episode of HeartbreakAndIceCream. A blessing for him, because he's able to use the toilet immediately, but definitely an emergency for John, who's in the cubicle with Archie to prevent anyone from seeing him, and he can't keep anyone from coming in because someone might see him and because Riley is outside. He has to breathe through a small gap in the window next to the toilet as Archie uses it.
* PoundsAreAnimalPrisons: The pound that Lucky's taken to, complete with Death Row tropes when a dog is taken to be put down.
* RealityEnsues: After Gene punches Mark in the face and knocks him out, Gene holds his hand in pain from the impact.
* ReplacementGoldfish: It's implied that Papito, the Mexican chameleon Maya gets from Dolittle is one for Rodney. Both talk an awful lot and are very similar characters in that they provide comic relief and sometimes pop up at inopportune moments.
* SceneryPorn: ''Dr. Dolittle 2'' starts this way with shots of San Francisco, including one looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge as if travelling along it, and another of part of the city skyline during sunset as the title appears. Some shots of the forest, including the final shot, also look like this.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: Subverted. In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', Charisse almost pulls one of these when Dolittle tells her, Lisa and Maya that Archie thinks he can win Ava, but they are stuck in the forest for longer as a result. Out of frustration, she starts walking off and Dolittle goes after her. She doesn't get far, and in the ensuing conversation, reveals she just wants to go home.
* ShoutOut:
** When the doctor and Lucky the dog are trying to stop a tiger from leaping to his death, they note all of the great tigers. When asked to name one Lucky comes up with Tony the Tiger, while Dolittle points out how Franchise/{{Rocky}} beat up Creator/MrT after hearing "[[Film/RockyIII Eye of the Tiger]]".
** "[[Film/AustinPowers Yeah, baby!]]"
** "[[Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay Hasta la vista, baby!]]"
* SpeaksFluentAnimal: Dr. Dolittle.
** In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', [[spoiler:Charisse too. She kept quiet about it because she thought it would make her look like a freak.]] And Maya in the following sequels.
* StylisticSuck: Archie's first time singing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" is so bad that not only do the animals watching leave mid-performance, even he acknowledges how bad it is.
* TalkingDownTheSuicidal: In the original film, he tiger Jake is suffering from chronic headaches nausea and double vision. He heads to the top of a tall tower, prepared to end it all, but Dr. Dolittle is summoned to try to talk him down from it. At first it doesn't go so well, as he comes up empty when the tiger asks him to name any famous tigers and the dog Lucky's suggestion of "Tony the cereal tiger" (of Frosted Flakes fame) is decidedly unhelpful. Then he recalls the song "Eye of the Tiger" and how it inspired ''Film/RockyIII'', but his awful off-key rendition of the song causes Jake to say that he's jumping. Finally, he says it simply that he's a doctor and he might be able to help and if not, the tiger can eat both him and Lucky, and this finally convinces Jake.
-->'''Lucky''': Or just him.
-->'''Jake''': Alright. I just hope you're a better doctor than you are a singer.
* ToiletPaperTrail: Lucky the dog leaves the bathroom in this manner.
* TooDumbToLive: Ms. Parkis, the woman who is deathly allergic to shellfish and yet won't stop eating it. She even thinks that it doesn't count as shellfish if she removes the fish from its shell before eating it. After the third time this has happened, [[note]] that we see. This has happened at least once before [[/note]] Dr. Dolittle asks her if she has a death wish.
* UngratefulBastard: The two rats are explicitly not grateful to the good doctor after he saves one of them.
-->'''Rat''': You want gratitude? Get a hamster!
* WhamLine:
** "Why don't you watch where you're going next time, you bonehead!" from the first film. This is the first time Dolittle has understood something an animal has said since his childhood.
** In ''Dr. Dolittle 2'', "Everybody is meant to be loved." [[spoiler:The reason for it? Archie just said something similar and the WhamLine was spoken by Charisse. Dolittle then suddenly realizes she has inherited his ability to talk to animals because she understood what Archie said.]]
* YankTheDogsChain: Happens to Archie in the second film. Archie wins over Ava, Ava tells Sonny to beat it, but while Archie is trying to count to one hundred so he can chase after Ava, he is shot by a tranquilizer dart.
* YouCanTalk: Dolittle and Rodney's reaction when they discover that the each of them can understand what the other is saying.
* YouNeedABreathMint:
-->''Lucky barks next to Rodney.''\\
'''Rodney''': You know, a Tic-Tac wouldn't kill ya.