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An innkeeping couple, a female bartender, a model, a scientist, a journalist, an escaped murderer and a little boy are at an inn in the moors of Scotland. Minding their own business, a UFO lands in the dead of night. From whence emerges Nyah, the '''''Devil Girl from Mars''''', a space-queen unrivaled in the annals of BMovie campiness. Her dominatrix boots and patent-leather cape, not to mention her highbrow imperious accent, easily outclass the features on display from the Venusian babes in ''Film/QueenOfOuterSpace'' or the Martianettes in ''Film/FlightToMars''. Oh, and check out that Devil Girl headgear, a cross between a medieval helmet and an Egyptian sphinx! In silhouette, Nyah foretells the image of Darth Vader by 23 years, striding about with cape swirling to do something unspeakably naughty. Upon her homeworld, a war between the genders has decimated the male population, so Nyah, accompanied by her TinCanRobot Chani, has come in search of earth men for breeding stock. [[MarsNeedsWomen Mars Needs Men!]]

Was adapted - believe it or not - from a ''stage play''. Oh, and it was the first science fiction film Creator/GerryAnderson ever worked on (as sound editor).

!!This film provides examples of:

* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Lampshaded, and borderline-parodied:
-->'''Man:''' You speak English?\\
'''Nyah:''' Of course!\\
'''Man:''' What about other languages?\\
'''Nyah:''' No; why should I?
%%* TheBaroness: Guess.
* ClearMyName: Albert's backstory; he continues to proclaim he didn't do it, but by the time of his jailbreak and Nyah's arrival he has all but given up on proving his innocence and just wants to go away and be left alone.
* ClosedCircle: Nyah throws up a shield that prevents anyone from leaving or entering the vicinity of the inn.
* HeroicSacrifice: Albert (the escaped murderer) goes as Nyah's captive on her spaceship and causes its power source to explode, killing himself but saving the earth.
%%* HumanAliens
%%* ImmuneToBullets
%%* TechnoBabble
%%* TinCanRobot: Chani.